Internazionale 1-0 Celtic


Inter scored a breakaway goal from Guarin, who should have earlier received a red card for deliberately striking Stefan Johansen on the face, on the 88th minute to win this tie 4-3 on aggregate.  But despite playing for the majority of the game with 10 men, after Virgil van Dijk’s 36th minute red card, Celtic looked comfortable throughout.  Man of the match Nir Bitton dictated play for long periods.

The best actual chance of the game fell to Gary Mackay-Steven on the 7th minute when a cross-field pass from Emilio Izaguirre was misjudged by the Inter defence, allowing Mackay-Steven to control and nip clean through on Carrizo but the keeper spread himself to block.

Stuart Armstrong had a strong penalty claim denied on 14 minutes.  As he prepared to shoot, Santon grabbed him by the shoulder but the referee gave the first notice that he would give the home team the benefit of the doubt all night.

Inter took time to get into the game but Icardi almost connected to a blasted cross ball by Santon as the home team made their first chance, on 19 minutes.

Two minutes later Celtic had their second penalty claim on the evening when John Guidetti was held but again the referee was in no mood to award a decision against the home team.

Ultimately the red card may have determined the outcome of this game but if anyone expected Celtic to collapse afterwards, they were mistaken.  Inter enjoyed their best spell of the game between van Dijk’s 36th minute red and halftime, but the man advantage was not evident from the flow of play.  Craig Gordon made a stunning save from a header, which was ultimately found to be offside, on 38 minutes, and two minutes before the break Gordon saved again at his near post after Jason Denayer blocked an initial shot.

Needing a goal while a man down requires a difficult tactical balance.  Celtic decided to keep things tight until later in the second period.  Gordon saved twice, from Hernanes and Guarin, before the latter retaliated when Stefan Johansen nutmeged him but hitting the Celtic player with a forearm smash.

Ronny Deila sent Kris Commons on for the final 13 minutes and, with Celtic struggling to test the keeper, the midfielder tried his luck from 35 yards but Carrizo was untroubled.

With Celtic pressing for what would have been a winner, Inter broke with speed.  A Guarin shot from 25 yards thundered into the top corner, leaving Gordon with no chance.

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  1. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on




    Agree with you. Very happy with the way things are going for us. We’re lucky we’re Tims.

  2. JimmyQuinnsBits on




    Apologies…. Rocket launch aborted



    We should really name names on here cos I’m permanently confused

  3. Just been offered my daughter’s boyfriend’s Season Ticket for Sunday’s game.


    Haven’t been to a match since 2001. (Joos’s double penalty miss against Valencia. Still hurts.)


    So, I’ve accepted.



    About time for another visit.


    Much happened in the meantime?

  4. embramike



    21:14 on 26 February, 2015



    79caps @ 20:55



    BBC website showing a big picture of the flare. Why don’t they just speak direct to UEFA?



    Should make it easy to ID the stupid clown then and get him banned for life. No real Celtic supporter would do such an idiotic thing particularly when we’ve just received a UEFA fine for similar ! No excuses !



    Yep, he should be clearly identified from that photo. Kick his erchie and ban him for life.


    Pukes like him drag our club down; aided and abetted by shortbread churnalists and other MSM.

  5. glendalystonsils on




    As long as the guys who leave are replaced by ‘Ronny’ type players like SA and GMS,


    we’ll keep on improving.

  6. thetimreaper



    21:01 on 26 February, 2015



    ‘The second offence was just naive.’








    It wasn’t naive, it was stupid.



    He knew from how soft the first booking was that the referee was trigger happy and yet he made that challenge.



    I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that he cost us the tie.

  7. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on




    20:26 on 26 February, 2015


    16 roads



    Big Victor would easily oust Bitton from any team or even SB as he is by far a better defensive midfield player than either of them!



    Thought tonight we played well against an average Inter side


    The ref was poor and the guy who scored should have been ordered off for his assault on SJ


    Before the first leg I thought we would go out but our performances show a marked improvement from earlier in the season


    RD is still a rookie at this level and it was interesting to hear the BT panel criticise his substitutions -so perhaps he still has a way to go


    Onwards to a possible treble!












    Defensive midfielders have no place in Ronny’s revolution.



    They are obsolete, a thing of the past.



    Doesn’t suit our pressing game.



    Biton is a playmaker, comfortable with the football at his feet.



    Paul McStay would give us a selection conundrum, other than himself, I can’t think of any other midfielder whom could be an improvement of the current four.



    This is how we do it



    And this is how it’s done



    We are Glasgow Celtic



    And we are number one!







  8. The fact that Celtic have a group of ‘Ultras’ attached to the club is a source of great dismay for me.



    The ultra movement is derivative nonsense and often has a more sinister undertone.



    That said, the green brigade have done some marvellous stuff. I don’t see the need to blindly copy the ultra theme though. Why not be more independent of thought?



    Celtic fans not Celtic ultras.

