Ironic crop of creative, unusable, talent at Lennoxtown


There is a bit of irony with Celtic so bereft of creativity at the moment, having Marian Shved and Ryan Christie both at Lennoxtown but unable to play.  Shved, 21, will be eligible to make his Celtic debut next season.  It did not work out for him as a teenager at Sevilla, but he has been a player of promise since his school days.

Ryan Christie looked like he would never make his Celtic breakthrough, but a series of injuries presented him with an opportunity at the League Cup semi-final against Hearts at Murrayfield, which he transformed from a taut occasion into a comfortable win.

Hearts, who we play on the final league game and in the Scottish Cup Final, are going through a torrid run of form, but their task at Hampden will be to block and frustrate the champions.  An infusion of creativity from somewhere will be required.

Many thanks to those who participated in the auction for tickets for Sunday’s game, the winner paid £960 to the Celtic FC Foundation, a magnificent total.


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  1. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    I’ve lost track of the injuries – bitton to start for some steele if we’ve no jf, rc, good calmac/tr formation?

  2. weebobbycollins on

    JF…will you retract the Guardiola + Gerard names from BSR’s comment?


    I thought not…




    He quite plainly said that no manager would have beaten Gerrard at the weekend.



    I asked him to clarify that. He did, by repeating it.



    I plucked the name of the manager who just won the EPL out of the hat of thousands.



    His point was pretty clear.

  4. Go tell the Spartim on

    There’s far too much playing the man instead of the ball on here. Like golf club cliques ostracising those from the scheme.

  5. Jon Flanagan hearing delayed at Rangers’ request as full back’s ‘case’ put on hold


    The full-back was cited by the SFA for lashing out at Celtic skipper Scott Brown.



    This delay was at THE REQUEST of SEVCO.




    This is the very same Mob who were raging when the recent Hearing for Scott Brown was delayed, at the request of Celtic


    Hypocrisy yet again from the Scummy Mob.



  6. GlassTwoThirdsFull on



    You clearly believe Neil Lennon to be a top quality manager. By your own theory, there was no way Hibs (in the Championship at the time) should have bothered trying to get him as he would be way above their level.


    Leeds managed to get one of the most respected and influential coaches in the world to come to the English Championship. They could have just not bothered trying and gone to Crawley Town (or wherever he is these days) and got Harry Kewell because he “knows the club”.


    Give them something to buy into. Look at what they might need. Show some ambition. You might even find you get in applications from candidates you hadn’t considered, but are impressed by the ambition they see.


    As for names, I have listed at least seven or eight, just from my own knowledge of European football. But I would be engaging the services of a real expert. We have had nearly a year to be working on this and have probably already missed out on some potential candidates.

  7. onenightinlisbon on

    Is it acceptable to say you don’t want Neil Lennon to get the job?



    It’s not being disloyal, disrespectful, taking anything away from what the man had to endure from the press, the thugs etc.



    The successful candidate for ony job should be the one with the best credentials, does Neil have these?

  8. A few have mentioned Eddie Howe on here as an option – he is probably waiting for a top 6 team to give him a call. In the meantime, why couldn’t we give him a few titles and trophies to add to his CV? He is probably the only EPL manager that is realistically worth pursuing and who might just be tempted.

  9. James Forrest



    I notice that some of the CQN residents feel the need to give you it tight.



    Personally I would encourage you to continue banging the drum. I agree 100% with your sentiments on the managerial position.



    If A-listers such as Jose and Rafa are unrealistic…. then B-List coaches, such as Philip Cocu, and the man you name : Michael Preud’Homme should be well within our reach.

  10. Quick exercise…. based purely on of my own opinion :



    Jose Mourhino : Unrealistic / Not happening


    Rafa Benitez : I feel will also prove to be pie in the sky



    In no particular order :



    Lennon = No


    Moyes = No (for same reasons as Lennon. I feel the next appointment needs to galvanise the club, the support. Get majority on board. Moyes won’t achieve that.


    Eddie Howe = Yes


    Chris Houghton = Yes


    Philip Cocu = Yes


    Slaven Bilic = No


    Stevie Clarke = Would of been possibility. Think he is Scotland bound


    Andreas Villas Boas = Yes


    Roberto Martinez = Yes


    Willy Sagnol = Maybe (worth talking to)


    Michael Preud’Homme = Yes


    Laurent Blanc = Yes


    Claudio Raneiri = No



    And as CQN’ers have already pointed out today, there is an extensive list of European coaches, doing well in countries out with the big 4 (EPL, Spain, Italy, Germany).

  11. RUGGYMAN, agree with what you say, but what are your objections to slaven billic.hh.

  12. I feel it in my water…………



    Martins coming back, ( Neil will be looked after, teaming up with Henke is Special Ops) , Robbo and Stevie’s helping – Roy will be strictly bibs, cones and bean-bags.



    Make it happen Peter!




    TheBandsBackTheGither CSC

  13. On Slaven Bilic



    I think he’s a pretty cool guy. And if his name was mentioned around the time Ronny Deila was being appointed our manager, I would of welcomed Billic on board without 2nd thought.



