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  1. Not having a retrospective go at Ronny but this year there is little or no angst at team selections, substitutes or timing of substitutions.



    It was a never ending saga last year.

  2. prestonpans bhoys on

    Not one of our favourite grounds, so take a one nil victory and get oot of there……

  3. What is the Stars on







    But then again I would say that wouldnt I



    Mandy Rice Davies CSC

  4. Corkcelt



    The main thing for me given how teams line up against us is BR’s quick decision making & his constant conversing with players.



    Good times indeed.

  5. What is the Stars on

    Listened to the podcast that Paul recommended earlier


    Very good,we are in safe hands,methinks

  6. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    WHAT IS THE STARS on 1ST MARCH 2017 7:16 PM



    Half a pound of tupenny rice

  7. In the general scheme of things it shouldn’t matter a whit, whether we win lose or draw tonight.


    Yet I’m still tingling with anticipation and I tell ye what it bloody matters a lot to me.

  8. What is the Stars on

    Home alone


    Racing on one TV


    Football on the other


    Music blaring


    Cqn on Lap Top



    What more could a fella want

  9. What is the Stars on

    I think we will win very comfortably tonight


    No easing up


    Finishing line in sight


    records to be broken

  10. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on

    I see Paul’s last article included a reference to the psychology of 11 players but one brain.



    I am thinking of writing a memoir with a similar title but mixing it with a well known children’s cartoon of many years ago.



    I will call it 101 damn nuisances and one brain!



    Anyone else who wants to join the cast can e-mail me at jjoe88@hotmail.co.uk



    Lisbon 2017



    1. Old Tim


    2. Blantyre Tim


    3. Malorbhoy


    4. Kieran White


    5. Kickinthenakas


    6. MurdochauldandHay


    7. Tommy Coupland


    8. Pat and Jackie Boyle


    9. Dermot and Helen Hill


    10. Hugh McGinley x 3


    11. Mr & Mrs Frisesdorfer


    12. The Green Lion


    13. An Tearmann


    14. Andy Feeney x 4


    15. PMYTH


    16. ACGR x 2


    17. Martin McGroarty x 2


    18. Embra Mike


    19. Cowiebhoy x 2


    20. Celticrollercoaster


    21. Thunder Road


    22. Koln Celt


    23. Graffittionthewall


    24. John Coyne


    25. Mr & Mrs Martin Maloney


    26. Alan Grant


    27. Eurochamps 67


    28. Fred Colon


    29. Rod McCafferty x 3


    30. Delaney’s Dunky



    31. Bournesouprecipe


    32. Torontony x hunnerds


    33. Stephen Houston


    34. Josh Irons


    35. BRTH


    36. BMCUWP x 2


    37. Mike Maher


    38. Phylis Dietrichson


    39. What is the stars


    40. Scullions x 2


    41. Jim Quinn


    42. John Gannon


    43. Stephen Catterson


    44. Peter Catterson


    45. WarszawawBhoy (Jim Kelly)


    46. Sid 1888 x 6


    47. The Good Ship Celtica


    48. Dresden x 6


    49. William Crickett x 2


    50. Bill & Cathie Rice


    51. Bada Bing


    52. Mr & Mrs Billy Scott


    53. Sipsini plus his Boss


    54. John Hamilton x 2


    55. Mr & Mrs Stuart Davidson


    56. TheTimReaper


    57. Timmy 7 x 8


    58. Moravcik x 5


    59. Marakesh Express x 4


    60. One Malloy & Miss One Malloy


    61. Bristol Celt x 2


    62. Mr & Mrs Calton Tongues


    63. Brian Toolan x 6


    64. John Loughlin


    65. Paranoidbyexperience x 4


    66. The Winchburgh Bhoys x 6




    Couldn’t agree more. After the kicking they doled out at Parkhead recently, I hope we hammer ICT. I can’t see another 6-0; 5-0 will do nicely. I hope a victory will hasten their relegation. Dirtiest team in the league – and that is really saying something.

  12. Are we becoming complacent?


    Here we are in nose bleed territory and we are accepting it as normal.


    Time to wax lyrical about Brendan’s bhoys achievements.


    We live in an extraordinary time.



  13. Unbelievable exchange on Hun Media, 2 plonkers discussing whether we could win the Title against them, the more intelligent decides not if they win tonight.


    A third guy with a modicum of sense says “It’s nothing to do with us, it depends on the Sheep S****ers results.


    Plonker one responds “The Ba**ards, that’s why they lost last night”.

  14. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Could be a tricky game. A narrow pitch and two “inside” wingers. May get a bit congested in the middle. Maybe see Callum at some point for his incisive passing.

  15. !!Bada Bing!! on

    GMS needs to start taking the chances he is getting just now….looks a bit uptight , relax a wee bit…

  16. Hi peeps. Can anybody tell a bar that’s showing the game near to Yates in Manchester. Cheers.

  17. embramike supporting Res 12 on

    Tonight’s team v ICT



    Gordon, Lustig, Boyata, Sviatchenko, Tierney; Brown, Bitton; Mackay-Steven, Armstrong, Sinclair; Dembele



    Subs: De Vries, Gamboa, Izaguirre, Toure, Henderson, McGregor, Griffiths

  18. McCann on Sky Sports: ICT have to play to their strengths. They have to make it into a battle. Such nonsense is allowed to pass unremarked. They got away with kicking us off the park at Celtic Park. They shouldn’t be encouraged to do so. McCann says that’s the way the game has gone here. Aye and why is he not condemning it? The MIBs should be taking action. Makes me sick.

  19. glendalystonsils on

    A strong performance by the bhoys and a strong referee to protect our players from the kind of assaults we have seen lately. That, and any more than 1-0 will do for me.

  20. ‘GG on 1st March 2017 7:31 pm



    Are we becoming complacent?



    Here we are in nose bleed territory and we are accepting it as normal.



    Time to wax lyrical about Brendan’s bhoys achievements.



    We live in an extraordinary time.









    If you have not Listened to the link in the last Article, You have to listen to it. I know you will Love it.



    It is in the format of Soundcloud

  21. Rowley Birkin QC on

    Apart from Joey’s howf anyone know where I can see the game in Burnley?




  22. Just saw a fan with A Green Bay Packers hat, wonder if it was our missing comrade The Bhoy Jinky.

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