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  1. Not quite the 2-1 victory I predicted but no prize at the bookies for nearly right :¬)



    The lesson from todays game is don’t try and win away from home with only two recognised midfielders, as soon as Ki came on the difference was plain to see.



    Ton Che Dan………. bookies, pint?






  2. Kojo , You wanted Stokes punted a few weeks ago in fact you waged an unrelenting campaign against him saying he wasnt good enough over and over again. Hooper too is a goalscorer who is on a lean patch. For goodness sake lay off the players who can score goals they are the rarest commodity in football.

  3. The Singing Detective on

    Immaculate performance from Young Victor today.


    Composed,excellent distribution.



    He is a player alright .

  4. Vmnan



    Preciesely,pal. Ki did make a Heckava Impact.. so did Paddy, as well..



    Good Substitutians by Neil..






    Noo Happy as Larry.

  5. What a difference the introduction of Ki made.



    A quite magnificent first goal thereafter a training session.



    3 tough games- Rennes, M’well and ICT, 3 wins, not too shabby.



    Just heard the Huns line up, their midfield sounds weak, Broadfoot at LB. Squad being stretched?

  6. Jungle




    Heck.. two Goals fae Stokesly is wonderful



    But, He wullnae change MA Mind




    Stokesy, is Jist No Ma Cup o Tea



    He gives






    his Distribution , is qhite a Deadly thing to see..




  7. TerryONeill Neil ah love yae on

    Great 3 points magnificent first goal second merely tremendous.



    All else is fluff.

  8. Big Packie's Accent on

    Hately says: ‘ Ki coming on changed the COMPLEX of the game.’



    WTF. Man is always a joy

  9. Notthebus..




    Gary ,is not the same, Gary..



    Ah want tae see Mair Goals fae Him..



    That is oor Trouble..



    Stokesy MISSED. TWO very Good Scoring Opportunities..



    Our Strikers are Not Dding what they are being Paid For..



    In Ma Opinion.




  10. Parkheadcumsalford says:


    19 November, 2011 at 14:28



    Go easy there young fella!



    Robust tackle all right but anything more than a yellow would have been very harsh. From what I saw anyway.



    Good 3 points.

  11. Very poor fair for an hour but maybe against ICT you need to earn the right to become boss before you can boss.



    Big Victor was immense, cool and hard when needed. Not bad for yet another back four.



    Compare this with Rangers ability through necessity and luck to play the same core set up week in week out.



    Another step on the road to recovery.

  12. mncelt standing up for Neil Lennon on

    Kojo – Stokesly distributed the ball into the net quite effectively today

  13. Two outstanding goals and a couple of runs from Pele lit up an otherwise drab display.


    Forster, Mathews, Wanyama, Ledley and Forrest merited their bonus.


    Paddy obviously stretched ICT and is like a red rag to a hun.



    Hooper needs to make a big improvement.


    Let’s hope there is a stumble down Govan way later.




  14. Big Packie's Accent on

    Tony Stokes, Tony stokes, Tony, Tony Stokes……



    Well done Celtic, poor for the most BUT


    excellent goals n JOB DONE.

  15. Wanyama was my MOM -a real find. Ki provided the missing composure in mid-field.


    But- All the old faults were there and until we scored against 10 men it was dire. Same tactical blunders and attitude from several players.


    Sorry to be negative after a win but there is much that needs improving.


    After we scored the goals ICT were there for the taking . We could have really boosted our goal difference . But no urgency to do so.


    Ive have never seen a Celtic goalkeeper as slow and usless as FF at getting back into play.


    Red card correct and ICT should have had more yellows

  16. ki made an immediate impact today totally changed d game, well done bhoys & lenny, good 3 points. Wanyama was very good & solid when needed to be

  17. So apart from existing and winning have we done anything else to offend the establishment?



    Good win today. Thanks for the updates




  18. Scottish footballs Mr Angry apparently is going nuts



    Ushered ICT team off the pitch to stop the Inverness players from shaking the referees hands

  19. Mncelt



    Surprised at ye,pal..



    Sure , Stokesy Scored.. and Ah appreciate that..






    We we Awful fur Maist of the Game..





    Those Missed EARLY CHANCES, by Stokes is Not what Ah want fae


    a Celtic Stiker.



    Ah jis dinnae Think that Stokesy and Gary are a Partnership..



    Ah wid lPlay Stokesy as a Lone Striker..’



    Sure we won






    It wis AGIN TEN MEN..



    Agin Eleven Men…




    Our Duo of Stokesy and Gary are Maist






    We Must remember how Bad that Duo .. oor Strikers..



    Fared agin the Caley.. In the First Half..



    Both were Fitless.. and could not control the Ball..



    Next week.. we Wull Face a Very Determined.. Dunf.



    At Hame..



    and we have bin not too Good ..at Hame..




    All in all to sum up



    sure , we won..






    Ah am Far Fae Satisfied..



    with.. A Stokes and Gary Pairing..




  20. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees



    Just found the wife’s charger……………..




  21. Switched CQN off as usual at KO so not read the comments.



    Thought big Victor was a stand out today and he looks a real find. Didn’t put enough through wee Forrest for my liking.



    Excellent win considering we had 2 RB’s, 1 LB and 4 CH’s out injured today.



    Very happy with the Bhoys. Roll on Wednesday.




  22. West Wales Celt on

    Stokesey – class striker, not world class but class nonetheless.


    Victor – very creditable performance again.



    Hoops is far from on his game but even when playing poorly he finds those wee flicks that open up defences. He was instrumental in a great goal today. Patience bhoys, Hoops is a good player and he’ll improve…

  23. That is a fantastic result.



    We haven’t won at Inverness by 2 clear goals since MON. Given the crippling injury list, hats off to Neil Lennon and the players.



    Stokes continues to rack up his goals/assists tally. He is fast becoming a superb all-round striker – a terrific signing.

  24. That was a much better second-half performance. The game changed with the introduction of Ki. Some great one-touch football at both goals and we were always in control from the moment Ki came on.



    Wanyama is a player and Forrest excelled again. Forster didn’t put a hand or a foot wrong.



    A good 3 points, which makes it 8 games undefeated.