Inverness 0-2 Celtic


Celtic won a hard-fought three points at Inverness this afternoon despite spending the majority of the game looking for rhythm.  Inverness looked strong at the back in the early stages and were as physical as Neil Lennon would expect them to be.  Both goalkeepers had a single genuine attempt to deal with in the first half; Jonny Hayes forced Fraser Forster to dive low to his right to block a shot, while Anthony Stokes couldn’t get the ball out from under his feet to do better than lob his shot directly at Ryan Esson in the Inverness goal.

Beram Kayal was booked for a needless challenge 30 yards from the Inverness goal near the 30 minute mark but two minutes later Celtic created their best chance of the first half when Hooper, Forrest and Stokes all had attempts in a goalmouth scramble.

The biggest incident of the game occurred after 36 minutes when Greg Tansey was shown a straight red card by referee Stevie O’Reilly when he jumped and put a hand into Georgios Samaras’ face.  Samaras clearly took a sore one but a yellow card would not have been an inappropriate decision.  Ironically, just a few moments before Tansey’s ordering off, one of the assistant referees jumped to avoid getting involved in play, raising both hands and causing some confusion as his flag was inadvertently pushed into the air.

It took Celtic a long time to make the extra man pay but Ki fed James Forrest on 60 minutes, who played a one-two-three with Gary Hooper.  Hooper drew Esson from his goal before squaring a pass to Stokes who knocked the ball into the empty net.

Celtic then created a flurry of chances.  Forrest beat his man and fed Stokes on the left but the striker couldn’t find space to get a clean shot away.  From the resulting corner Kayal released Stokes who tried to chip Esson instead of squaring for Hooper.

On 72 minutes Hooper fed Forrest, who beat his marker but his shot was blocked and spun into the air.  Stokes allowed the ball to bounce before volleying into the bottom corner to secure the points for Celtic.

Despite being two goals and a man down Inverness continued to press Celtic.  Foran fell in the Celtic box under pressure from Ledley.  Shinnie made the most of an awkward ball by splitting Manstorovic and Ledley but could not get space for a shot.

Neil Lennon replaced El Kaddouri, who had been booked, with Paddy McCourt, which settled Celtic.  McCourt allowed Celtic to hold the ball and acquire some composure.

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  1. Gordon j


    Any second now


    Hun struggling … Time for a wee cheat


    Hun tv…. As said before …. Funny as


    Never witnessed this angle…. Might tune in regular


    I love comedy

  2. .






    Cheers Buddi..



    Sorry l didn’t make it to Your meet up After the Dundee Utd Game (I took my Nephew to the Game)..But gave you a Big Cheer at the Half Time Draw..:O)



    Will Give you a Yell Next time theMelbourneNo1 is in Perth..




  3. Just on way back from inverness.



    A proud, proud Tim. Delighted for the players, delighted for Lenny but over joyed for us, the Celtic family.

  4. ulysses



    That’ a fair point about the barometer. But I do find myself fantasising about watching us in an exciting game, with some lovely football like some of which we saw today, with simply a decent, objective commentary. Too much to ask though.



    The Burely thing is odd. I think it’s quite simply that he knows what side his bread is buttered. Like the MIBs and other meeja clowns, he needs to toe the hun line. It’s not necessarily a personal bias on his part (thought it may well be), possibly just what he and others see as necessary appeasment of the bigot viewer, of which there are many.



    Agree about big Victor, Brick 67. Never disappointed in a game yet. Like him in front of the defence, but maybe in this new role he can stabilise the back 4 and allow an extra attacking midfielder (ie. making the role he’s been playing himself in front of the defence redundant). Not bad for a 19yr old to have this commaning presence in the defence of a Celtic team.



    Delighted at today’s result – it was always a tricky one, even more so after an international break. Stokes still on fire.

  5. Summa


    I thought that was an Aussie yell!!


    That was a great day thanks to the Kano brigade


    Do you know big hannigan?? I have played golf with him and his brother Ernie


    If you don’t know him… You should!!!


    Huns under a wee bit of p again!!!


    Might be an away win for saints!!

  6. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Butcher is a died in the wool blue nose he looks like one and talks like one and will allways be one. Burley on the other hand is a bitter man with some sort of agend against Celtic it really is a great pity that he ever played for Celtic.H.H.

  7. Fortunes Favour Mibbes says:


    19 November, 2011 at 16:16




    Anthony Stokes Celtic’s Fire.

  8. Still st johnstone making the running



    Sandaza should have done better from a good opportunity

  9. The Singing Detective..




    Na.. NAE jiggin’ tonight..