  9. Turkeybhoy



    I would agree that VVD is upper quartile as a CB, but nowhere near as good as


    Marc Rieper


    Big Dolph




    Joos in his first two seasons


    Big Vic when played at CB

  10. turkeybhoy



    Hartson stated that any Celtic supporter arrested as part of the Dens Park ‘riot’ should be sacked from their place of employment. He wasn’t there and based this on media reports.


    On reflection tonight and last week’s matches will have given the players a wee appetiser.



    I wasn’t too sure what to expect 7 days ago, but the passion and excitement reminded me of what Celtic in these monumental nights are all about.



    Lenny’s team benefited from participation in the EL and it stood us in good stead for the CL.



    Ronny’s outfit will hopefully do the same. Add the fact that Ronny is still developing his team and our optimism is justified.



    Think we are onto something, with the Deila guy.

  12. SydneyTim,



    I would take a fit Mulgrew as aour CH,alongside a new CH,who I am sure we are scouring the place for.Charlie has been an excellent CH for us in the past.JG.Who cares?.Is only just learning the game.Has a lot of that to do.The boy Stewart from Dundee would be a decent shout,to replace him.From the Armstrong GMS mould.Thats the road we should be going down.

  13. jimmyquinnsbits



    21:19 on 26 February, 2015





    Apologies…. Rocket launch aborted



    We should really name names on here cos I’m permanently confused



    No need to name names when they know who they are :) , that’s you giving them the attention they seek, not worth it.

  14. If I were Celtic I would identify whoever is responsible for the flare and sue them to the value of the fine.



    I’d tell UEFA this is how seriously we take such delinquent behaviour and ask UEFA for time to pay from proceeds of case.



    Nothing encourages change like being billed for damages.

  15. The Battered Bunnet on

    Virgil is beautiful. On the ball, off the ball, on the telly, in the papers, on the pitch, off it.



    Regrettably, he’s not a very good centre half.



    I felt sorry for him tonight for a couple of reasons.



    Firstly, his first booking wasn’t even a foul. Unfortunately he stood off the man for the second yellow and got done. See above re defender.



    Secondly, in that moment he showed why he’ll still be playing for us next season.



    It’s Virgil’s curse to be so magnificently masculine, so particularly pretty, and so mediocre a defender.



    Shame that. Every cloud tho…



    Felt the Team did very well tonight with 11 men. With 10 we used the ball well in our own half but had nothing ahead.



    The refereeing felt typical. UEFA puts the message out quietly and the cream is allowed to rise. Ask Feynoord just now. The competition needs some Italian clubs in the draw.



    In some way I was pleased to lose the match to a screamer, although in the build up we screwed up by allowing them to play the ball out when they were stressed on their 18 yard line.



    Decent performance tho overall, clear improvement in recent months, encouraging for the team looking ahead, and we’ll still have Virgil for the qualies.. once he’s served his suspension.

  16. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    Sydney tim



    See your in your usual Kev Jungle mode. Your opening line is a pretence towards being positive. Many posters have pointed out that we will need to sign centre backs and a striker for summer since the January transfer window.

  17. Well, Paul67, that’s another big game where we have been blatantly cheated. UEFA, far less the SFA, will not do anything. Has any Italian team beat us fairly, since we went out to penalties against Inter all those years ago? If it hasn’t been for being denied stonewall penalties or having penalties given against us for nothing, we would have recorded a lot more victories against the likes of AC and Juventus, never mind Inter.

  18. Turkeybhoy-Reynolds from Aberdeen for me -no nonsense very good ch -knowledge of spl -just like Armstrong and gms -hh

  19. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    Both teams taken off pitch in zrotterdam. Feyenoord player ordered off when yellow would have done.mlot of cheating going on tonight.

  20. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar / Neil Lennon.. Ipox belongs to the creditors on

    Why did sevco get a license to play football after failing to pay the £250k 5 way agreement fine ?

  21. mike in toronto on

    stringer bell



    about your name…



    watched the first season of The Wire a few years ago, but it didn’t quite grab me (in spite of my brother saying it was one of the best pieces of tv ever) …



    started watching it again recently …. effin brilliant! how did I not see it before?

  22. The Battered Bunnet on

    Saying that, something remarkable’s going on at Feynoord just now. Backdrop of racist abuse, missiles thrown at players, Feynoord player sent off harshly, and the ref had now taken the teams off the pitch.



    Dunno what to make of it all.

  23. I used to be under the impression all refs in Scotland hated us & now I begin to wonder if all refs hate us , I just wonder why as we are the best club in the world with the best support in in the world , sick & tired of being robbed soproudofceltic fc


    There are some real tools following Celtic just now. Can’t believe one of them is so stupid to let of another flare.



    No respect, just hooligans and neds, selfish and out of control.

  25. Clashcitybhoy,



    Yes,I know what you are saying,but nearly all of these guys played in the best Celtic team for decades.CHs nowadays have to be great footballers as well.Not sure Bobo,Joos,were that.


    I just think that VVD is something special.He will be a superstar in around 3 years in a better league.But not arguing about any you have mentioned.Loved them all.

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