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  1. Mr Burley, do you like apples??



    How do you like them apples you arrogant pwick???



    Get in there Celts, pile it on this mob.

  2. character defamation on stokes by burley as he praises his ability to score goals.



    shows the mindset doesnt it

  3. More good link up from Forrest, Hooper, ball spins to Stokes, great technique from a tight angle

  4. Ya dancer!!!!



    West Wales Celt – the power of the moany git knows no bounds – you need to tempt fate into making an ar@e of you and lo and behold…….

  5. Vmhan♣ who Supports Neil Lennon says:


    19 November, 2011 at 14:04




    Your all heart big man!

  6. Right Burley



    rate the following despots



    Pol Pot








    Genghis Khan

  7. West Wales Celt on



    why is it ‘unnecessary’; are Celtic fans not being demonised for singing perfectly legal songs?

  8. Does poking naughty fun at the opposition’s legendary Hall of Scottish Fame manager come under the ‘illicit’ umbrella?

  9. LuboJinky – wearing a celtic top is also illicit behaviour and should result in a lenghty jail sentence