Inverness v Celtic, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 12:30 GMT.

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  1. Gerry Harte.. who is one of the Celtic T.V. Commentators



    is an Ex-Referee..



    He iknows the Game..



    He is a Big Plus to Our Commentating Team.. For his


    Critique of the Ref.. is Very Valuable.for the Viewer.



    I hope Celtic, keep him in the Commentating Team.




  2. typical SPL dross from both sides…Sammi has won every header so ICT tried to stop it happening, it was a foul but deserved no more than a yellow. BTW ,I would love to deliver a Foreman lke blow to Burley, what price Kayal getting a red?

  3. Burley said it was a finger in the eye.



    Now saying Sammi milked it.



    Personally I’d rather have an elbow to the face than a finger in the eye.

  4. tommytwiststommyturns on

    Stokes having a poor game and being wasteful. The front two need to get on the end of Sami’s knock-ons.



    Burley is a clown. Hard to believe that he was one of the bhoys who stopped Ten….




  5. The Pantaloon Duck on

    I have no visuals today, so I’m really appreciating the updates… even if they aren’t telling a very happy story so far. Thanks, guys.

  6. If one of our boys had been sent off for that the blog would have went into meltdown.



    Celtic should be asking why such poor refs like O’Reilly and Richmond are allowed in the league.

  7. I have never in all my football watching life heard a more tiresome, odious, bitter and Celtic hater than burley



    How do we get this man removed from commenting on our games ?



    He really is a horrible creature

  8. Craig Burley is an absolute moron.



    To think I pay money every month to listen to this eejit.



    His negative attitude about everything Celtic is shocking.



    C’mon Celts, shut this muppet up.

  9. Ah wid tak Hooper Aff at half Time




    Bring oan..



    Young, McGeough..



    Yep.. anyone wid be bettah that Gary..



    He is Playing like someone who is wearing his Boots on the Wrong Feet.


    He is a Stumbling..








    Ah am No exaggerationg..




  10. That is one of the most brutal assaults I have ever seen on a Celtic Plaer never mind a red card he should be up before a sheriff


    However Neil Lennon has to give a few of them a slap in the face when he gets them in at half time


    Nothing there to inspire me

  11. Not sue what is wong today we just can’t get it together. Young Forrest having to play too deep. Is Paddy on the bench? we need someone to commit defenders and make space

  12. Burley



    ‘just trying to explain what he went for the ball’



    what a plank.



    he is as selective with his comments as the scottish govt is with its facts.



    not very happy with the 1st half overall.



    1st 10-15 was ok – we have since allowed ourselves to be dragged down to Inverness’ level of panic football.



    Concern of mine is we seem to get the ball, then look at what to do with it. The players should atleast some of the time – know what they are going with it before they get it.

  13. 0 – 0 HT



    Disjointed performance with a lot of long balls and no real possession. Against ten men in the second half we need to play passing football and use the width. Forrest has the beating of his man and should see more of the ball.



    Wanyama was the stand out player. He slotted in well and made a few good interceptions. Looks very calm and composed.

  14. I am Neil Lennon - LTPS on

    Irrespective of how soft it was – it was a red card.



    The player looked at Sammi ran towards him not looking at the ball and raised his arm so as to hit him on the face head. That is a sending off even if he didn’t touch him – but he did.



    If he had jumped with his arms up without looking at the player first then I would agree it would have been harsh.

  15. Pathetic punditry…



    On the red card: “I think he got it wrong. He’s paid to get it right but he didn’t.”



    On the incident where ICT almost created a goal-scoring opportunity after one of their players ran the ball 2 feet off the pitch right in front of the linesman, before playing it across the front of the goal: “I don’t think he [the linesman] saw it.”



    And for the record, how is Gillet still on the pitch after at least two fouls at least as bad as the one by Kayal which saw him booked?



    What odds on the referee evening it up by sending off Kayal in the second half?

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