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  1. Another NL special when it comes to team selection.


    Will he ever learn?



    We need a CH to do a CH’s job.


    Not stick in a CM that we hope can do the job.



    Far too attack minded.


    JF / GS / AS / GH for an away game.


    The last time we were set up like this BTM got sacked.



    Should have had CDR at RB.


    AM at LB.


    U19 at CH.


    VW at CM / DM.


    AS on the bench.



    At least I can watch the game from behind the couch.






  2. just looked on the official club site at the first team pool



    have a look at the line up of players who are out on loan.



    this lot would win against most of the team in spl!!!!



    hail hail

  3. MadMitch says @ 11:58



    >> We need a CH to do a CH’s job.


    >> Not stick in a CM that we hope can do the job.



    Agree with everything you said BUT do we still not need 3xU21 on the bench? That might have steered the choice of who to start.

  4. mncelt standing up for Neil Lennon on

    Line up for today











    El Kaddouri













  5. Wee Gordon already laying down his marker on espn… As he mentions “them” not ran*ers but “them”



    Love it wee man

  6. What is the Stars on

    Canamalar if you are still there


    Sorry was away for a few minutes



    Dan Breen is indeed a “bit of a whisper”

  7. I too, would have expected a 4-2-3-1 the way we started at Motherwell.



    But after all it wasn’t the way we won that game, and it was substitutions that did.



    NL has gone for broke, again, I really hope it comes off for him as I’ve never seen a very


    good Celtic performance in that stadium.

  8. mncelt standing up for Neil Lennon on

    Strange line up from Lenny once again. 3 forwards for a game that is bound to be in the typical SPL hammer thrower vein. We look weak through the middle especially if Ledley is playing out left.

  9. Did I hear that correctly?



    Why has Terry Butcher been inducted to the SFA hall of fame?



    Hail Hail



  10. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    thank you for getting back, now watch the odds plummet :oD

  11. Morning all.



    Today’s line up:



    Forster; Matthews, Wanyama, Majstorovic, El Kaddouri; Forrest, Kayal, Ledley, Samaras; Hooper, Stokes



    Subs: Zaluska, Commons, Ki, McCourt, Fraser, McGeouch, F. Twardzik




    Gordon_J (11:58), indeed. But let’s make sure it’s at the right end of the pitch!



    MadMitch (11:59)…



    CDR has a hamstring injury, and as such we only have two fit full-backs… El Kaddouri (who is a left back) playing at left back, and Matthews (who can play either side) at right back. The only other central defensive option is a 17 year old, so Wanyama will drop into a position that he has played in before. Anthony Stokes is our most potent goalscoring threat and the on form striker.



    I’m glad you are not picking the team my friend!



    With the resources available I would probably have come up with the same line-up as Lenny, with the optionto bring on Commons for Sammi and/or Paddy for Forrest later in the game.



    Keep the faith!

  12. Never ever understood the visceral reaction to Gordon Strachan from a lot of Celtic fans, including my mate who sits next to me at Celtic Park. He never could quite explain it to me in a way I understood.



    Everything that Strachan has said about Celtic since he left leaves me just as confused by those who can’t seem to like him never mind love him.



    Respect to the wee man from this Hoop.




  13. Given the lack of numbers this is about the best team Neil could have picked.



    there are players on the bench who can make a difference and we need to play to our strengths not theirs.

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