Inverness 0-2 Celtic


Celtic won a hard-fought three points at Inverness this afternoon despite spending the majority of the game looking for rhythm.  Inverness looked strong at the back in the early stages and were as physical as Neil Lennon would expect them to be.  Both goalkeepers had a single genuine attempt to deal with in the first half; Jonny Hayes forced Fraser Forster to dive low to his right to block a shot, while Anthony Stokes couldn’t get the ball out from under his feet to do better than lob his shot directly at Ryan Esson in the Inverness goal.

Beram Kayal was booked for a needless challenge 30 yards from the Inverness goal near the 30 minute mark but two minutes later Celtic created their best chance of the first half when Hooper, Forrest and Stokes all had attempts in a goalmouth scramble.

The biggest incident of the game occurred after 36 minutes when Greg Tansey was shown a straight red card by referee Stevie O’Reilly when he jumped and put a hand into Georgios Samaras’ face.  Samaras clearly took a sore one but a yellow card would not have been an inappropriate decision.  Ironically, just a few moments before Tansey’s ordering off, one of the assistant referees jumped to avoid getting involved in play, raising both hands and causing some confusion as his flag was inadvertently pushed into the air.

It took Celtic a long time to make the extra man pay but Ki fed James Forrest on 60 minutes, who played a one-two-three with Gary Hooper.  Hooper drew Esson from his goal before squaring a pass to Stokes who knocked the ball into the empty net.

Celtic then created a flurry of chances.  Forrest beat his man and fed Stokes on the left but the striker couldn’t find space to get a clean shot away.  From the resulting corner Kayal released Stokes who tried to chip Esson instead of squaring for Hooper.

On 72 minutes Hooper fed Forrest, who beat his marker but his shot was blocked and spun into the air.  Stokes allowed the ball to bounce before volleying into the bottom corner to secure the points for Celtic.

Despite being two goals and a man down Inverness continued to press Celtic.  Foran fell in the Celtic box under pressure from Ledley.  Shinnie made the most of an awkward ball by splitting Manstorovic and Ledley but could not get space for a shot.

Neil Lennon replaced El Kaddouri, who had been booked, with Paddy McCourt, which settled Celtic.  McCourt allowed Celtic to hold the ball and acquire some composure.

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  1. Not only 2 points closer in the title race, but rangers were really, Really, REALLY GASH today … at home. 1 man team?

  2. Ulysses



    ‘we paid his wages’ re. Burley comment. That’s the point we have stopped paying him wages His words on Radio 5 last year ” it’s been a long time since Celtic paid my wages”



    He is a mercenary who will say what it takes for another payday somewhere.



    Why are so many on here so keen to punt Ki. He is the most skillfull footballer at Celtic park by a country mile and people on here can’t find Space for him in our team??? Says much about the state of Scottish football. First pick for me, the man is a joy to watch.



    Draw at the bigotdome. 2 points back. Well done St Johnstone




  3. Good set of results for us today. We have definitely improved and it was a relief today to get the first goal.

  4. StMichaelsBhoy2 on

    YES! Just watched a film on the official site of classic Celtic goals from the 70’s to run down the clock there – result being I had a very relaxing 6 minutes, then came back here to hear the good news. A chink of light at last and if we beat the orcs next month it’s going to get very interesting.




    4 points down by the end of the day on Saturday next week with a game to come at Celtic park.



    No chance are we out of this league with 10 first team players to come back.

  6. Good to hear of the turkeys turning up for Thanksgiving Day.



    SEE, Fortune’s Favour, puns are a very useful weapon to have in your armoury.



    It is actually a sign of superior intelligence, so, don’t be afraid to use it and hide your light under a bushel

  7. Sandman Is Neil Lennon on

    Huns 0 – 0 Farmers.



    What’s that noise?





  8. MWD



    Good point. I also failed to mention the shocking decision from O’Reilly today that gifted us the points.



    Silly me :-)

  9. “we are all Neil Lennon and love the Celtic, “mouldy67” aka “chillibhoy67” says:


    19 November, 2011 at 16:51


    Saint Johnstone will be disappointed not to get three points at castle greyskull



    Sorry man but this is becoming a real bugbear of mine. I wish people would get it right.



    Castle Greyskull = Good Ghuys



    Snake Mountain = Bad Guys




  10. Win the next two games and the points difference is down to 4pts before they play again. You can feel the pressure building. As they say, you need to win your home games.


