A journey, from The Rock, to the top,
47 games,
Hampden – twice – ending with a lightning strike,
to inVIncible.
It’s beautiful, magical.

Born into Celtic
Destined to lead the team,
Welcomed into an exclusive Huddle
With Martin and Big Jock
Veni, Vidi, Vici
It’s beautiful, magical.

Take to the field, playing the Celtic way,
Not mimicking the greats of the past
but enhancing the folklore,
stepping out the shadows
and creating their own.
Being InVIncible.
It’s beautiful, magical.

No longer remembered as individuals,
Forever known as one,
Monikered like all greats,
The Lions, The Centenary Team, The 10 men won the league
Now, The InVIncibles
It’s beautiful, magical.

The stadium needs another silver support
To match the silver achieved
We need another banner
One that will read: The InVIncibles.
It’s beautiful, magical.

So grab the megaphone
And conduct the masses
Singing a song to The InVIncibles
It’s beautiful, magical.

Written by Kevin Graham for CQN.


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