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  1. tommytwiststommyturns says:


    19 November, 2011 at 14:55



    agreed – decent offer comes in I would take it – not my kind of player


    Shocking behaviour by those intolerant Celtic sorts……….did you hear them laughing, shouting and cheering, something must be done and done soon.



    I’m sur Iheard them implying they may be on drugs………”when I see The Celtic I get out my head”, ok it might actually have been a wee bit different but it’s close enough for Scotland.

  3. The Singing Detective on

    Gordon Strachan just pips Victor for M.O.M,with his sterling performance in the ESPN studio(s)



    This season’s Anthony Stokes, comes with 50% EXTRA ENERGY,at no additional cost ! Eh,Kojo ?



    Oh,and goals too,palomine…

  4. What is the Stars on

    That was a big win,well done celtic



    Now who wants to fight about songs poppies uncle tims etc

  5. Kayal



    Stokes Misses too Many easy chances..



    That is why.. to me..



    That Signifies..



    The He is NOT DEP:ENDABLE.




  6. If Butcher has admitted his player poked Samaras in the eye then the referee was entitled to send the man off especially as his had a look his therefore he knew he were he was going to put his fingers – no accident – fair call.



    As for the second goal Hooper yes but he didn’t touch the ball, Stokes no way was he offside from the telly angle.

  7. enmac75 stands shoulder to shoulder with Neil Lennon on

    they way i seen it?



    First half, we did what we had to do. we had to control the game first, and make sure our defence didn’t carry out their (seemingly) weekly inerpretation of the origional sieve. we done that. if i had a critisisim of the first half, it was my usual, the speed we play at when we have the ball. Hoopers touch wasn’t great, and el kaddouri was very poor. red card was only harsh if you consider that the two tackles on forrest, and the pull by tokley never resulted in yellow cards. the boy that got sent off had no right to challenge for that ball. it wasn’t winable. it was only luck that he never landed his elbow on samaras chin/jaw. justifiable from the refs point of view. having seen it several times now, it looks harsh, and on the whole would be pissed off had the challenge been from on of our players. Oh, the ball that was ‘out’ should have been called by the ref. poor call on his part.



    Second half, thought we might have upped the tempo imediatley, impose ourselves on them, but was a bit flat. maybe it was a case of us making sure we never let ten men caley back into it, but we realy started to move the ball better, and move better when Ki came on. From then on, there wasn’t to muh to grumble over. The opening goal was superb, and never got the paraise it deserved. A truley fine goal. Second goal was a great finnish. No qualms, most definatley on side. Hooper came on to his game, and ledley just seemed to be everywhere. Wanyama was man of the match. He looked assured from start to finnish. never flustered, and kept our current in resident bombscare, Majstorovic, on the ball.



    well dont neil, celtic and the fans.



    hail hail

  8. today’s MoM…..Gordon Strachan.



    I have Celtic TV and would never listen to Burley unless I really had to, but I logon to ESPN for the interviews. The Wee Mhan was first class. Best punditry and anti-hunnery I’ve seen on TV for a long time. He made butcher look like what he is. A total waaaarmer.

  9. Kojo says:


    19 November, 2011 at 15:00



    All good strikers miss a lot of chances because they get into the positions to do so, poor strikers hide

  10. mncelt standing up for Neil Lennon on

    Kojo – I agree 100% on Kayal – he would not be in my starting 11. He plays his football like a 10 yr old – reminds me of the playground days when everyone charged towards the ball.



    Go get some sleep. Enjoy your weekend.

  11. TTTT @ 14.55



    You are having a laugh.


    We struggled against 10 men before he came on.


    We were very flat and very one dimensional / limited.



    Games like today show where we missed a trick last season and let AE at Killie ride off into the sunset. Games like today show that we need to be able to play some good long range passing football to Breakdown energetic but limited teams.



    Only Ki has a consistent long range passing game.


    AE would have been a good addition to the squad.


    Ki looks bad when the team can’t be bothered to put in a shift.


    I fear he is unsettled as he is on PL’s “To Do” list.


    In the ejector seat to pay for this seasons poor ST / Merchandising sales.

  12. The Singing Detective..






    Look.. You are obviouslY impressed by Stokes Performance



    this Season



    I am Not.. because of the Reasons Ah hiv given…



    Like Ah say..



    Ah hiv a Different Standard fae . well



    EVERYBOADY else oan Here…



    Look Pal..



    Celtic, are TEN POINTS BEHIND…



    We need tae tak..






    Ah believe that Stokesy is No The Answer..or. Gary ..



    We should be searching fur a better Strike Team..



    We should not settle..





    yer pal. who lthinks yer swell.

  13. MadMitch says:


    19 November, 2011 at 14:52



    Ah but, but.



    Tell me this. Has Neil Lennon learned? According to your pre match post of course.



