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We have one league game, home to Motherwell, before facing Borussia Monchengladbach two weeks tonight, but there is a lot of football to be played before then for many in the squad.

Kolo Toure, Scott Brown and Scott Sinclair will be able to invest some time in building a training base, but the rest of the likely starters will face World Cup qualifiers with their various national teams. We have 18 players away in total and can only hope they return fit and ready.

Motherwell have experienced how difficult Celtic Park can be already this season, so on paper the forthcoming game doesn’t look too pressing, however, things ramp up for Celtic thereafter. The next five games have us home and away to Gladbach, at Hampden for the League Cup semi, and away to Ross County and Aberdeen.

A schedule like this illuminates the wisdom in Scott Brown retiring from international football. Kenny Dalglish, a player who always played for Scotland – apart from when national team manager Willie Ormand dropped him when he was about to eclipse a Rangers player’s run of 44 consecutive caps – believes Scott will regret retiring from international football.

Kenny did it all on the park, and harboured no bitterness at his SFA snub, so it’s harsh to dismiss his view out of hand. But he’s wrong on this one. Mikael Lustig should take note.


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  1. Margaret McGill 10.56 yesterday.


    Sorry Margaret but the Zaire player ran out of his defensive wall in 1974 in Zaire’s second match which was v Brazil not Scotland .




    By all accounts he’s still running ?

  2. Saint Stivs says SACK THE BOARD on

    We are due a statement from the angers statement department.



    It must be days since the last one.





    Wrong Welsh TV presenter of The One Show.



    She’s MkII,the one who married Lampard is MkI



    Easy mistake,mind!

  4. SFTB…


    I’m sure if we wait long enough the internet will inform us that the Welsh rerr bit from the One Show is,indeed,Bill Hicks.And most likely a lizard too. ;))


    Although we can’t wait too long,the end times are near.

  5. Big Jimmy on 6th October 2016 7:56 am



    OK, maybe “duty bound” is the wrong term; but I cannot see Barton settling for anything greater than a slap on the wrist (2 to 4 games) and if it is more, he will want to appeal. Probity (I know, I know) should dictate that if the player wants to appeal and excessive sentence the Club (sic) and Players Union would support him.



    Any other action from them could be seen as treating him differently from other players.




    FAC the Act




  6. My friends in Celtic,



    Is there a spelling clique on CQN. ( Not the Spookys type ) ?



    I really hope so , my gast is flabbered by the amount of posters that cannot spell the name of King Kenny Dalglish correctly. Or our ex manager for that matter Ronny ” the roar ” Delia.



    Indeed , everyday is a skool day.



    HH. Acliqueforallseasonscsc.

  7. MACJAY1 for Neil Lennon on 6th October 2016 8:04 am



    There is an agreement in place between the Turf Accountants association (dunno what i’s called) and footballing authorities that makes it incumbent upon the bookies to report any suspected breaches to the footballing authorities and *apparently* this was the vehicle for the report.



    However, I suspect that you may be right insofar as a secondary method of reporting may have helped it along.



    I like the use of the term dobbed; it leads to thinking of the acronym dob and the adjective/noun dobber; both of which can be effusively applied to all things relating to The Rangers.




    FAC the Act




  8. Greenpinata on 6th October 2016 9:16 am



    My friends in Celtic,



    Is there a spelling clique on CQN. ( Not the Spookys type ) ?




    Nope. It’s autocorrect on my part!



    I will ensure your gast is no longer flabbered with any of my posts.




    FAC the Act






    Who’s this Delia you’re on about?Is she related to our last boss,Ronnie Deila? ;))

  10. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    Paddy and billy die,moments later they are both outside the pearly gates and St.Peter approaches.He asks Paddy a few questions about his previous life and finds out about Paddy’s undying love for Celtic and how caring he is towards other folk.Come in Paddy where you all find a welcome.Then St.Peter edges Billy’s way and asks similar questions.Right said St.Peter to enter through the gates I have a task for you to perform,billy gets all excited.St. Peter points to a blue area and tells billy,that’s Lough ness,here is a spoon go and empty the lough or,pointing to a green spot that is Ibrox park go down and make the team who play there win the European cup,the European cup that Celtic won.Billy looks at the job handed him and replies’can I have the spoon please’.

  11. Greenpinata



    That was deliberate, right?



    Paul67 started it with this article’s headline!

  12. Beat hoy et al,



    Depending on how Ronny spells his name there a a rumour that there is a vacancy on channel 4 for some cook or other.




  13. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    KevJ, i hope all is well with you.



    Matt also made the Souness sent off t shirts which were a copy of a newspaper headline from Souness’ debut against Hibs when he inflicted a deep gash in George McLuskey’s knee resulting in Souness walking.



    Matt did a simiiar t shirt the follwing year when Souness was sent off against us, a second yellow, fouling Billy Stark who only had one boot on at the time.



    I got to know Matt when I started drinking in Heraghty’s in the mid eighties. I occasionally see him going to our home games with his youngest son.

  14. BEATBHOY on 6TH OCTOBER 2016 9:45 AM.



    Sincere apologies for the missing “B” , that was not deliberate.



    Now who’s the silly one.?


    Where do I sign up for the spelling clique.




  15. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    VFR800A8 on 6TH OCTOBER 2016 9:17 AM



    Thanks for the info. re. Turf accountants.





    Yes indeed.


    As opposed to Sob.


    But closely related.

  16. Coming hot on the heels of Big Jock’s birthday yesterday is another legends day today.


    A man who is witty, humourous and always brings a smile to this Teuchters face with his, always welcome,


    contributions of computer clever clogginess.




    Lang may yer lum reek sir.

  17. BEATBHOY on 6TH OCTOBER 2016 10:07 AM


    And today’s conundrum is a 10 letter word starting with g-a-s . . . . . . .




    Easy : Gasmannies. ( Aberdeen Gas Workers ).

  18. MACJAY1 for Neil Lennon on 6th October 2016 10:05 am



    But you nay be right in that a dob dobber dobbed him in!




    FAC the Act








    Correct usage of that word is its own definition!

  20. beatbhoy on 6th October 2016 10:07 am



    And today’s conundrum is a 10 letter word starting with g-a-s . . . . . . .






    Ah,memories of my favourite wee cartoon strip.



    The Dobbers,from NTV.

  22. Just reading the posts re KKD being dropped from Scotland. Jeez! Jinky got 23 caps and Bobby Murdoch 13. Insanity fuelled by bigotry. They would rather lose than play a tim.

  23. M.I.T.



    Thanks for the revue…


    The album is a bit curate’s for me too much Joe not enough Billy , but it is what it is . Train ,station stop ,set up sing song move on .


    As for the concerts maybe stateside / Canada Joe takes most lead… uk Billy takes lead …. we’ll see…


    Still 3.5 out of 5 for the night is a good night :-)

  24. beatbhoy on 6th October 2016 10:07 am



    And today’s conundrum is a 10 letter word starting with g-a-s . . . . . . .




    Or it could be gaspergous

  25. Robinbhoy



    Many thanks.






    Still one the bestest on the ole Quick News. Have a smashin day.

  26. South Of Tunis on




    Higher Biology 1967 .



    Very hot and very cloudy – gonna be a storm -way down south.