Inverness 0-2 Celtic


Celtic won a hard-fought three points at Inverness this afternoon despite spending the majority of the game looking for rhythm.  Inverness looked strong at the back in the early stages and were as physical as Neil Lennon would expect them to be.  Both goalkeepers had a single genuine attempt to deal with in the first half; Jonny Hayes forced Fraser Forster to dive low to his right to block a shot, while Anthony Stokes couldn’t get the ball out from under his feet to do better than lob his shot directly at Ryan Esson in the Inverness goal.

Beram Kayal was booked for a needless challenge 30 yards from the Inverness goal near the 30 minute mark but two minutes later Celtic created their best chance of the first half when Hooper, Forrest and Stokes all had attempts in a goalmouth scramble.

The biggest incident of the game occurred after 36 minutes when Greg Tansey was shown a straight red card by referee Stevie O’Reilly when he jumped and put a hand into Georgios Samaras’ face.  Samaras clearly took a sore one but a yellow card would not have been an inappropriate decision.  Ironically, just a few moments before Tansey’s ordering off, one of the assistant referees jumped to avoid getting involved in play, raising both hands and causing some confusion as his flag was inadvertently pushed into the air.

It took Celtic a long time to make the extra man pay but Ki fed James Forrest on 60 minutes, who played a one-two-three with Gary Hooper.  Hooper drew Esson from his goal before squaring a pass to Stokes who knocked the ball into the empty net.

Celtic then created a flurry of chances.  Forrest beat his man and fed Stokes on the left but the striker couldn’t find space to get a clean shot away.  From the resulting corner Kayal released Stokes who tried to chip Esson instead of squaring for Hooper.

On 72 minutes Hooper fed Forrest, who beat his marker but his shot was blocked and spun into the air.  Stokes allowed the ball to bounce before volleying into the bottom corner to secure the points for Celtic.

Despite being two goals and a man down Inverness continued to press Celtic.  Foran fell in the Celtic box under pressure from Ledley.  Shinnie made the most of an awkward ball by splitting Manstorovic and Ledley but could not get space for a shot.

Neil Lennon replaced El Kaddouri, who had been booked, with Paddy McCourt, which settled Celtic.  McCourt allowed Celtic to hold the ball and acquire some composure.

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  1. I am a happy bhoy tonight despite of the ref…



    He is a clown and let assualts go before he made the wrong decision(imo) to send the player off..



    God bless the Celtic

  2. Tracey on snyde get yerself to specsavers



    Broadfoot typical lack of sportsmanship



    Then lashes out at opposition Broadfoot lucky to stay on pitch

  3. StMichaelsBhoy2 on

    Snake Plissken,



    It’s just my pessimistic nature taking over.



    I think the away games are the potential banana skins for us.



    If Hearts go bust, all points won against them are lost, which means the Orcs would drop points, but we wouldn’t….

  4. Silver City Neil Lennon on

    Just turned Jim Traynor off. Do you get all that nonsense about changing the refereeing procedures when there is, at worst, a debatable decision against Celtic?

  5. Apparently at Ibrox today they played an anti British rebel song over the tannoy. It celebrated an armed rebellion against the crown.



    I wonder if the match commander found this to be illicit, illegal or offensive?

  6. FFM,



    The North East is certainly not Hun free. Crucially though, they have no major influence here. Thankfully your religious persuasion is of no real consequence (among other Hun hangups). Same goes for where I come from – Inverness area. In fact there’s a hell of a lot of Tims up there.



    Anyway b4 I depart, would just like to congratulate Neil Lennon on today’s game changing substitutions. Well he gets it in the neck when they don’t come off, seems only right to give him and his assistants the plaudits when they do.

  7. murdochauldandhay


    what do you expect???


    operation anti tim is in full swing….


    little do they realise…..


    they are minutes away from running aground for good


    take no notice of these handkerchief mumblers….


    our thorn in their side is more potent than the sash their in bred father wore


    hail hail mate


    looking forward to your next travel down this way



  8. hankray



    That would do for me :) But seems more likely to be the establishment of a European league. It’s only a matter of time. The next-gen tournament is a prelude to that imo. And I know one club that will certainly not be welcome, for many many reasons. That’s why imo they are intent on blackening our name in Europe.



    What they fail to understand though, is that much of Europe is very aware of the situation here, and not so easily manipulated by the UK meeja – they find it laughable and are astonished by it in my experience.

  9. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Paul67 –



    A massive result for Celtic. Anything less than three points and it would have been the end for us as far as the league is concerned. Great goals on a rubbish pitch against spoilers – who to be fair simply play to their strengths. Vic Wanyama seems like a natural in central defence, looks like Lenny was right about his ability to play in that role.



    Celtic went into the Motherwell game 15 points behind. Another win in midweek and we cut their lead to seven points – and we look like we are definitely coming into form.