    So. Two goals for. None against. 3 points in a traditionally difficult game. Two goal winning margin – best since MON went there.



    Whaddya think?



    Me? I leave the team selection to Neil Lennon on the basis that he knows better than me.



    I’m funny that way.

  14. enmac75 stands shoulder to shoulder with Neil Lennon on

    of course i should have said well done neil, celtic, and the fans (ignoring all the other mistakes in what i posted).


    That Strachan guy today, honestly when was the last time you heard such comments. It was so at odds with what I normally hear from balanced guys like Craig, Fraser and the rest of the brothers.



    I’m pretty sure he won’t be back. Just not what I pay my license fee for.

  16. I take it Neg Annon has logged off now that celtic have had a positive result?



    Odious poster, worst type of Celtic “fan”

  17. My TV coverage was Czech TV channel sport 1. All in Czech and no Burley, Hately or other Celtic haters involved.



    it is great to live abroad sometimes.

  18. Richie @ 15.02



    Thanks for that.


    My one bit of original humour this week and you beat me to it.



    MotM – WGS.


    Stuff about a poke in the eye was hilarious.


    He even got MH talking sense.

  19. Kojo……..



    Stokes scores and makes goals



    That’s all me need m8




  20. enmac75 stands shoulder to shoulder with Neil Lennon on

    Kojo says:


    19 November, 2011 at 15:04



    behave. stokes played well today. yes, he should have doen better several times today, but overall, he plugging away, kept his head up, and played with his brain.

  21. Good way to end a turbulent fortnight.



    As a club we need get the finger out and start fighting back. This is a relentless onslaught.



    Tell Burley his press pass is invalid at Parkhead, and Anthony Stokes lawyers will be in touch with regard to the accusations you made he couldnt be bothered to play for his country. As a remember you were the ringleader of millionaire footballers who were working to rule because they werent receiving increased bonuses, twat.



    The BBC Scotland team are to be challenged on every innuendo and half truth they insist on broadcasting about our manager, highlighting continual aggressive, unsportinglike behaviour from other managers and players.



    The politicians, and others, are to be asked to clarify exactly what made the atmosphere so great at the League Cup final??????



    The club issue a strong statement (not just stats, welcome though yesterdays was it didnt address the real agenda at play) – which should be along the lines of ‘we will clean our house where necessary but the majority of a supporters set who are fans of a club who refused to employ a catholic for 80 years, profit from Orange shirts, cheat the tax office of this country have no right to be offended by ANYTHING.



    Keep the pressure on Celtic, on and off the pitch.

  22. Listening to Sky seemingly Skippy and Robbo had each other by the scruff of the neck a few slaps exchanged

  23. Notthebus..






    It is easy tae furget a Player’s Past Failings..



    when He Scores a Goal or Two..






    Ah am a Guy.. who is no say No easy … Molliefied.


    Ah remember..



    Stokesy, is not Ma Cup o’ tea. he Just Isnae..




  24. Madmitch



    It must be rubbish being you, if you can’t take any pleasure out of tiday’s game then what’s the point.



    Well done Lenny and well done the team, if teams try to beat us by kicking us all over the place then we wil play football against ten men at times. It’s why we struggled and the referee finally did something about ict’s tactics. Looks like we have found a good un in wanyama

  25. tommytwiststommyturns on

    MM – Ki will be a hit in a league where he gets more time on the ball. We’ve good cover in midfield with SB/BK/JL/VW and attacking midfielders like JF/KC/PMcC, but we need better players at CB and CF !!



    Ki was always going to be asset managed, but yes PL has previous at balancing the books and not providing sufficient funds to the football operations.




  26. Lurgan53 @ 15.05



    First sixty minutes we were gash.


    Flat, listless and lacking direction.


    Going through the motions against a poor ICT team.



    AS was one of the worst.


    Looked as if he couldn’t be bothered.



    GS was wing headers and putting knockdowns into the box and no-one could be bothered chasing for the ball. ICT were handing it out but no-one was responding or getting upset until RT missed out on a booking.



    First sixty minutes –



    The team looked flat.


    Tactics looked poor.


    Attitude was not the best.



    Consequently NL has a lot of work to do.


    We did not turn the corner today.


    The next game will still be a work on progress.

  27. enmac75 stands shoulder to shoulder with Neil Lennon on

    Kojo says:


    19 November, 2011 at 15:13



    now com’on kojo! It is easy tae furget a Player’s Past Failings.. ????



    he has been the most consistet player this season. His attitude has markedley changed for the better. so far so good from him. lets leave his past failings in the past, and give him the chance that he has carved out for himslef, by knuckling down, and behaving more proffesional all round. we know he is not you cup of tea, but i think he will be a taste aquired for you. give him his chance amigo

  28. Just in: match commander reports away support to Union of Catholic Mothers for calling Terry Butcher a wanker.