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  1. Ah Jist Found Oot the



    Website Man of the Match












    Mebbe Ah am the Only guy.. .IN THE WORLD???



    Who Thought that the Man of the Match. by a HUGE MARGIN..in Ma Opinon










  2. enmac75 stands shoulder to shoulder with Neil Lennon on

    davythelotion says:


    19 November, 2011 at 15:22



    Just in: match comander offended by celtic fans cheering loudly during the match.

  3. TTTT @ 15.17



    Have to disagree.


    They players you mention do not have the range of pass to take over Ki’s role.


    He has been pretty poor recently, not looking interested or very energetic.



    It could have been the start of his illness …


    It could have been PL making moves to ship him …


    It could have been form and a lack of confidence.



    However get him playing well and we move up a level.


    Consequently he is a keeper for me.


    You saw the difference he can make today.


    He only looks bad when the rest of the team can’t be bothered.

  4. Enmac






    Clearly Ah am Overwhelmingly .. Oot Voted..



    Ah must back doon.. and Lick Ma Wounds…











    Ah dae a Complete Wan Eighty…



    Stokesy,is Daeing wonderful Joab.. Ah must admit that..










    Everything that Ah hiv criticised Him fur..




    Stokesy, is A Good Player..





  5. .



    Well Played..Neil Lennon…



    Putting Sammi on for the First Hour to Keep it Tight up in Inversneckie..



    Okay Well Done Stokesie..But you Should have Buried Sammi’s Knock on..




  6. Nollaig a chara on

    My Man of the Match today was KoJo…lol


    Irrelivant of wheather I agree or disagree with his views his posts today were 90mins of entertainment


    enjoying the craic a chara

  7. Kojo



    Knew you’d see sense.



    Seriously Stokes is judged on one thing only and that’s the amount of times he finds the back of the net.



    he gets full marks today

  8. What’s that ESPN like?



    That poisonous toad Burley hissing away for 90 minutes.



    But there were moments of unintentional comedy – the Butcher interview and his face when they showed him Stokes was on-side.



    Also a virtuoso performance from WGS. Huns everywhere must have been seething.



    Wanyama is a very good player and this is only the start.



    I thought Paddy had a good penalty claim near the end. They never re-ran it.

  9. Excellent result, very happy we’ve went to two places we consider dodgy in recent weeks and got wins.



    We were awful until Ki came on but fair play to Neil, he saw it wasn’t working and he changed it at the right time; after that we looked far more dangerous and the first goal was wonderful! Stokesy is on fire at the moment! And credit where it’s due, I thought the defence was solid today particularly Wanyama; though its only fair to say well done Maj as well, I slaughter him enough so it would be churlish not to give the big baldy one credit



    Thought the sending off was very harsh though if you put your hands up it can happen; and they cant really complain as Foran should have been red carded for that horror tackle he did on Maj, disgraceful. Always nice to get Terry Butcher annoyed.



    We were by far the better side in the end and deserved victors.

  10. enmac75 stands shoulder to shoulder with Neil Lennon on

    Kojo says:


    19 November, 2011 at 15:27



    ye didnae hiv tae go that far….






    yer sarcasam comes across as a bit a fun..



    thats why i like yer posts kojo…



    i get whit ye are sayin man..



    but does he no, deserve a wee break. no?

  11. The Singing Detective..






    If ye are still there.. listen up..



    Omar Bogle.. ye know the Guy that collie Tips fur stardom wi us…



    Jist Scored TWO Goals.. in his Second Game as a STARTER .. fur the



    The Under Nineteens..




    Ah tell ye.. This Guy.. is a Strong Candidate tat be knocking at the First Team





    He is Built like a Cunarder by Broons..



    Nothing Namby or Pamby aboot him..


    and he is as Fast as Run in a Nylon Stocking!



    He and Tony wid Mak a Fine Pair of Strikers fur Us..in the Future…



    Yep.. Omar is a real Find..




  12. Blatant penalty kick denied to St Johnstone



    Sandaza blatantly blocked by Goian from going for a through ball



    Euan Norris joke

  13. The Singing Detective on

    Sir Kojo.



    I too would like us to have a top notch striking partnership,with Stokes coming on as an auxillary striker,chipping in with a few goals.


    But where are we to get these two dream strikers?


    Anthony will always be a useful chap to have around the Park…


    Such a pity that he did not come to us first-time around….I’m sure we would have been seeing a more accomplished player today.



    Extraordinary coincidence that Fatima’s conception occurred at a time when PoorDeadGaddafi was resident in this country,attending an Officers’ Training Course at Sandhurst .

  14. Man/Men of the match – Every single soul who travelled to support Celtic at the park today and Victor Wanyama.



    Canalamar – how effective is Gary Hooper?



    The good guys won folks, the bad guys tasted bitterness and defeat.



    Picky me would have to say that 2 other ICT players could have had a 2nd half early bath if the referee had been true. Samaras decision was clouded by the guy having a right good look at the guy he was going to paw…



    Kojo – some days you get the bear (allow Anthony some slack – I ain’t sayin’ you’re wrong, but neither am I sayin’ you’re right)



    The team and the support have done their job in difficult surroundings – God Bless ‘Em…




  15. Fritzsong @ 15.34



    The football expert that is my 7th old son spotted that right away.


    I on the other hand was trying to work out if we should have got a corner.



    There was a replay but it was from a similar angle and showed nothing new.


    Looked a bit of a wild challenge and PMcC got flattened.


    As usual no discussion from the so called pundits.

  16. Interesting to hear Lennon on BBC say that both El Kaddouri and Wanyama played despite suffering from a virus. That might explain EK’s poor performance, but it makes VW’s display even more impressive.

  17. Sitting in BertiesBar inside Iness train station.


    Happy with the win, but even more concernedthat this team


    won’t win the SPL.


    Celtic are Pedestrian.




  18. when we scored the first goal i didnt even applaud it same when we scored the second goal.to me we are not a good team ill take the three points and i suppose thats what matters.and for those that come on here and say we get cheated by the officials ,well i will say that caley got cheated ,that was never a red card. and wre there any rebel songs being sung to day?

  19. David Peter Deans on

    A very good result for the Bhoys today. Victor Wanyama is a real find. If we can beat Atletico this coming week we could possibly be on top in the group as i fancy Rennes to beat Udinese. Well i can dream cant I. Sometimes dreams do come true.