Ironic crop of creative, unusable, talent at Lennoxtown


There is a bit of irony with Celtic so bereft of creativity at the moment, having Marian Shved and Ryan Christie both at Lennoxtown but unable to play.  Shved, 21, will be eligible to make his Celtic debut next season.  It did not work out for him as a teenager at Sevilla, but he has been a player of promise since his school days.

Ryan Christie looked like he would never make his Celtic breakthrough, but a series of injuries presented him with an opportunity at the League Cup semi-final against Hearts at Murrayfield, which he transformed from a taut occasion into a comfortable win.

Hearts, who we play on the final league game and in the Scottish Cup Final, are going through a torrid run of form, but their task at Hampden will be to block and frustrate the champions.  An infusion of creativity from somewhere will be required.

Many thanks to those who participated in the auction for tickets for Sunday’s game, the winner paid £960 to the Celtic FC Foundation, a magnificent total.

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  1. Belfastbhoy0 on

    paul, dont suppose you fancy naming who youd expect the team/squad to be for the league game?

  2. Belfastbhoy0 on

    Big Wavy, he looked rather clumsy out of sorts against themuns when faced with a tight deep press…

  3. Belfastbhoy0



    He did indeed and they’ll target him again but he just needs a moment to shine. We’ll play Broonie and that will make us ponderous as they sit deep. I’m clearly trying to convince myself it won;t be anything other than a fraught afternoon.

  4. ” There’s a unicorn that’s hangin’ in what’s known as fathers room……..”

  5. Belfastbhoy0 on

    Big Wavy , that why im trying to convince myself that the weah situation is a cunning plan / ruse…

  6. ERNIE LYNCH on 16TH MAY 2019 9:03 AM


    Big Jimmy on 16th May 2019 8:52 am





    ‘If Neil Lennon is not to get the managers post…then Celtic surely should consider Michael Caine ?’


















    No chance.







    He was originally offered the part of Liam Devlin in The Eagle Has Landed but refused as he didn’t want to play the part of an IRA man. He preferred to play a German officer (albeit a non Nazi one).




    Not a lot of people know that.







    I Think Iremember the Film ” The Eagle has Landed” , wasnt that the one where Michael Caine ( German Officer), led Squad of German Paratroopers, dressed as British soldiers in an attempt to capture Churchill ?


    or am i getting it confused with another movie ?



    As for Michael Caine being offered the role as an IRA man, maybe he thought it would be a bit much to expect a British audience especially, to 2accept2 him in that kind of role ?


    However, there is another old Black & White Film from the 1950’s ( I cant remember its name), where there are two Irish Brothers who are in the IRA, and their is a plan to attack a Brit Convoy or Base, BUT there was a danger that some Civilians MAY get caught up in the Bomb attack, and while one brother was still eager to go ahead with the attack…the older Brother wasn’t…The Older brother was played by none other than JOHN MILLS ( Later Sir John), of course. this “Disagreement” led to the Brothers having a bit of a Fall Out etc ?



    Ive sen that film a few times, and I STILL cant believe that someone as ” English/British” as john Mills was ever considered and to have accepted such a Role….but as usual, being the fine actor he was…He played the part really well.



  7. Belfastbhoy0 on

    the battered bunnet, also the damage to the last football changing room he was in…

  8. Ernie,


    There is also another 1950’s Black & White Film called ” Cottage for Let” ( Film four), starring George Cole ( Arthur Daley), aged about 14/15, maybe younger, the excellent Aliaster Sim, and JOHN MILLS as a ….Nazi Spy !


    John Mills is acting and dressed as an Injured RAF Pilot…which was part of the Plan….but all along he was a nazi Spy/Plant etc.


    Good Film.



  9. Belfastbhoy0



    I loved Escape to Victory, still do.





    The scene at the end when the crowd invade the pitch is just like the 1980 SC Final. Long hair and flarey jeans everywhere (continuity nightmare) :-)

  10. John Mills was superb as Michael in Ryan’s Daughter, another IRA yarn.



    Cannes Quick News

  11. Ernie, Big Jimmy,



    I don’t think Michael Caine would bother about playing a Nazi sympathiser, he has previously done so in a film called the Statement.



