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  1. At this Late Stage of the GAME..




    Neil, shoulda brough oan..







    n .. shoulda … taken aff…. Sammi, Stokes n Ledley.




    Wull we Hing Oan.. ??



    AH am noo takin aff Ma Slippers..



    As Ma Fingernails.. are awe Used Up!!!






  2. kevinlasvegas Supporting Wee Oscar Knox on

    Yeah Kojo, I think again today job done if we get the 3 pts but we should be better than this, we seem to be flat and uninspired. I have my theories to why this is the case but other on here have said the same thing only to get excuses and scapegoats thrown at them, Sammy for me can go, he is awesome in Europe but he is playing in scotland where he is not good enough. It unfair just to pick out Sammi but we have a very unmotivated bunch of players and for me the whole team being that flat can only come from one place.




  3. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon, supporting WEE OSCAR..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    Did anyone hear that…..ref blew his whistle at Matthews to hurry up …Mathews ” was gettin’ the feckin’ baw” ….hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  4. Richie #TeamOscar on

    Game brutal, commentary brutal, ref brutal, ICT brutal, CQN comments brutal….


    Celtic support superb as per!

  5. Neil Jung ‏@NeilJung67 8m


    This Celtic are like Radiohead.You know they’re better than the other bands but they aren’t half depressing & No Surprises played regularly

  6. 2 minutes to go.


    Time for back room staff to start giving Amido 5 minutes of instructions about where they want him to play

  7. the long wait is over on




    14:17 on 29 December, 2013


    I suggest we concede the next half a dozen matches to make this league interesting…





    Behave yerself ! :-)

  8. sixtaeseven - Gardez la Foi, DAM 5 ! on

    Biton comes on hiding Sponsor’s name on shirt



    what’s that about?

  9. mncelt


    14:18 on


    29 December, 2013


    Biton on for last minute. Unbelievable






    Piss off NL. Seriously.

  10. scotlands shame on

    We are winning away from home in a place where we have had some horrendous results an performances over the yrs with various managers. Comments of some on here when we are winning are a disgrace. If following Celtic doesn’t make u happy or give u any joy go do something else. My new yrs resolution is to give up this place as no good for the soul, to many fans an not enough supporters. Shocking

  11. Som mes que un club on













    Can’t imagine Magners be too chuffed