Intoxicating in the Cup


Buckie is a long way from Glasgow in every sense.  It is part of the Westminster constituency of Moray, which has Douglas Ross as its MP (he draws a salary from both UK and Scottish parliaments, as well as the SFA).  It’s a farmin’, fishin’ and perhaps foulin’ (apols. P Lynott) community which has planned a day out in the big city to see Buckie Thistle take on Celtic in the Scottish Cup.

Thistle wear green and white hoops, a tradition apparently established when Celtic donated a set of strips last century.  Celtic were their opponents of choice to celebrate their centenary and travelled north four decades ago to play a church fundraiser.  The Grotto needs help too, you know, Celtic!

They currently sit fifth in the Highland League, but a Scottish Cup tie at Celtic Park is the equivalent of Champions League qualification; more money will pour into the Buckie coffers than has ever been seen in the Lanarkshire equivalent.

Their claims to fame might stop there were it not for Stephen King, one of the top selling fiction authors in history, referencing the club in a recent novel, then posing for this photo in team top and scarf.  King knew nothing about the club but chose it because of “it’s gorgeous name”.  Club brand mangers everywhere take note, Lanliq United is still available.

If Celtic don’t progress into the next round of the Cup on Sunday evening, even an intoxicant like Lanny will not be enough to soften the blow.  Safe journey to the estimated 5,000 on pilgrimage to Celtic Park.

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  1. !!BADA BING!! on 20TH JANUARY 2024 8:33 PM


    Embdae think that if the huns had brought in 3 or 4 players by now,we would be more proactive?



    Maybe…..depending on the caliber of player they bought

  2. I think if thems were to buy Shankland, they’d leave it as late as possible, thus negating our chance to respond…..that’s what I’d do anyway

  3. …..then again….if that happens….send out Ralstonho to crock him for the season….jobs a good un

  4. Evening all.



    A wee trio of tunes that I hope you enjoy.



    Mr Curtis Mayfield.



    All audio.



    Move on up.


















    Tell your friends, they’ll like it.



    It’s good to be a Tim.




  5. bigrailroadblues on

    Bognorbhoy 8.38


    Well spotted mate. Great album.


    Original quote from Admiral David Glasgow Farragut, American Civil War 1861- 1865.

  6. Anybody think .. that Brendan said he only wants players that will improve our first 11



    Am no bored lover .. but understand they have their “results” to meet



    If there is a better number 2 goalie than Scott Bain do we buy them in January … if there is a better left back than Greg Taylor in January but him … but I think Greg is actually a lot better than many think he is … is there a better defensive midfielder (we are now out of Europe) than Cal or even Matt when Cal was injured for the SPL … 100% behind Brendan and what or who Brendan wants …



    I think (it might hurt my heid) but Brendan now has more time with the players week to week … Celtic love a Nee Year (Covid apart) we will kick on …



    Would still love a signing or four but that’s what fans want 🍀

  7. Reading,” Mr Clements” today.His wonderful and insightful views spewed out to a slathering group of hacks,on the Huns,and the transfer market.He only reiterated what they have been saying for years,and then going ahead and ignoring what they were saying,” Buy cheap,sell big”.


    The whole point of the much planned,never pursued strategy,which he vowed to change,took a hit,similar to the one the Titanic suffered from the Iceberg,when he informed the, by now ,orgasmic press pack,that he had initially wanted to sign,the non scoring,serial failure,£35 million,Silva,on a permanent deal,greeted by Oohs and Ahhs from the hacks,but the asking price was just too much.


    Which ,after reading,I had to conclude, the man is a bald,scary version of Mr Mikey Beale.

  8. bigrailroadblues on

    Apart from being an old lush I’m a history bore. Oh well, a man needs a hobby. 😂 😂

  9. GFTB,



    Very difficult to buy”Quality” this window,to take the place of the quality we have.A keeper,will be brought in,when we can find the right one,probably in the summer.TThe problem with the striker,and LB,is ,IF,they are quality,the will want guaranteed starts,and it won’t only be us chasing them.Greg Taylor,will not be easily bettered,despite what a few on here think.Of course the managers that keep picking him like Ange and BR,know nothing.Strange that.

