Internazionale 1-0 Celtic


Inter scored a breakaway goal from Guarin, who should have earlier received a red card for deliberately striking Stefan Johansen on the face, on the 88th minute to win this tie 4-3 on aggregate.  But despite playing for the majority of the game with 10 men, after Virgil van Dijk’s 36th minute red card, Celtic looked comfortable throughout.  Man of the match Nir Bitton dictated play for long periods.

The best actual chance of the game fell to Gary Mackay-Steven on the 7th minute when a cross-field pass from Emilio Izaguirre was misjudged by the Inter defence, allowing Mackay-Steven to control and nip clean through on Carrizo but the keeper spread himself to block.

Stuart Armstrong had a strong penalty claim denied on 14 minutes.  As he prepared to shoot, Santon grabbed him by the shoulder but the referee gave the first notice that he would give the home team the benefit of the doubt all night.

Inter took time to get into the game but Icardi almost connected to a blasted cross ball by Santon as the home team made their first chance, on 19 minutes.

Two minutes later Celtic had their second penalty claim on the evening when John Guidetti was held but again the referee was in no mood to award a decision against the home team.

Ultimately the red card may have determined the outcome of this game but if anyone expected Celtic to collapse afterwards, they were mistaken.  Inter enjoyed their best spell of the game between van Dijk’s 36th minute red and halftime, but the man advantage was not evident from the flow of play.  Craig Gordon made a stunning save from a header, which was ultimately found to be offside, on 38 minutes, and two minutes before the break Gordon saved again at his near post after Jason Denayer blocked an initial shot.

Needing a goal while a man down requires a difficult tactical balance.  Celtic decided to keep things tight until later in the second period.  Gordon saved twice, from Hernanes and Guarin, before the latter retaliated when Stefan Johansen nutmeged him but hitting the Celtic player with a forearm smash.

Ronny Deila sent Kris Commons on for the final 13 minutes and, with Celtic struggling to test the keeper, the midfielder tried his luck from 35 yards but Carrizo was untroubled.

With Celtic pressing for what would have been a winner, Inter broke with speed.  A Guarin shot from 25 yards thundered into the top corner, leaving Gordon with no chance.

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  1. GerryBhoy



    21:19 on 26 February, 2015






    21:14 on 26 February, 2015



    79caps @ 20:55



    ‘BBC website showing a big picture of the flare. Why don’t they just speak direct to UEFA?



    Should make it easy to ID the stupid clown then and get him banned for life.’








    The photo on the BBC website doesn’t show who is holding the flare, it just shows an arm.



    The perp appears to be about three foot tall.



    Could be an interesting ID parade.

  2. stringer bell



    21:20 on 26 February, 2015



    I can understand frustration, anger and even hostility against anyone who takes smokes or flares to the football if that’s not your thing. I don’t like them, I’ve had to take the missus outside twice when they’ve been let off near us because of her asthma.



    However, I’d point out a couple of wee things. Celtic ‘ultras’ ARE Celtic supporters whether you like it or not mate. I’d also bet my pants that some of them spend a great deal more time and money supporting our club than most do.



    Eg the tifo against Barcelona for our 125th anniversary took two full days to set up. I just think that’s worth remembering before we slate our own.

  3. mike in toronto @ 21:24



    I hear they’ve done the place up a bit.


    Really looking forward to it.

  4. johann murdoch


    21:25 on


    26 February, 2015


    Turkeybhoy-Reynolds from Aberdeen for me -no nonsense very good ch -knowledge of spl -just like Armstrong and gms -hh



    Yep.Could not remember his name.G,rrrrr.Him and Stewart would be great signings for us.

  5. mike in toronto



    Glad you finally goat ‘The Wire’ best series ever IMO…all characters/actors magnifico!hh

  6. thetimreaper


    21:31 on


    26 February, 2015


    Mark Reynolds wouldn’t get a game for our reserves.



    Forgive me if I dont take your expert opinion on that.

  7. boabyevans



    21:28 on 26 February, 2015



    ‘I used to be under the impression all refs in Scotland hated us & now I begin to wonder if all refs hate us’







    Refs stick together.



    We got the blame for their ‘strike’ in Scotland.



    I think our card has been marked sine then.




    21:32 on


    26 February, 2015




    21:31 on


    26 February, 2015


    Mark Reynolds wouldn’t get a game for our reserves.



    Forgive me if I dont take your expert opinion on that.






    Timreaper is 100% correct…………..want to bet on it ?

  9. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on




    Agree once more. Ley’s hear it for the GB. Without them some games at Celtic Park would be played out in a funereal atmosphere. Individual supporters must act more responsibly.

  10. mike in toronto on

    vp ….



    you are bang on …. the writing is superb, but the acting is even better … really dont know how I didn’t get it before!

  11. Maybe instead of the paradise windfall at half time we could present the ” paradise bill ” to the alleged muppet who set off the flare ??- if indeed a flare was set off


    * refer to hts post 2015 *

  12. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    Pity about the result but we are improving.



