Internazionale 1-0 Celtic


Inter scored a breakaway goal from Guarin, who should have earlier received a red card for deliberately striking Stefan Johansen on the face, on the 88th minute to win this tie 4-3 on aggregate.  But despite playing for the majority of the game with 10 men, after Virgil van Dijk’s 36th minute red card, Celtic looked comfortable throughout.  Man of the match Nir Bitton dictated play for long periods.

The best actual chance of the game fell to Gary Mackay-Steven on the 7th minute when a cross-field pass from Emilio Izaguirre was misjudged by the Inter defence, allowing Mackay-Steven to control and nip clean through on Carrizo but the keeper spread himself to block.

Stuart Armstrong had a strong penalty claim denied on 14 minutes.  As he prepared to shoot, Santon grabbed him by the shoulder but the referee gave the first notice that he would give the home team the benefit of the doubt all night.

Inter took time to get into the game but Icardi almost connected to a blasted cross ball by Santon as the home team made their first chance, on 19 minutes.

Two minutes later Celtic had their second penalty claim on the evening when John Guidetti was held but again the referee was in no mood to award a decision against the home team.

Ultimately the red card may have determined the outcome of this game but if anyone expected Celtic to collapse afterwards, they were mistaken.  Inter enjoyed their best spell of the game between van Dijk’s 36th minute red and halftime, but the man advantage was not evident from the flow of play.  Craig Gordon made a stunning save from a header, which was ultimately found to be offside, on 38 minutes, and two minutes before the break Gordon saved again at his near post after Jason Denayer blocked an initial shot.

Needing a goal while a man down requires a difficult tactical balance.  Celtic decided to keep things tight until later in the second period.  Gordon saved twice, from Hernanes and Guarin, before the latter retaliated when Stefan Johansen nutmeged him but hitting the Celtic player with a forearm smash.

Ronny Deila sent Kris Commons on for the final 13 minutes and, with Celtic struggling to test the keeper, the midfielder tried his luck from 35 yards but Carrizo was untroubled.

With Celtic pressing for what would have been a winner, Inter broke with speed.  A Guarin shot from 25 yards thundered into the top corner, leaving Gordon with no chance.

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  1. bournesouprecipe on




    Seriously challenge that given we’ve just been knocked out of Europe.



    Jason Denayer is a year long loan, and Superman Van Dijk will have benefitted from his £10,000,000 move to the EPL.



    That’s a serious dent in any CL progress, providing of course we see off Aberdeen.



    Have Celtic made plans for their departure? – if they have it’ll be a CL first.

  2. Disappointing but green shoots appearing, in fact more than green shoots. We are travelling in the right direction. Hail Hail Hebcelt

  3. ‘The key decision never changed the game’



    Willie Miller on shortbread



    What Is he on

  4. penalty shoot out in Istanbul, exciting stuff those shoot outs but the 9-8 reverse against the sheep put me aff them for life

  5. Arrêter la presse: l’UEFA a annoncé que, suite à leur enquête sur les affaires financières de Internazionale Milano, ils ont trouvé que le club est en violation de la réglementation financière juste de jeu de l’UEFA. Le club a donc été disqualifié de la participation à des compétitions de l’UEFA immédiatement, et par conséquent Celtic Glasgow ont été réintégrés à la compétition de l’UEFA Eurpoa League 2014-15. Plus à suivre.

  6. It’s quite clear the media are going to milk this defeat.



    Let them.



    There is only one way to deal with this and that is to utterly batter the Sheep on Sunday.



    They’ll be talking about some joke club tomorrow night.



    Let them.

  7. JimmyQuinnsBits on




    Re JF



    I know bud, but I dont think tonights game is one to judge him on.



    The boy has skill, no doubt about it imo.



    So much of the game is about mental strength and attitude, and I fear JF might not have that. But… I wouldnt right him off

  8. Oooh big bad Celtic ‘Ultras’. Uber fans with fireworks. How clever you are!



    As for JF, the guy is just back from injury so maybe he isn’t totally up to speed and should therefore be cut some slack. However, even when fully fit, which isn’t very often, he tends to blow hot and cold anyway.

  9. hun skelper



    20:35 on 26 February, 2015


    ‘The key decision never changed the game’



    Willie Miller on shortbread



    What Is he on






    Shortbread? :-)

  10. Is it just me, but I find listenening to the analysis on Radio Scotland nothing short of sickening. Turned off. Permanently. Oh and nice dig at the ref Ronnie, saying if we’d had as bad a game as the ref we’d have lost 5-0.

  11. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Anyone listening to pundits like Silly Miller should understand Celtic will get no credit in Scotland we never have and never will get used to it.H.H.

  12. hun skelper


    20:35 on


    26 February, 2015


    ‘The key decision never changed the game’



    Willie Miller on shortbread



    What Is he on



    Why would it be called a “Key decision”then.These clowns are a waste of space.The idiots on BT panel not any better.

  13. And on to Aberdeen.


    I was up there yesterday, and I asked one of the sheep if they were watching tonight’s game.


    A blank look and a question,”what game?”


    “European game, after Christmas, didn’t think you would know about it.”


    Face as red as his teams shirt:-)

  14. Imagine Scotland were Celtic. And Inter were England.



    Now, how would “pundits” like Willie Miller be reacting to the referee at this moment?



    They’d have hit the roof.

  15. McGregor our best player early in the season playing out of position, form dips – slaughtered on here.



    Forrest terrific in the past, barely played this season, asked to do a job out of position in a 10 man team with no service – slaughtered on here.



    Henderson will be the next one to get the treatment.



    Proud of the team tonight.



    Away for a bevy before I make some comments I regret.

  16. Good performance from Hoops tonight.


    I have been a big critic of RD, but I thought we played very well tonight.



    The departure of VVD in summer won’t be a loss, looks good at SPFL, but I’m not sure he has temperament to play at a much higher level and if we get more than £7m , I will be delighted.



    Sunday will be a big challenge


    We should remember Aberdeen need to win, we don’t, and I think space will open up for us as a consequence and we will beat them.

  17. Pogmathonyahun aka Laird of the Smiles… you don’t need the ball to put in a bit of effort and close down your opponents. Good players make it count when not in possession. It was the chasing and harrying without possession by our better, harder working players that led to all three of our goals in this tie. JF did none of that.

  18. Listened to Ronny’s interview,


    The Italian journalist asked about the referees performance the scottish one asked him about the flares and even mentioned the minute they appeared,



  19. I don’t think we should blame JF for tonight – obviously we shouldn’t.



    But he does seem to be the one Celtic player who does not fit into Ronny’s style of play – relentless, energetic, crisp, pressing…



    Don’t think he will last at CP sadly…

  20. See before all the panty wetters start dribbling about the picture of the guy holding the flare, was it definitely from tonight?



    A while back a Celtic supporter put a photo on Twitter saying it was from a game that night, it wasn’t, it was two years old. The paper ran with it and subsequently had to announce their error.

  21. I don’t think we were physically exerted tonight. So we should be ready for Sunday. Plus VVD and GMS only played 40 mins each and LG will be fresh hopefully. I don’t think Ronny likes the sheep so i think we will give them a going over.

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