    He played a Vichy collabarator police officer indicted for war crimes.



    However he has previously called the unelected EU fascists. ( HIS words not mine ) as a derogatory term.



    Cheers and HH.

  12. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Colombia names preliminary 40 man squad for copa America. Includes 10 strikers .



    Nae morelos ?? mibees they know hes pish ??

  13. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Jabba ready to cobble together a ‘statement ‘ ,saying an agreement in place so El duffalo wouldn’t play…

  14. https://www.footballscotland.co.uk/spfl/scottish-premiership/celtics-neil-lennon-stung-criticism-16283622



    “There is no evidence to suggest I can’t take the job on.



    “I have been here since 2000 and in that time Celtic have won 14 league titles and I have played a part in 10 of them.”



    “So I think I know how to win titles here.



    “I think that gets overlooked. If we win the cup that will be my seventh cup and any time we lost the league that I have been involved in it was on the last day of the season.”



    With Eight in a Row in the bag and the club standing on the brink of that historic treble Treble, Lennon accused the younger element of the Celtic support of taking success for granted.



    He said: “I think there is a new breed of supporters, here or elsewhere. Since 20 years ago, the only thing they have seen is success.



    “They don’t remember the 1990s as the older generation do. I can’t take it for granted, they might. That comes from an immaturity from their point of view.”






    NL making what I believe is a strong case.



    I’ll reiterate, NL’s record as Celtic boss:



    – qualified for the CL twice


    – qualified for the Last 16


    – won 70% of his games as Celtic boss


    – Finished a season with 99 points losing one game


    – This season has got Celtic to the cup final and won the league with two games to spare



    Those credentials. Unfortunately for some Celtic fans they want to see somebody they recognize from MOTD

  15. Even if Lennon had made a “strong case” for himself today, he absolutely devalued it the moment he started talking about his doubters being immature.



    What kind of way is that to win over people who have very legitimate doubts?



    It was a childish, petty response and as far as I’m concerned it’s another nail in the coffin.



    He’s not good enough to get it, and now he’s proved he’s not got the temprament to get it.



    If he’s already hitting out at the fans before he’s under real pressure God knows what we’ll have to watch if he does get it and we don’t hit the ground running at the start of the next campaign, because that will be pressure and I don’t think he can hack it.

  16. weebobbycollins on

    “We are all Neil Lennon”…


    I wonder how many-who added that line to their moniker-now refer to him as Lennon…

  17. Timaloy29



    I’m in a rock and hard place with regards Neil. Those records can’t be disputed and I love him but as the rat showed, the game has moved on in terms of backroom staff, science, tactics, approach etc.



    Our proposition ‘going forward’ is about getting the best out of players on a sensible budget and maximising our resources. Neil, by his own admission, sounded in awe when he walked into Rodgers’ domain and seen the modern professionalism I don’t think Neil has in his armoury. That doesn’t make Neil a bad person, he’s just operated at a level of Bolton and Hibs in the past rather than Liverpool.



    We should go for continuity on this approach (it’s risky), get the best man to take us forward (no guarantees), facing into a game that is changing before us. I think we can do better than Neil and not be disrespectful to him at the same time.



    Don’t know who that man is, especially as the exotic European route will probably leave us feeling a bit Ronny Deila’d….waiting to jump the gun next season if he doesn’t hit the ground running.



    Time for Lawell and DD to earn their corn…

  18. weebobbycollins on

    Forrest…what has Neil done to you to inspire such vitriol?


    Serious question…

  19. Go tell the Spartim on

    Im content that NFL wont get the managers gig (alluded to by Lennybhoy), he’s more than welcome to stay in another capacity, if it suits him that is. the rest is just filibustering.

  20. What’s he done to me? Nothing. Except today he called me and a lot of other fans immature because we’ve suggested that maybe he’s not the best man for the job.



    I love Neil Lennon The Man, but Lennon The Manager is judged on a far harsher plain. He is held to a much higher standard. Because this is our club we’re talking about, not one man, and as much respect for him as a person as I’ve got this isn’t about that, this is about his abilities as a boss.



    And we can do better, and listen, that’s all it is … Lennon can go on and on and on and on as much as he likes about his past record and say he’s confident he can deliver but it’s not about any of that either. We made a statement by going out and hiring the best we could get last time.



