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  1. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Forster ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::



    Matthews ::::::::: Rogne ::::::::: Mulgrew ::::::::::: Ledley



    Brown :::::::: Wanyama ::::::::: Ledley ::::::::: Commons



    ::::::::::::::::::: Hooper ::::::::: Samaras :::::::::::::::::::



    Subs: Zaluska, Stokes, Forrest, Majstorovic & F Twardzik

  2. Very surprised that Neil thinks Inverness in the bleak mid-winter is the place to bring back K.Wilson. I hope he’s right.

  3. he he, Charlie Nic just introduced a new word t our language – dynasm!



    As in’when he arrived we expected a lot but where’s the excitement, where’s the dynasm’







  4. Once again, a very good side but almost impossible to pick a bad one at the moment. There are, however, a number of players with limited experience of playing together. Most importantly, Rogne and Wilson have never played beside each other before, and the inclusion of the latter would appear to be designed in order to spring Ledley from his Left Back limbo.



    I have reservations about Mulgrew at LB. He and Commons have played down that side twice together, both home games – Dundee Utd (superb) and the defeat to St Johnstone (Commons dreadful). Hopefully, Kris is back to his best and continues his rehabilitation today.



    Brown/Matthews, Wanyama/Ledley, Sammi/Hooper all look strong to me, but I’m very surprised not to see Forrest or Stokes. Both were poor at Tynecastle so I hope they’re not being saved for that game

  5. CELTIC: Forster; Matthews, K. Wilson, Rogne, Mulgrew; Brown, Wanyama, Ledley, Commons; Hooper, Samaras


    Subs: Zaluska, Stokes, Forrest, Majstorovic, F. Twardzik

  6. Apologies for the mistake. Correct XI:



    :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Forster :::::::::::::::::::::::::::



    Matthews :::::::::: Rogne :::::::: Wilson ::::::::: Mulgrew



    Brown ::::::::: Wanyama ::::::::: Ledley :::::: Commons



    :::::::::::::::::::: Hooper ::::::::: Samaras ::::::::::::::::



    Subs: Zaluska, Stokes, Forrest, Majstorovic & F Twardzik

  7. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Neil Lennon says NO to BESNA!!: 4 February, 2012 at 11:52



    It is incredible how that former Huns manager escapes without criticism for the mess they are in. This is a guy who squandered untold millions during his failed attempt to win ten-in-a-row.



    He then returns to a club in financial pearl and spends almost £40m. Responsible stuff right enough.

  8. Lenny obviously fancies Wilson… He looks soft to me



    Against ICT … Not for me



    Otherwise a good team …

  9. Good morning from a frosty Easter seaboard.


    Interesting team selection.


    Let’s go Celtic and Pats.


    Boston Celtics narrowly beat Knicks last night in the Garden.


    How could a team called the Knickerbockers be taken seriously?

  10. Tell ye..






    Chaley Mulgrew should STAYED at C..B



    He and Rogne are Oor BEST BOYS fur the Central Defense..



    Kelvin Wilson, should no be in the Team… Period.



    Joe Ledley, should be the LEFT BACK



    Sammi and Joe, hiv a Good understaunin…



    Sammi, Maraudin’ doon the Left Wing. wi’ Joe in Close Support.



    Nae.. Commons.



    Jamesy oan the RIGHT…



    Broonie.. is NAE USE OAN THE RIGHT WING..



    Dis Lenny no ken THAT, yet?



    We need Jamesy



    tae Mak us TICK..



    He is a Match Winner.






    No Happy at awe.

  11. all battlers. they will be needed up there and it will be freezing, i hope ki hasnt even travel and its not Ja,es kind of game as they will kick with impunity. mon the big kelvin,lets see what all the fuss was about. must have looked sharp in training or neil wouldn’t have played him. Big sammy to have a cracker.




  12. Just popped in to say…



    Butchers Butchers 0 – 2 Lennons Lions



    May God Bless ‘Every’ Celtic Fan



    Hail! Hail!



    Off oot.




  13. bournesouprecipe on

    bournesouprecipe says:


    3 February, 2012 at 19:20


    Inverness, is not a game of football.



    Never has been at this venue against this side in any competition, due to three reasons.



    Firstly, Inverness are not a football side, they are a team of spoilers, always with a physical edge, to their game, and doubly so with ex Rager, Butcher in charge. The brand of ‘football’ they play is mimicked widely in every city, and town in Gt Britain in any league through necessity, and financial impoverishes.



    They will pack the midfield, and punt the ball high to the Celtic defence, and feed off scraps through fast slight, but very limited running players.



    Secondly, the pitch is green but thats where it’s resemblence ends with a football pitch, reasonable on camera, but largely due to the climate, it’s grass but not as we know it Jim, and you only have to walk on it, to see that rolling round ball football, just isn’t an option.



    Thirdly, the stadium barely makes the description of such, and if ever there were humbling undistinguished unwelcoming surroundings here we have it. If Barcelona walked onto the pitch they wouldn’t even look like Barcelona, and most definatley wouldn’t be able, or allowed to play like them.



    For Celtic this is match very similar to Paisley a fortnight ago, and I expect NL will continue learning his trade, by avoiding retracing unwanted footsteps, of falling foul of brawn, hoof and break. Celtic will play ICT wisely with the benefit of hindsight, they won’t know what to do if Celtic play correctly and give them the ball, and draw them out, of their subordinate style and status.



    Score Forecast ICT 0 – Celtic – 3



    Hail Hail






  14. Suprised that Mulgrew is playing left back after last weekend.



    But I guess that’s why I’m sitting here.



    Inverness 0-3 Celtic Hooper x 2, Commons

  15. Up Over Goal



    “Impossible tae pick a Bad Team”.. so YOU Say!






    Lenny,his Jist Shown ye that It is VERY POSSIBLE!



    We may have blown this wan.. as weel.





  16. Paddy Gallagher on

    Best headline in a week of great headlines.



    Super Caley – YAWN – Get them pumped!!

  17. Hail Hail Bhoys – Come on Celtic.



    Stokes on the bench Sammi starts – strange call by NL lets see!

  18. Kojo



    Wind yer neck in. Neil is the manager for a reason, not you. Yes, a lot of us may have some concern about Kelvin Wilson coming in, but apart from that, a strong line up. Get behind the team.




  19. Looking online for a wee gloat – as you do – I ended up at vanguard bears site.



    This was new to me. It is utterly horrible, vile, aggressive rage jump from every line.



    Left me feeling sad and melancholy that people hate so much.




    Away for a wee walk before the game, need to clear my head. Dont ever be tempted to visit that dark, dark place.

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