  10. bigrailroadblues on

    Always liked Greg Taylor. A physically and mentally tough young fella. “Shut yer hole fatboy”. 😂😂



    Always liked Greg Taylor. A physically and mentally tough young fella. “Shut yer hole fatboy”. 😂😂



    He deserves LEGEND status for that insult alone 👍

  12. TB- You do yourself no favours by daily trashing posts from other guys,a Blog is about expressing opinions, but constantly rubbishing them, is not on IMO, and is probably why a lot of guys have left here, if you want to engage with a poster ,great ,if not scroll by

  13. Turkeybhoy 9.08pm



    Am pretty simple … I love both Joe & Greg .. both have their faults but in my opinion both terrific for us



    My wee yin is heading off the Celtic park tomorrow on her own for the the very first time … am well chuffed but gutted equally … changed days from my first time (dogging the train to carntyne, liftover, then in the baggage but if double decker going back to Phil Cole’s) my daughter is going to La Vita for lunch in Brachnie, picked up with her pal to Celtic park with her pals dad, then after the game her big sister is picking her and her pal u after the game … both drivers follow that other mob fae Govan … :-) am just glad MissGFTB followed in her fathers footsteps :-)



    Am loving her “buzzing” for the game tomorrow .. so for any fan our three (Greenpinta) some of our youngsters have still to live the Celtic experience 😂 🍀🍀

  14. Be very surprised if anyone leaves this window ie CCV, Matt, Kyogo



    Whatever we get for them now we will get in the summer



    The only negative is holding onto a player whose head has been turned by $$$



    And I think the above 3 are professional enough to hold it together for the season



    This window is more about shipping out some no first team players, which we are slowly doing and bringing in that fabled striker and left back



    Remember the press is against us like a pack of rabid dogs chasing down a rabbit



    They will do us no favours and 99.9% of the muck they sling is just noise to sell papers and generate clicks



    Keep The Faith

  15. bigrailroadblues on



    Nice one. I’m in 101 with the dafties from Victoria Bar/Queens Park Cafe. Dearie me. 🙄






    Nice one. I’m in 101 with the dafties from Victoria Bar/Queens Park Cafe. Dearie me. 🙄



    Dafties…how very dare you…two of the hostelries I’m known to frequent on many occasions

  17. BRRB 9.25pm




    I am absolutely Paul McStay



    “There’s a buzz about the place”



    Mon the Livvy …



    (Aoart fae that surface) !!!!






    You’re not sitting beside them. Jings, crivenns,help ma boab. 😂😂



    Not tonight…..I’m home with my friends , the Coronas


    Do you know them?

  19. bigrailroadblues on



    Shipbank Shipwrecks meeting next Friday 26th January. You shall be very welcome.

  20. I am a bit worried about MissGFTB attending the match tomorrow with her pap on their own, last time at Celtic park for the Athletico Bilbao game she met BRRB 8 St Tams in the Sports Bar and said “dad they seem really nice” ….






    Shipbank Shipwrecks meeting next Friday 26th January. You shall be very welcome.



    Thank you very much kind sir….i doubt I’d manage to keep up with you guys…..but….never say never

  22. 31003 9.32pm



    Took her to the Scott Brown testimonial through Johnbay from CQN, then the James Forrest testimonial, a magic father & daughter day in the sports bar from 4pm then absolutely drenched going back to Helensburgh (we were away for a few days early August) the fact she is such a massive Celtic fan should never be underestimated… her mum & two big sisters all attend Ibrox … the fact she is such a wee rebel makes me so happy .. by the way her mum & sisters are amazing … but still Huns :-) 🍀

  23. Clunks- no major players moving this window, a lot of comments on the Kuhn contract, but,longer deals gives us a far better selling price, it can always work against you as well

  24. GFTB



    I have 2 sons and 1 daughter



    Didn’t have time to take No 1 son to the footy….never been interested since


    Daughter never interested


    Took son No 2 to see Henrik and co….those were the days….hes a diehard now



    Celtic shape our lives….no doubt

  25. Bada for sure



    Happy with how our squad is shaping up



    Wondered if we don’t get a left back in permanent we swap the money we make on Matt for KT back???



    Sounds easy when I write it like that

  26. Watching the Gowf…..much as I like Tony Finau…..he’s just one level below……made a few bucks mind you