Inverness v Celtic, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 12:30 GMT.

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  1. 67 European Cup Winners on

    i have said this 100 times _ this is where Neil earns his money



    What to do in the second half



    Samaras not effective


    Hooper not effective



    Samars off – Commons on


    Push Hopper up to join Stokes



    Wangama – top player




  2. Poor first half of football.



    Celtic recently only seem capable of playing well in one half of the game, so hopefully we’ll see a different performance after the break.



    Can’t continue only coming out for one half of the game though, will cost us points.

  3. Ten Men Won The League on

    Butcher whinging like a wee girl at HT



    Maybe if you send your teams out to play football instead of assaulting opposition players, you won’t have as many red cards ya tube

  4. Beamishismypint says:


    19 November, 2011 at 13:15






    Cant wait till the lad has fully settled and a seasoned member of the team – when he will start to assert his authority among his team mates as well as the opposition.



    I reckon Mjallby would think once and a quarter about it!

  5. I remember watching a celtic player at Ibrox (v Dundee Utd). He looked unfit and had that ‘well-skelped arse’ face commonly associated with over indulging bin bevvy. He spent most of his time trying to get on the ref’s tits in order to get sent off, I wonder where he is now?


    Burley has gone from ‘…straight red…’ to Samaras made the most of it going down like a sack of spuds…’. He knows as much about football as Jabba & Keevins.

  6. Game developed the way it always does at Inverness, very tight, and this time the Celtic midfield is virtually non existent, with Samaras and Forrest wide isolated, and remotely involved, especially Forrest whose automatic inclusion every week is an indicator of how far we’ve fallen.



    Looks like another struggle similar to Motherwell, but a two men centrally doesn’t work for Celtic and I don’t know why NL can’t see it, add to that Kayal’s booking we have a midfielder, that won’t be allowed to win the ball in dire danger of a red.



    Wanyama was superb at the back, and a second half possibly late, winner, is as good as it will get.

  7. We are simply a very poor side.



    Everything is laboured and difficult.



    I dont think that was a sending off – but its ok for Butcher to say they are all against us – wonder if he will get hauled up to the SFA like Lennon does.



    I’m so dissulliosioned with everything to do with Celtic at the moment its not true.

  8. Poor first half showing, given the difference in quality, no to mention wages and budget. If the Derry Pele is fit, he needs to come on soon. The way past these cluggers is out wide. Get around the back of them and cut back. This “frontal assault” stuff is as predictable as it is unsuccessful. Hoping for a half time tactics talk and then some TEMPO.



    HH Gerry

  9. Traynor: ‘it was nothing more than a slap.’ So, it was a slap? Sounds like a red card offence to me.

  10. Ok harsh red card. In slow motion the contact looks minimal. However he knew sammi was there and lined him up. I think it was the delibrate nature of it that made up the ref’s mind.



    Lets get some width and push on!



    Burley??!! The guy is a total fool. He is that guy you hope you don’t end up sitting next to, his chat is awful.

  11. Half Time..



    Lenny,ye must change ye attacking Line up..



    Fur the One ye hiv.. Gary and Stokesy



    Are playing like Stookies..



    Worse. Attacking Duo Ah hiv seen..



    Yep. they are as Bad a that.



    Sammi, has not put a Foot wrong.. Good Fur Him ..



    He wins all the Heiders..and he is putting himself a Bout..



    The Man of the Match tor us.. is a Defender..



    His name is Victor..



    Young Forrest,is being fouled constantly..



    It is a Damn shame..






    Lenny,gotta Dae something. to Gee up oor Attack..






    Playing Agin Ten Men or No..



    Celtic, look like they wullnae Score the Day..






    Not Happy.

  12. The Singing Detective on

    It was a definite red card..the Caley player had intent to injure Georgios.



    The Ref gets one decision correct.



    Burley is Poisonous.

  13. On the red card – if there is intent and the arm is raised – according to the rules, that is a classic 2+2=4



    Burley thinks his opinion is fact – “I think he got it wrong, he is paid to make right decisions and he didnt”



    Usually there would have been an “in my opinion” after “didnt”

  14. Totally agree terrible game of football


    big Victor playing really well. Sammi winning everything in the air but to nô effect


    We are a poor side but we know that. 3 points are what counts

  15. tommytwiststommyturns on

    Sami is winning every header against their RB, but we’re not taking advantage with Stokes being particularly wasteful.


    Might have to bring Commons on for either of the front two.




  16. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Sorry Bhoys forget Burley hes not our problem this Celtic team are playing woefully they cant string 3 passes together and have had next to no chances. We cant blame injuries as our under 19 team could beat this lot of cluggers Celtic are playing.Come on Lennie sort this out at half time.H.H.

  17. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    been in london for a while, give me a should when your down for the demo/strike :oD




    burley makes me laugh, his initial comment is that the player "could to be off" player looks before he shoves his hand i sammi's face, deliberate, poke in the eye maybe but not a red, ffs, its dangerous play and premeditated dangerous play, but I expect it would only be a red if he had taken sammi's eye out eh.

  18. Anyone know anything about Andre Blackman ,we just signed him, he looks to be a big powerful guy, Ex gunners and Spurs reserve player – not played a competitive league game for any team.

  19. Red card was not justified for the incident but persistent hard fouling by Gillet (who’s got previous against us) and others going unpunished for assaults on Mathews and Forrest, we’ll take it.



    Need to improve vastly even agaist 10 men if we want to take the points.



    Victor MOTM so far by a mile.

  20. First half; dire, absolutely dire. What is it with our manager and his devotion to 4-4-2? How many times has this been tried and failed. Is he incapable of learning.?


    Red Card – harsh decision. Would have been furious if a Celtic player had been sent off for that. That said Tokely and Gillet should both have been booked in the first half.


    Will Stokes ever learn to look up and pass to a player in a better position? He is so selfish, it’s unbelievable. His first half was summed up by the free kick he hit in the general direction of Iceland.


    Samaras has won every ball in the air but neither Stokes or Hooper has been in a position to pick up Samaras’s knock downs.


    Forrest, yet again, away from home is missing in action.


    Surely Commons must get on in the second half.


    Let’s hope Neil Lennon can motivate this team at half time and send them out fired up to win the match in the second half.

  21. As for Burley – he tries to blame Samaras for the red card after the cally fans boo him. Samaras does get the hand in the face and he always goes down hurt (he is a bit of a girlie). But he doesnt decide its a red card – the ref does.

  22. BStarksTH Supporting the Supporters on

    Awful half of football. El K particularly poor, but no-one actually much good. Ref incompetent.



    Typical SPL weekend. Ref will get told he was heavy handed at half time. Kayal be warned.



    Celtic wasteful in possession, but getting kicked a lot. May need a break in front of goal or a change.

  23. Philbhoy – naw you beat it.



    If you are happy being a celtic supporter right now then you are kidding yourself.

  24. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    led with he elbow, had he got te height it woul have been he ful elbow i the face, definate red.

  25. oglach UFB says:


    19 November, 2011 at 13:25



    Bristol City and AFC Wimbledon decided to let him go.



    Do we need to say anything else?



    The one thing I will say is, we must have more full backs than any club in Europe

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