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  1. CELTIC (4-2-3-1) De Vries; Gamboa, Lustig, Sviatchenko, Tierney; Brown, McGregor; Roberts, Rogic, Sinclair; Dembele


    Subs: Gordon, Izaguirre, Simunovic, Bitton, Armstrong, Christie, Forrest

  2. prestonpans bhoys on

    Apparently we are playing Alowla (sic) on Wednesday. Lass on BT needs a few pronunciation lessons!

  3. saltires en sevilla on

    Chris Sutton on BT



    Dishing it out to Warburton and 5 days holiday for Barton hehehe



    Btw anyone else heard that Barton was training with Sevco on Thursday and that the incident happened earlier in week?



    Jouranlists know but told to maintain he was suspended immediately



    Apologies if already discussed

  4. starry plough on 18th September 2016 2:36 pm



    What did Sutty say about Warbiola??



    Along the lines of: job too big for him…..this is not Brentford, not the city.


    Saying get Barton in….transfer list or sack him…a few days off laughed at Warbos decision.


    Also backing Brendan.

  5. prestonpans bhoys on

    Starry, poor management basically. Either sack Barton, transfer him, fine him but you don’t put him on a five day holiday

  6. the glorious balance sheet on

    Sutton stands out an excellent pundit in a field dominated by Hun propaganda merchants (fat Derek Johnstone, Craig Paterson, Neil McCann), bland walking cliches that don’t want to offend their pals in the game (Steven Thompson, craigan) and soup takers (Davie Provan,Andy walker).



    The big man says it as it is.


    Big John Hartson also an excellent pundit , as is Lenny. Let’s not forget that there are many amongst who last season were giving Sutton pelters for calling it as he saw it with e.g. Ronny and his roar and other deficiencies in RD’s management style.

  8. GARY67 on 18TH SEPTEMBER 2016 1:38 PM


    I wouldn’t have Bitton in my squad any week. Don’t see what he offers, never have.




    How about starting with that inch perfect pass for Dembele’s 2nd goal last Saturday afternoon?



    FAC the Act




  9. Glad to see the new speedy right back in . Watched man city midweek and yesterday . Sterling is a speedy winger , and would be far to quick for mikel . Hope jozo is ready too as we will need some height in defence . All we need after that is the arrogance to have no respect for persons . And get stuck right into them .

  10. Bhoys here singing



    Warburton’s a f*nny



    Lee Wallace is a grass



    And as for Joey Barton



    He never misses mass



    He loves the Glasgow Celtic



    He loves the IRA



    And when he goes to training



    He smashes Halliday!



    Nice afternoon in Inverness. COYBIG

  11. I see Aberdeen overtook Sevco in the table today.


    As I said yesterday, the league could be over before Halloween.

  12. Would like to think Big Tam will be smartin after being left out v Barca and will have an extra wee incentive coursing through him……will we see a man on a mission?



    Strong bench!

  13. Oh well, did Corckcelt and posted on the last blog:(



    Well said Big Chris, says it as he sees it, love his smirk whilst mocking the tragic hat.



    C’mon the hoops.☘☘☘☘-0

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