    And a final word for wee Gordon Strachan, who as usual was superb with his analysis, but it is so refreshing to see and hear someone defend our corner with vigour instead of the usual cowering from so-called ‘Celtic men’ who can’t wait to stick the boot in to us at every opportunity.



    A super Saturday.

  10. Went out for a 2 hour walk after our game, just back in to hear the Rangers score.



    Said before their game kicked off they had a very weak midfield, no surprise whatsoever that their star striker was starved of any service. They have a very thin squad indeed, sorely lacking in creativity.



    Game on!

  11. StMichaelsBhoy2 @ 17:47



    Yellow card for being the first one to roll out the tired cliché of “banana skin”. If someone as weak-willed as me was able to resist the urge to use that one, so should you ! :)

  12. Ramie



    How are you mate



    Yip operation get celtic has been in full swing



    But we have right on our side thats what counts



    funnilly enough could be down your way next year again



    matter was discussed as recently as Friday. niece getting married




    Hail hail

  13. Snake Plissken says:


    19 November, 2011 at 17:56


    I wonder why Terry was cut off on Clyde eh?



    Was Delahunt sniggering as they were cutting him off

  14. StMichaelsBhoy2 on

    Fortunes Favour Mibbes,



    I just call it like I see it, and at the end of the day I’m as sick as a parrot to be caught out making such a schoolboy error. I’ll need to bounce right back with my next post now….

  15. Pete The Beat



    You’ve just ruined it for me. I went for a walk on Sandymount Strand after watching the Celtic match and recorded the Munster game to watch later. However, will look forward to seeing O’Gara doing the business again. Sounds like another terrific game after last weeks thriller.

  16. myboysnowatim @ 17:47



    My Old Boy’s not a million miles away from you in Fort Augustus. Stunning up there.



    Very good point about Lenny’s substitutions. It’s interesting during his time here. I’m always delighted for him as much as I am for us. Love the ghuy. I’d wager WGS does as well, and that’s another reason for him calling it like it is much to the disappointment of the Scottish meeja.

  17. Steinreignedsupreme on

    cabbageandbacon: 19 November, 2011 at 18:00



    “Holy shite, Koln v Mainz called off because the ref attempted suicide!”



    He stuck his life-savings on Norris awarding the Huns a penalty against St Johnstone.

  18. Evening Bhoys



    The only thing I’m sure of is that there will be unexpected points dropped by us and them before the end of the season.



    That said, I’m pretty confident that we will be Champions come the season’s end. Maybe more hopeful than confident actually.



    Anyway, I am really, really looking forward to taking my seat at Celtic Park on Wednesday and on Saturday. Let’s get behind this team and back them to the hilt.



    My hope is that the missing fans can be encouraged to turn up. What has surprised me this season and a wee bit last season is the number of people who aren’t putting their shoulder to the wheel of the Celtic cause. Guys and girls who could go but don’t.



    For those who can’t go, no criticism whatsoever.



    The way I see it is we have a cause here. Yes, we have a football team to support but for me at least we should be turning up to support Neil Lennon and in defiance of those who will take every opportunity they can to attack us and then invent opportunities where none exist. There is nothing more powerful in the face of adversity than simple human solidarity. A full Celtic Park would be that.



    What did you do in the War?




  19. steinreignd


    well said


    i thought strachan was very articulate in giving the truth


    he always was….


    wanyama is becoming the thunder maker….


    he is way ahead of his time …and will improve as we embrace the thunder


    a run of 15 -20 games un beaten …then we win the league


    “them” will drop points…no worries …its just a matter of how many


    hail hail



  20. Neil Lennon wants to have a right good look at himself. After the Hibs game he asked his 2 strikers for more consistency. I couldn’t believe he had been so naive as the media and the networks told us he was showing his inexperience by criticising his players in public. Anyway after that I went to Mars on holiday so I don’t know what has happened since. I take it we haven’t won a game? I take it our strikers haven’t scored? Or has young Neil Lennon, champion of the Celtic fans, ripped up the rule book and done the right thing and Stokes and Hooper are turning into the best partnership since McGarvey and Nicholas? Well done Neil – some of us notice. Hail hail.

  21. Jabba is as well know a disgrace and his new gimp sidekick anguish equally so.


    This pair need hounded from shortbread, they can write all the shoite they want in


    their crappy nosediving papers but they forfeit their right to espouse this biased drivel


    on a national state broadcaster.


    Double talking scum, paid by us to spread lies and obfuscate all reason.


    It just won’t do.



  22. Serge (10) Tommy Burns on

    Celts win me a fortune, the Orcs draw. been a good day.



    Think i’ll celebrate with a few beers by the pool tomorrow

  23. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!! Tick Tock !! on

    Took my grandson to the cinema this afternoon ….Tin Tin….brilliant……new something had happened atopic as soon as I turned Clyde on in the car….total depression….LLOOLL

  24. The Honest Cover-up on

    I wonder if the cities of Dehli, Bangalore and Chennai are awash with rampaging Huns furious at the incoming results on the Hindi twitter feed.

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