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  1. ‘GG thanks for the link to goals. I’ve got to say, big FF looked more than just a little rusty. It may sound pessimistic but it gives me a concern for Tuesday. Does anyone agree or should I get my coat?

  2. It would indeed give you a shiver up your spine to think we have not yet seen the likes of Herron, Atajic and Paul George step up. On todays evidence we could play in a European Regional League and our Reserves could compete competitively in the SPL. You could go nit picking about todays game and point out deficiencies but if these lads played together regularly these would be ironed out. If our first team went up there and came from a goal back to win 3-1 we would be ecstatic but for our Reserves to do it is very Heaven.

  3. ‘GG




    14:14 on 9 February, 2013


    Thanks for that link to PL interview.


    HT…. You sound a happy Bhoy :))


    Enjoy the journey home Mo chara

  4. South Of Tunis on

    Ten Men Won The League @14 17 .



    Del Piero .



    A rumor floated by a Torino newspaper.



    Long been rumored that Del Piero [ and Mrs Del Piero ] don’t like Australia and that Alex thinks the standard of football is very poor.[and way too physical for him ]



    I did see an interview on Italian tele where he smilingly wondered if he would leave Australia on 2 legs.

  5. JamsieBhoy


    11:54 on


    9 February, 2013


    Peter Houston thinks we may get beat here. I predict 3 – 1 to us of course.





    I wouldn’t worry what Houston said about Celtic,It’s what you, and every other tim supporter thinks.



    We are playing against a good team,Fact, But I remember back in 67 we hadn’t a hope in hell against another Italian team,and you know what happened then.



    It’s all about chances made,and, chances taken,I feel that Celtic will get some chances,Let’s hope they take at least a couple of them.



    I’ll be there cheering them on,win,lose. or draw.

  6. South Of Tunis on

    Celtic First



    Sicilian Defence ?



    More often than not . Said to have been conjured up by Giulio Polerio .



    I like the Najdorf Variation . Najdorf was a hero of mine . His photo adorns my kitchen wall -next to Lubo and Don Van Vliet.

  7. Scotzine ‏@scotzine


    Just came into some info on CG will need to do a bit of confirmation before publishing as its a stoater. #whyte-esq



    Scotzine ‏@scotzine


    As I said just need to check up on a few things BUT should be published tonight. Is he really the businessman he says he is or claims to be?