    The very, very best. And that action put us light years ahead of everyone else … and any time has done that in my lifetime, we’ve moved forward, decisively, and it’s brought results.



    And glory. And yes, I think those of us who did see the Ibrox nine in a row are entitled to milk that for all that it’s worth. Glory hunters? You better believe it, and why shouldn’t we be now that the shoes on the other foot, now that we’re on top, the biggest club in the land?



    Lennon has to stop thinking of this as being personal. it’s not. And you and others should stop thinking of it as being personal. It isn’t.



    This is about his suitability for the job, and the simplest question of all.



    Is he the best man we can get?



    And the answer to that is no, and I know it’s no and you know it’s no and everyone in the Celtic support knows that too. So if you still support his getting it you are the one settling for, not me. Could he get us over the line next season? Probably, but so what?



    He isn’t the best candidate, and even if he got it and won it and achieved the main goal, he would STILL not be the right person for the job because he never was.



    It’s not complicated, although some want to try to make it seem as if it is.

  21. JAMES FORREST on 16TH MAY 2019 11:12 AM



    It’s clear he wasn’t referring to people like yourself. He was referring to people being too young to remember the 90’s (Let’s say people who are 25 or younger).



    Talking disparagingly about people who doubt him isn’t disqualifying in my opinion. People are free to prefer an alternative candidate but I do think Neil Lennon has been treated disrespectfully by some fans.

  22. BIG WAVY on 16TH MAY 2019 11:14 AM



    There is a gap of two seasons between Rodgers and Lennon. Did football really move forward so much? You mention the sports science behind the scenes. Are you sure that NL won’t keep that?



    I think there is an assumption that NL won’t change his ways as a coach. That he’s some sort of M’ON-Like dinosaur who refuses to move on.



    I’d love Benitez or Bielsa ahead of Lennon but those options don’t seem realistic. David Moyes has operated at the top level of the club game? Would you prefer him?



    I’m not here to knock people who want a different candidate. I just think his record is unfairly overlooked and he’s not getting the level of respect he’s earned.

  23. TIMALOY29:



    I agree with you in part. There HAS been a lot of personal stuff thrown about online, I’ve seen it and I’ve published articles criticising it.



    He’s wrong to criticise any of our fans though, because they are entitled to have doubts, and although some of it has gone over the score I believe the majority – the vast majority – of people who’ve expressed those doubts have done so in a manner that does not cross any lines.



    I’ll be honest, I think where it gets ugly is when those who won’t hear a bad word about him try to make it ugly. I’m not saying the guys on my side are angels here, many are not, but I wish those on the other side wouldn’t take it so personally.



    I understand, by the way, the impulse to defend Neil Lennon from all comers. It’s rooted in everything the man has gone through. Whilst Rodgers goes to Leicester and talks about dying for the club we have a guy here who very well might have … and he would have.



    I get that a lot of fans feel enormous loyalty to Neil Lennon because of that … maybe I’m just a hard hearted SOB, but I refuse to let that influence the decision that needs to be made here.



    I wish Lennon were a better manager so I could support this wholeheartedly, but I don’t. In my heart of hearts I know that it isn’t true, that he’s not what we require, that he’s several levels below what we can get and I refuse to ignore that just because I have respect for the guy as a man.



    Respect, in fact, hardly seems an appropriate word for it … awe is a better description.



    But I can seperate one from the other and I DO understand why it’s hard for others to do the same.

  24. Karamoko Dembele could make his Celtic debut this weekend after Neil Lennon revealed the youngster is in line to play against Hearts.



    The England youth international has been training with the Hoops first team this season and this week was withdrawn from England U17 duty for the European Championships in Ireland.




    And now Lennon has confirmed the winger is in line to make an appearance on trophy day, with Ewan Henderson also likely to get a game.



    The midfielder has made three appearances so far this season and was named man of the match in the 4-1 win over Motherwell.



    But with Celtic without James Forrest and Kieran Tierney for the game, the youngsters are set to come in.

  25. If Hearts “rest” a few players then I don’t see this as an ideal time to put young Dembele into the fray. Could be quite an experience being kicked into the main stand por cierto.

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