    Actually, Ah am Jist aboot ready tae crawl intae Bed.



    Ah hiv no bin tae Bed ,Yet…



    Stayed up .. ealy start,this game ,fur me.. .. and it’s the Pits…



    Yep.. we hiv the Making of a wonderfull Team… if we use oor Youngsters


    in the best possigle way.



    These Youngsters of the Under Nineteens.. are so full of Promise.



    it is .. Frightening!



    And Ah mean that…



    There are so Miny . coming thru






    George, McGeough, Watt, Keating, Irvine.. Fraser.. and the Best wan of awe..in Ma opinion.. Joe Chalmers.. this kid has it awe.. .He wull be a Better Left Back than anything we hiv hid since.. well.. ah dunno who…and Noo Bogle has Appeared..and this


    guy is the Real Deal.. a Striker who kin Score with his Feet..and ALSO HIS HEID.. another.. BigBadJohn.. Jack Kirwen is anither great Prospect..he hisnae appeared much in the Under Nineteens ,yet..he is .. Fifteen or sixteen.. but he is a Great Prospect.. there are Skeeds Mair… but, Ah wullnae hiv time tae name them awe.. they are so damn.. Numerous!!



    Ah hope Lenny, nurtures these Kids fae the…well. NURSERY..with T.L.C.


    fur It wull Pay off Big Time…



    When they start tae Appear, in the First Eleven.




  10. Second half was a much better with the introduction by Neil with Ki for EK our pace and tempo and movement were upped markedley as with our confidence to push forward,which resulted in 2 well taken “illicit” goals which totally offended Terence Hun Buchter,the Police,media,and the goverment meanwhile on shortbread radio the hosts and commentators demand a Judicial inquiry into the eyepoking of Georgio Samaras and the red card for the Inverness version of Elbows Thug McCulloch, more on this developing story once Rob Shortbum and Corrigan Campbell have concocted there stories

  11. Apparently bookies stopped taking bets on the Airdrie – Gala Fairydean match after lots of bets on Airdrie to be 4 – 0 or 5 – 0 up at half time.



    It was 5 – 0.



    Something suspicious or just an obvious home win? (Current score 8 – 0).

  12. Fortunes



    Yep – Wanyama – like what you’re saying re freeing up a space in midfield – either or – he’s a legend in the making – it’s that ability to see and create space – priceless – Joe Ledley shows moments of it, but Wanyama never seems to get into trouble. Pass. Simple word. Difficult command.



    Chuffed for everyone involved today.




  13. Fortunes Favour Mibbes says:


    19 November, 2011 at 16:22




    Bet you’re sorry now that you didn’t post it!



    Anyway, I don’t believe you!:>)

  14. StMichaelsBhoy2 on

    Should I keep hitting F5 every couple of minutes to keep up to date with the huns match or not? I’ve an awful feeling they’ll score by hook or by crook….

  15. StMichaelsBhoy2 on

    Anthony Stokes is in my opinion, now our most important player. His finish for the second today was top drawer and he’s the one guy in the team right now who looks like scoring every match.

  16. Any chance of St Johnstone getting a penalty……or is my bet dependent on the huns getting one?

  17. Murdoch..



    “illicit” goals :))





    Here here/ hear hear – whichever one it is.





    No I’m still glad I had the sense to desist. It’s something I usually struggle to do to be fair, as although my patter is pretty pash in most folks’ eyes, I still find myself funny. I’ve been warned by close friends that I laugh at my own jokes too much :)

  18. enmac75 stands shoulder to shoulder with Neil Lennon on

    jelavic has header saved. minutes before that sandaza was through, but buggered his touch allowing the ball to be knocked out for a corner. its sounding quiet at the death star. oh and in the 5 minutes ive been watching, broadfoot has hacked down a man down at the corner flag…….decision………….hun throw in

  19. StMichaelsBhoy2 on

    Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon says:


    19 November, 2011 at 16:32



    That’s just what I fear too.

  20. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    I dont usually get carried away with the form of young players as they can burn out quickly I however,will make an exception for big Victor this guy is going to become our most valuable asset.Izzy,Kayal,Forrest are all top players and will move on one day for big money but Victor will be the daddy of them all and command a huge fee just mark my words.H.H.

  21. StMichaelsBhoy2 on

    ulysses mcghee says:


    19 November, 2011 at 16:30



    I hear you, but I just cannae help it….

  22. Broadfoot up to his usual nonsense lucky to escape with a yellow card



    St johnstone still doing well

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