    Hail! Hail!

  11. Snake..very good point but also shows how well the bhoys and Lenny have done in recent games with so many out….hh

  12. Greenwells Glory on

    Hi Ghuys, Salve salve;- Yes indeed, a great days work let’s hope we can keep it going against Dunfermline. Have to agree with the general assessment of big Vic, got to say I have my doubts sometimes regarding Lennie and our coaches but I reckon he’s found big Vics position. Btw I know big Butch is a moaning git but I reckon he moans just as loudly when his team have been robbed by her madj’s tax dodgers so I don’t reckon he is a hun. Hun? is that illicit? will I be taken away in the night?


    I can just see now Reichsmarschal Salmond in all his glory as he hands down Scotland’s own version of the Nuremberg Laws.




    Qui tacet consentit

  13. Up over goal



    Forget them mate we don’t need them. This Celtic team is on the rise.



    Yes there are problems but keep the faith, we will win this league!!!!

  14. I can see a very big offer coming in jan for young Forrest …


    But I think we need to keep this star in the making!


    too soon for the wee ghuy

  15. thomthethim



    That’s a challenge I’ll rise to. You really shouldn’t encourage me. Thanksgiving Day indeed. Lot to be thankful for today :)



    Word of warning to our travelling support though. It’s not just the polis to be wary of – there’ll be a lot of hurting huns in Glasgow this evening who’ll find justification in their violence from the unusual events of the past week.



    If you see anyone who looks even remotely ugly and bitter, give them a wide bearth.

  16. Evening bhoys,



    Job done today and what an unexpected boost from scumland. I watched the second half of the huns game and my ghod they were lucky to get a point, St Johnstone were terrific. Now you’ll no see that from the beebs edited highlights but trust me when I say I was bitterly disappointed the super j’s only got a point.



    Here’s hoping this is the day our full season turns.



    Hail Hail

  17. Great news with the St Johnstone result. Came back from a run, shower and actually forgot about their match.



    16.38 – turn on Sky Sports News 0-0, Surprised but expectant of a late penalty and or goal.



    Turned tv back to the channel the child was watching.



    Eventually brave CQN hoping for the coup de grace, nervously awaiting the last page appearing on my screen.



    Saw a big Yeeeessssssssssss.



    Joy unconfined. Might even have a wee wine later.



    I am the original Henry Sellers.



    Árd Macha

  18. Greenwells Glory



    He’s the only one to try against his old pals because he’s in line to replace Moisty at Christmas. Hence his ever increasing (and disturbing) physical resemblance to the Myth.

  19. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Lets not get ahead of ourselves one game at a time we need a top performance at home on Wednesday. H.H.

  20. A good day bhoys with a hard fought win and a draw at poundland


    We may not be firing on all cylinders but we are finding a way to win


    The bhoys who are fit are digging in for lennie


    Next up the pars let’s get a run going until we play them on the 28h dec


    Think I’ll have a few beers tonight


    Come on you bhoys in green

  21. with the hoops winning and thehuns dropping points.



    NegAnon might even crack a smile 2night



    yet again, maybee not




  22. thomthethim and his magical shawl





















    __________________________1 ¶¶¶1_____






    ______________________1¶¶¶¶ ¶¶1111__




    ______________________¶¶¶¶ ¶¶¶¶¶¶1_




    _____¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶_______1¶¶¶¶ __¶¶11¶_




    __¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶____1¶¶¶¶ __¶¶111




    _¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶1_____¶¶¶¶¶1_ __¶111



















































  23. Win our next two games and we will be 4 points behind with the orcs heading to rugby park for a Sunday kick off!!!


    Roll on the 28th of dec paradise 7.45pm


    Good guys v the damned



    I’ve got a feeling…

  24. Fortunes Favour Mibbes,



    “If you see anyone who looks even remotely ugly and bitter, give them a wide bearth”



    Well that’s me not answering the door to half my family tonight then.



    Sorry John.

  25. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Ev’nin all.



    Just in from work to discover the score at the soon to be Govan Memorial Gardens.



    Well played Saints.



    Check their line up for the game – I think the lack of a squad is beginning to tell.



    Take Jelavic and Davis out of that first 11 and you are left with a very ordinary team.



    Hail Hail

  26. Well who saw dat comin at the bigot dome? A good day all round & maybe just a chink of light there 4 us. Mon the HOOPS keep the faith

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