    Regarding the clown with the flare, I think we are heading towards a situation where Celtic should just refuse any ticket allocation for our next European away game. Sad if it comes to that but not sure what else will work.

  13. Not sure what is happening at the Feyenoord game.



    If the ref has taken players off the park because of ugly scenes from the stands, the Falkirk game should not go ahead tomorrow.



    Have you seen a handsome hun…………

  14. thetimreaper


    21:31 on


    26 February, 2015


    Mark Reynolds wouldn’t get a game for our reserves.




    I would agree. Ambrose and Mulgrew both better CHs. Reynolds can’t get in a Scotland squad where CH is by far the weakest position.

  15. Turkeybhoy


    21:31 on


    26 February, 2015


    johann murdoch


    21:25 on


    26 February, 2015


    Turkeybhoy-Reynolds from Aberdeen for me -no nonsense very good ch -knowledge of spl -just like Armstrong and gms -hh



    Yep.Could not remember his name.G,rrrrr.Him and Stewart would be great signings for us.




    Reynolds is not a good enough footballer for Celtic. We need to pass out from the back and get this philosophy drilled into the players. Not hit long diagonals to Adam Rooney. Denayer has this ingrained into him. We got him from Man City because our philosophy is consistent with their development programme. Reynolds is not consistent with our long term philosophy and/or development and therefore we will not sign him or similar players.

  16. Boabyevans,


    I feel your pain bud. The problem is, as some else said, the ‘Cream’ must be given a helping hand to rise to the top. Be this allowing massive debt, or the old ‘honest mistake’.


    Corrupt UEFA.

  17. Hamiltontim



    21:30 on 26 February, 2015



    ‘Celtic ‘ultras’ ARE Celtic supporters’







    They’re ultras first and Celtic fans second.



    Their main concern is to look good to other ultras.



    That’s their motivation.

  18. Hamiltontim,



    Sorry mate,as much as I respect and like your posts,I think you are wrong on this one.To set off another flare when we have just been fined again,is folly of a sort you would find hard to believe.I would not be surprised ,if this is reported,that UEFA hammer us.I am sure Shortbread have already been on the phone to UEFA.


    My only point is,what can Celtic do about this?.

  19. Re the ref tonight


    Said it before, we should be scouting refs in same way we scout opposition.


    If I understand things correctly, the ref is announced on the Sunday before the game.


    In these days where every game is televised recorded, that should give us plenty time to look at his performances domestically and in Europe.


    Even if he is a European novice that should tell us something.





    I disagree that VVD will still be with us next year.


    I think he will be gone, but I would be very surprised if he gets much above a newly promoted EPL club, because as you suggest he is not a good defender.


    I suspect his likely destination will be a second tier European team

  20. Forrest no more ,you would think after GMS came in he would up his game,an embarassment to his team mates and the support.Get rid.

  21. If it’s ultras, or the GB, I don’t care, they may spend money, and they may spend a lot of money, I don’t give a Fack, they have so far cost my Club ninty thousand pounds plus, and that is my season ticket money, as far as I’m concerned they either behave themselves, or they go, simple as that. Not even up for debate,

  22. hamiltontim



    21:30 on 26 February



    I applaud your desire to see the positive in all fans but given context of recent fine and knowing that UEFA and the MSM would be looking for something like this – these guys have no regard for the reputation of Celtic. Hitting you and me in the pocket each time they behave like this. They should be chased……..period.

  23. Timreaper-Reynolds at heart of recent clean sheets for sheepies -can u see what it is yet ? Hh

  24. tonydonnelly67



    21:24 on 26 February, 2015


    stringer bell


    Well it is what it is, and they are there, green brigade to dump the ultras? Hmmmmmm that would be very interesting.









    Don’t see it ever happening, the group was formed as ultras, so ultras they will remain. Probably an added point of defiance for them.



    I’ve always hated stuff lifted or copied from elsewhere. Do you remember the Aberdeen fans ‘Red Ultras’banner they had in the 90’s? I recall having a chuckle at that. Now we have Ultras of our own. Ho hum



    Their stuff is great, the GB. but the Italian names for displays and marches is just a wee bit cringeworthy for me.



    If I was 19,I would probably love it mind!





    I can understand the need to stick together, but that’s a two way street surely ? Some of these individuals seem hell bent on ignoring their responsibilities.

  26. Didn’t see the game but by the updates on here it seems we did well to match Inter but were undone by another disgrace of a ref. Some on here wishing they had the dodgy officials home address…me too, but I am firmly against violence so would prob just send him a sh*te in the post.

  27. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    I wonder if the “ref” will find a nice gold watch in his bed side cabinet tonight.??

  28. If the flare guy is a celtic fan and can be identified – he should be banned for life as well as anyone who was with him at the game! still don’t know why celtic should be punished – what control do they have especially in away games!

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