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  1. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Enjoying the game.


    Thank god I don`t suffer from the demanding perma unsatisfied syndrome which afflicts some perma-unhappy Tims.

  2. Pogmathonyahun aka Laird of the Smiles on



    13:24 on 29 December, 2013




    He’s suffering from that well recognised ‘I’ve signed a new contract syndrome’. We’ve seen this happen so many times in the past!

  3. ICT will open up in the second half . Stokes for the second and the third and that man Sammy for the forth.


    I’m in Alpine Victory on my hols and I’m still able,to watch my beloved on my iPad.


    Don’t you just love technology


    Hail Hail

  5. Dont have BT Sport, so relying on CQN and BBC website…



    Groundhog F’in day…



    I se from the marks out of 10 that Samaras, Stokes and Forrest are continuing their consistent ‘form’…



    Lennon has repeatedly told us he would be dropping players- never has the balls to do it. He has a myopic bias towards these 3 in particular.



    Balde? Atajic? FFS, Neil give them a run.



    Forrest is a poor man’s McGeady (and that is saying something given Aiden’s inconsistency). He can run fast- but cannot shoot and often hits first man with his crosses.



    VVD will be next out- he’s from a different footballing planet than that upon which this team plays and this manager manages.



    Jimmy McGrory, Paul McStay, TB, Kenny, Nicholas, Larsson, Collins, Lubo, McGrain, Aitken, Elliot, Lisbon Lions… Oh to have an ounce, just an ounce of their creativity…the Glasgow Celtic way is becoming a historical reference with this management and board…

  6. If Forrest stays on then we either need Biton on to provide balls from him to run on to, or Commons needs to do it. Given the hole in our midfield, I’d like to see Rogic on and he needs to be given the ball. Great ball retention and drives at the defense.



    I’d have Sammi off, no need for him on the left, Izzy handles that.


    Forrest off as Matthews can provide options down the right.

  7. Poor stuff. Sloppy play , players whose body language isn’t great, terrible pitch, man short in midfield but we scored a decent goal.



    Tricky 45 ahead if we dont buck up our ideas. Seems obvious to me.




    Jimbo67 supporting Oscar Knox

  8. Philbhoy – Free the Dam 5!


    13:26 on


    29 December, 2013


    Does anyone think that Neilly sees what we are seeing on the park?



    Serious question.






    I find myself asking the same question both during games and after his post-match interviews. A bit like O’Neill, when a game needs changing, NL is found wanting.

  9. NL & EJB


    Not so sure that ICT are. all that poor.. They’ve given us no space at all and they’ve grafted. Mind you our two winger set-up has definitely helped them.

  10. Inverness have had more shots on target than Celtic. Familiar story.


    Stokes has become very complacent. Time for Atajic.

  11. It’s a tad chilly here in MN. Currently -26c. Dug defo not intersted in venturing out this morning. Concerned about my beer freezing

  12. It’s not BT sport that need to up their game. The product on the park may help.



    But hey we are winning 1-0 and can only play better.


    Taxi for Forrest, Sammi and Stokes.




  13. The minimum requirement from a professional footballer is to give his best efforts while playing.To work hard and try 100%.



    Today,Celtic have 3 players who are clearly not doing this.



    Forrest and even more so Stokes and worst of all Samaras.



    Poor stuff indeed and not acceptable

  14. This is truly appalling – yet again a good start has been allowed to slip away


    After the first 20 minutes against St J -we were poor


    Today we played for 5 minutes then -basically stopped !


    Beginning to wonder if Lenny ever goes on the park before picking his team?


    That surface will never allow passing football -yet we have Forrest, Stokes, Samaras and Commons contributing virtually nothing


    Brown is being overrun in midfield as Ledley is just going through the motions and trying to avoid injury



    If we don’t get some muscle in to the midfield we could throw this away



    I’d take off Samaras and Ledley and put on Biton and Rogic -let’s see what these guys can do


    We are currently learning nothing that we didn’t know before the game started



    Unfortunately we will do nothing until something happens on the park



    Poor management in my book!




  15. The Battered Bunnet on

    Forrest getting a bit of criticism, but there’s an issue in how he’s being played.



    He’s the only guy in the team with worthwhile pace, yet the ball is always played to his feet in a static position. We need (in my view) to play him ‘on the shoulder’, looking time and again to play the ball to him on the run, facing forward.



    This has the added benefit of stretching the space between ICT’s defence and midfield, creating more space for Commons to do his thing.



    Stokes seems to get a starting slot on the basis that he can’t be any less influential than the last game.



    Sammi seems out of sorts. Maybe still feeling the bruising on his ankle from the Boxing day fixture.



    In any event, we need pace, and neither Stokes not Commons have any.

  16. Stokes is Sufferin.. frum …The…” Ah goat Ma new Fat contract.. Noo…Ah can Relax”






    Yep..It Happens.



    Seen it Many times.



    Neil..is Sufferin frae……the Einstein.. Penetrating Comment..



    “The True Sign of Insanity..is . Daeing the same UNSUCCESSFUL Thing.. Over n Over.. an



    Expecting.. a Different Result.!



    The Unsuccessful Thing,in Neil’s Case..is .. Playing Stokes. .. AS the Lonely Linwood



    Attacket.. awe Alain ,Up front.




  17. fritzsong


    13:32 on


    29 December, 2013


    NL & EJB


    Not so sure that ICT are. all that poor.. They’ve given us no space at all and they’ve grafted. Mind you our two winger set-up has definitely helped them.






    FFS, mhate- we have the players to play better than the ‘effort’ so far. No SPL teams try to give us space away from home and they all ‘graft’. Its not rocket science and should not be a surprise to our management team

  18. TBJ Praying for Oscar Knox on




    Was thinking about it …



    Is it leaving from the bus stop beside the old mining monument ?

  19. Very tempted to switch to Newcastle Arsenal. How much more of the same pedestrian play must we suffer?

  20. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    red whino



    13:29 on 29 December, 2013


    ICT will open up in the second half . Stokes for the second and the third and that man Sammy for the forth.






    A bit harsh. I know Sammi’s having a stinker but drowning him is not the answer :-))

  21. mncelt


    13:33 on


    29 December, 2013


    No changes at HT. Same old






    Unsurprising… entirely predictable…NL seems unable to change a game after the first whistle…



    It is beyond shocking that he didn’t feel compelled to sub any one from JF, AS or GS. How must the subs feel?



    I suggest NL will feel compelled to bring on Pukki for Stokes after 60 and Balde will probably be asked to warm up about 85 mins… same old same old….

  22. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on




    Sammmi you know it’s Scotland.. Get on wi it .. This mob re employ dodgy refs..




  23. Crab football at snails pace. We’re now replicating our home form to away games where we have been good this season.

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