    I saw recently his win ration broken down, across the various clubs, and it didn’t make for good reading to be honest. And has got worse and worse in recent seasons. His most recent stint in Saudi Arabia is somewhat disastrous. I appreciate a good first season with West Ham… but once the Payet situation kicked in, it deteriorated pretty quickly.



    I’d say Billic needs Celtic more than Celtic need Billic.

  14. FWIW James, I agree with you 100% re our present coach, you are a coherent blogger who can back up anything you write, I don’t always agree with it but at least you can back it up, unlike the ones who feel it necessary to slag you, as you said earlier, they are the ones with the shame.


    Funny thing is, it’s the same ones who are slagging you will be the same ones who are screaming about NL when it all goes …. up.


    More power to your typewriter Sir.

  15. bluegrass celt on

    James Forrest: Keep digging your heels mate. There’s plenty of hoops feel the same way as you.


    Wish some folk on here would take a deep breath before posting their anger If you have an opposite then fine. Back it up with facts and we can all analyse it. That’s what debates are all about.It’s just a fitbaw blog ffs




  16. RUGGYMAN, FATHER JACK, BLUEGRASS CELT,will you ghuys stop talking sense more power to your elbows.hh.

  17. Attacking people for spelling errors – oh dear. Brought to mind this:



    When we think of childhood bullying, we’re likely to imagine a vulnerable child being mocked to tears, or having to endure some kind of physical abuse.



    However, there’s a more mental way of embarrassing or humiliating an innocent child: by “lording” one’s intellectual superiority over them.


    Intellectual bullying is a more insidious form of bullying that has received far less recognition than physical bullying, but which may actually be much worse.


    The problem stems from the way we place people into an “intellectual hierarchy” within society, determining people’s worth using numbers and letters that form people’s grades in schools or positions within companies. We allow people placed at the top of this hierarchy to belittle people at the bottom. This creates the conditions for intellectual bullying, which is the emotional and psychological harassment one imposes on another based on his/her intellectual understanding.



    Intellectual bullying can have devastating and long term consequences on someone’s sense of self-worth.




    You talked earlier about how people should look at his previous time as manager with a more critical eye



    I think you should find the CQN article from 2014 when he left and read the comments. I think you’ll be surprised – they were almost entirely positive about his achievements as manager and not because of the problems he’s faced off the pitch.

  19. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    Wife’s had bad day, walks in door, shouts ‘go across the road and get booze now!’.


    The power of prayer.

  20. I’ve always thought that WeeBobbyCollins was more En Pointe than On point.


    But that’s just me!

  21. Lots of things have moved on since NFL moved on in 2014. I’m not convinced that he’s kept pace with these changes.



    And on the basis of our performances and his demeanour since his return, it’s a ‘thanks for stepping in’ but no more from me.



    And there’s a lot of playing the mhan going on here today gents.



    HH jg



    Hope my spelling passes muster.

  22. Good to see some more sober posts on the Celtic managerial situation following what went down after the weekend reversal.



    The hysteria aided by Celtic’s obligatory silence, the bookmakers, social media and the mainstream press has fuelled internet frenzy as the season ticket extended renewal clock, ticked past. Not, surprised Neil Lennon spoke up for himself nobody else in Scotland will, not even those who handed him the role,it seems.



    If you are as hushed as Celtic since 2012 there’s little hope for a caretakers feelings in situ, having completed half the job he was asked, it was a reasonable for him to react to a situation he is supposed to handle, a week away from a Cup Final.



    Reasonable Celtic supporters go to a match, chat to their friends, talk about the game afterwards, they don’t write screeds on the internet because the ultimate managerial choice might not be to their preference. The Celtic power brokers have gambled on the treble treble, and they were never going to hide any speculation or a


    selection process from the incumbent man in place.



    There are few if any waiting to take their tickets back once the most legitimate full time candidate is appointed.

  23. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Deniabhoy 5:03


    Eddie Howe is definitely somebody we should be considering. Modern coach, plays a good brand of football, good future ahead of him.


    Easy to say he wouldn’t leave the EPL to come here, but look at the bigger picture.


    He is often linked to the big EPL clubs. The thing that will get thrown at him is that he “hasn’t won anything”.


    Come to Celtic, win titles, get CL experience then when Tottenham or Arsenal come calling he ticks all the boxes.


    Or he could just stay at Bournemouth, finish 13th every season and know that a few injuries and they could be relegated and his stock plummets.

  24. prestonpans bhoys on

    Jamesgang 6:48



    TBH I’m really surprised he’s interested, when you consider previously the abuse he received ,the bias against him from the SMSM , god knows what it will be like going for 9iar or 10iar. Away from affecting him personally, like you I want us to look elsewhere.

  25. CELTIC40ME:



    I’d have been very surprised otherwise mate. But I always argued that he underachieved whilst at the club, and whilst that’s a subjective view it’s one I do believe.



    My issue was always the same, and it’s the same one now, so maybe I’ve hopelessly biased myself.



