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  1. Drat……..



    Arse…..nil…… Score a second







  2. Burley & Hateley have been working on their spin.



    Within seconds of that goal, Burley managed to call it offside, describe it as Stokes “bailing” Celtic out, list Stokes apparent “fallings out” with Trappatoni and Lenny, and then remind us it was offside again.



    At half time WGS didn’t really see much to discuss – it was of course a penalty. Cue Hatelely who carries on the discussion working on the assiumption that it was never a penalty – it was as if WGS’s comments were part of my imagination.



    It’s no wonder we are up against it with the MIBs when this cultural bias is dictating national criticism of them when they give us anything.



    Any way, is it just me, or is Butcher looking more & more like the Myth every time I see his ulgy coupon.



    I always thought he was being primed to take over from Moisty when he fails, but surely they’ve not resorted to Clone Doping now?!?! That will be a work in progress for them – probably relatively cheap on the Black Market; the same pharmaceutical supplier that’s providing them with steroids and contacts in the cyber-crime industry who can mount DOS attacks on uppity online Tims.

  3. Bad miss yes, but can we also look at how Commons manages to get into the box so often and the space he finds…



    It really is phenomenal!

  4. I’m tempted to go over to FF to get the sophisticated view on today’s game, but I’ll wait until they draw their game later today.

  5. The new Celtic TV guy has a couple of classic phrases;



    ‘a wee give-and-go’



    ‘Paddy masquerading through the defence’

  6. from BBC text



    “Celtic have been worthy winners but it’s taken a couple of special goals to break down Inverness”


    BBC Scotland pundit Billy Dodds

  7. tommytwiststommyturns on

    Bhoys and ghirls – don’t forget the banker bet of the day….Rankers to get a penalty. Think PP were 100/30?




  8. great result – keeps the pressure on and hopefully they start to get their share of injuries later on today

  9. Shinnie tries to assault Paddy.



    Another one of those progressive minded little Orcs from the conveyor belt of hate.