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  1. Sandman Is Neil Lennon on

    3 points. What we wanted. Job done, move on.



    Johnny Hayes of Inverness – worth a January transfer gamble? Agile, competitive, good engine – would fit into our midfield.



    Don’t know much about him, save his name popping up frequently in highlights this season, certainly played with confidence and authority against us. Good on the ball. Fearless. Up against it but still scrapping away; somethign we’ve sorely lacked this past 2 seasons.

  2. Kojo,



    Fair do’s Its your opinion but the only thing that matters in football is putting the ball in the net. Everything else is a poor second despite what any of the fandans may say.

  3. Pundit watch


    C Burly -obviously biased as ever against Celtic .


    Strachan -breath of fresh air with fair and insightful .


    Hately – muted by his normal standards probably due to Strachans presence.


    Billy Dodds- on shortbread at halftime -“O’Reilly should be demoted!” .


    Richard Gordon – the ref should reverse the red and let the ICT player back on for the second-half!

  4. Fair play WGS not letting them away with anything thing and fighting our cause. Big Hately cowed into agreeing.



    Well done wee man.

  5. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    is quality,


    if I poke you in the eye will it hurt ??

  6. Gordon Strachan – Celtic Legend.



    Defending us to the hilt.



    “If I poked you in the eye right now would it be sore”?



    Brilliant wee man. Brilliant.




  7. Big Packie's Accent on

    WGS his usual fine self in telling it how it is.


    Didn’t like his football, but total respect for the man.

  8. Finally we have a an ex Celt pundit who doesn’t fall into the trap and tells it like it is. Well done Gordon Strachan.



    El Mad

  9. What a fantastic first goal today. The one touch passes left Inverness totally bemused. Won’t see a better goal all season – except for the league clincher.





    Following on from the refereeing performances at Easter Road and Fir Park home players were again allowed to foul Celtic players at will. However due to an error of judgement by this official it will be an issue overlooked. Can’t feel sorry for Inverness when the basic laws of the game are constantly being ignored.

  10. mncelt standing up for Neil Lennon on

    Kojo – I agree that Gary has struggled so far this season but he and Stokes need to work for us – we don’t have any other option up front. I know they can do it and with 3 wins on the trot under our belt (during which Stokes and Hooper between them have scored all our 7 goals), the signs are positive.



    Todays problems were all in midfield. Sammi is dreadful in there and I don’t understand why our manager and coaching staff think otherwise. The 3 guys who came on made a big difference. All 3 move the ball at pace which is what the game was crying out for. I don’t think the 10 men made a huge difference today. ICT set out their stall defensively and had no ambition.

  11. Just out from behind the couch.



    Very flat performance until Ki came on.


    Too many look lacking in confidence, not wanting to take responsibility.



    ICT were what you would expect.


    All energy and little talent.


    Buddy ball at times – JF / AM were targets.


    The grass would have had herbivores everywhere salivating.



    Consequently good last 30 minutes.


    AS is a hard one – all the talent but a stinking attitude until the spark arrives.


    Then he is a one man army and total team player.


    In the mood – compare and contrast with a 23yr old HL.


    My only questions relates with his desire to learn, develop and mature.

  12. Jungle



    Of course, Stokes Scored TWO..






    He also MISSED TWO scoring opportunities..



    Ah don’t believe that You and I have the same Standard when it


    Comes to Judging .. a Striker.’



    Ah wan a Striker who Does Not Miss Easy Scoring Ops..



    fur,, As Goals are very Important..



    I want a Striker.. Joe McBride..or Dixie Deans..



    Those Type of Guys is who Ah want.









    This Is Ma opinon.




  13. Serge (10) Tommy Burns on

    Stokes 1st Goal 2-0 = 570! Thank you Paddy Power :-)



    Mon the Hoops…..back in the title race. HH

  14. we Gordon playing a blinder on ESPN Butcher says it was a poke in the eye.Gordon says to presenter if i poked you in the eye would it not be sore, Brilliant also Butcher says second goal offside,television shows Stokes deffinately onside,sorry Terry wrong again,wonder if hes annoyed Super Ally will not giving him a case of wine this time

  15. tommytwiststommyturns on

    It’s easy for Ki to look good when ten men are sitting back hoping to hold out for a draw….don’t be fooled.


    I’d sell him in January and use the money to buy a CB and a big, fast striker.






  16. Paul67 et al



    I will take that result all season long. Sending off helped but what was the Inverness player actually trying to do with his hands? Needless challenge. Referee was always going for the red card, and Craig Burley’s initial reaction was that he was off. Nice day out up in Inverness it has to be said.

  17. Kojo



    Stokes isn’t the most gifted of forwards but a striker that gives you 20 goals plus a season. IMO worth his weight in gold.

  18. Big Packie's Accent on

    Big Vic, 20 years old and playing like a veteran.


    Strong, composed and professional,


    this ghuy will be a star.

  19. Kojo I saw Joe and Dixie and they missed plenty too as did Kenny Harry Hood Wallace Chalmers Jinky et al.


    Now the Buzzbomb he was a different kettle of fish

  20. Can anyone tell me what the displayed messages were in the Celtic end pre-match? Could only see them from behind the opposite goal on Setanta and couldn’t make them out.




  21. whitecrook tim says:


    19 November, 2011 at 14:55


    we Gordon playing a blinder on ESPN Butcher says it was a poke in the eye.Gordon says to presenter if i poked you in the eye would it not be sore, Brilliant also Butcher says second goal offside,television shows Stokes deffinately onside,sorry Terry wrong again,wonder if hes annoyed Super Ally will not giving him a case of wine this time




    No wine, just whine and plenty of sour grapes.




  22. Anthony Stokes, this season 19 games in all competitions, 11 goals, 8 assists, last season 35 games, 19 goals, 16 assists. A goal every game comes from Stokesy, either scoring or setting up.


    What’s not dependable about that?

  23. Lads,



    Ignore the Scottish radio shows.



    These very same pundits had very little to say when the huns were gifted 2 penalties @ ICT when they were struggling.



    Árd Macha

  24. Mncelt



    Pinkety, Pinkety,pal..



    You have hit it oan the Heid



    Our Midfield wiz Terrible..




    Sammi, is not a Middy..



    And ..again.. in Ma Opinion..’



    Ah believe that KAYAL. is also hiving a Terrible Sophomore Year..


    jist like.. Gary is..



    Kayal is really.. the way he is Playing



    NO Help at all.. in building up an Attack…



    Kayal had bin a Big disappointment to me.



    As you have said..



    As soon as Ki and Paddy came oan.. Oor Forwards goat much better





    Ach.. Ah am only in a Bad Mood..



    Thiese .. Four in the Mornig Starts.. always put me in a Foul Mood.





  25. Happy with the result, two good goals esp the first but must thank the ref for a honest display.That is all we ask for well done Mr O’Reilly