    I was against him getting the job the first time. They had just won two titles in a row and there we were going out and hiring a complete rookie, a complete novice, to catch them. It was unconscionable. I never believed he was the right man, because someone with that little experience should never get a job the size of Celtic.



    It’s the line of attack I’ve used against them hiring Gerrard and I mean every word of it.



    That’s why it’s easier for me to put aside what he did at Celtic; he never earned the job, and he failed in the first season in charge – for which I always blamed Lawwell for hiring him. He should been sacked at the end of that campaign, although it went to the last match.



    Smith’s team was collapsing like the club, and yet for a second half performance at Rugby Park Lennon might have been sacked before the walls came down over there. I know it plays into their narritive slightly to say this, but he won his first title amidst that collapse and the next two without any visible challenger.



    I do not devalue our titles, any of them, because that club fell into the hole it dug for itself. And we still had to win consistently week after week, and that carries its own pressure.



    But up against a team that pushes us hard, that is ruthless, without a shred of morality and which will do whatever it takes, and who’s fans, board, media lackies and others all know that Lennon has pressure points which they can push on time and again … as we’re going for nine and ten in a row?



    Who wouldn’t worry about that kind of pressure?



    If it was just results and performances and tactics, that’d be one thing. But it’s these nagging worries about all the other stuff that makes this easily the most dangerous option we could take. Forget the risks that go with hiring someone else, the risks of hiring Lennon outweigh them enormously, which is to say nothing for the fact it puts the man himself – the Man himself, who I would stand in front of a bullet for – in the most unrelenting spotlight of his life.



    Look, a lesser man than Neil Lennon wouldn’t even consider this with all that goes with it. But he thinks he can handle it, and if I had faith in him as a manager I might even agree. But we’re shoving him into a pressure cooker and he will never cope with it, because nobody could.



    All the arguments in favour of him also count against him; he’s too emotionally invested. If it starts to come apart nobody who’s that invested will be able to hold the club together.



    When he got it last time there was broad support for him; people like me were in the minority. This time there’s a sizeable chunk of our support who doesn’t want this to happen and that’s even more pressure, that’s even more strain, and he’s already attacking us over it.



    No way he copes when the real stuff starts. It makes me sad, but I have so many, many, many doubts and not all of them are related to his ability to manage the team, although those doubts are real and troubling and will not go away.



    Take the decision to play with Rodgers tactics, tweaking them a wee bit but not enough so that when he says he’s sticking with the plan that’s got us here that anyone questions it; it’s a blatant attempt to fudge a major issue – how he intends to play – without risking his chance at the gig.



    A more sure, a more selfish, a more self-confident boss would have torn up the Rodgers playbook and said “listen, this is my destiny, this is my shot and I’m doing it my way.” The fact that we’re a dozen games into a fourteen game “audition” and we still don’t know what Lennon’s own plan is … I can’t defend that, and I can’t believe that anyone would.



    Honestly, this pains me this stuff. I really genuinely wish this guy was better than he is. I wish he’d earned it. I wish he’d left Celtic Park and spent those seven years sweeping to glory elsewhere so that his return would feel like something pre-ordained; the guy went away and improved and came back ready.



    He went to Bolton and got sacked and Hibs and God alone knows what happened there; nobody on our end seems to want to know, although it’s almost certainly important information to have.



    He hasn’t improved. He hasn’t grown as a manager. And I didn’t support a rookie having it then and I can’t support a guy with his CV – Celtic apart – having it now, and he’s had a dozen games to show me and others how wrong we are (although I wouldn’t have changed my mind) and he’s not done it.



    He could made me and other people eat every negative thing we’ve said and written and thought. He had the chance, this was it, and he’s blown it. That’s not our fault.



    This honestly frustrates the Hell out of me. I don’t know whnt to feel like this about a guy who’s loyalty and passion for our club embarrasses someone like Rodgers who is full of fakery and all about self-promotion. But the guy who sat at a press conference today and attacked our own fans because they have very understandable doubts … no I don’t want him in the job.



    But I get why all his sacrifices on behalf of our club do make that heresay for other people. Some of them express it very eloquently. Others don’t even try, they go on the offensive, trying to scream the rest of us down. I even understand that. But I’ll never agree with it, no matter how loud they shout.

  26. JF



    Lennon isn’t interested in the sport science aspect of the game. He doesn’t value players as atheletes first, and I don’t need to demonstrate that as there are numerous examples of it. In an article last week or the week before I highlighted his long-term view on academy development which he does not rate and which he’s expressed over and over again, even when his view is demonstrably wrong.




    He is too lax on the players in terms of their lifestyle choices, and too critical of them over what they do on the park, where he has steadfastly refused to accept any responsibility for performances. He blames fatigue – perhaps he shouldn’t give them so many days off, but that’s just me – and or he blames them or the previous manager’s tactics … a little self anaylsis would be welcome.





    Clap trap

  27. bournesouprecipe



    What about all those “unreasonable” Celtic supporters?


    Aren’t they allowed a voice?

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