Ironic crop of creative, unusable, talent at Lennoxtown


There is a bit of irony with Celtic so bereft of creativity at the moment, having Marian Shved and Ryan Christie both at Lennoxtown but unable to play.  Shved, 21, will be eligible to make his Celtic debut next season.  It did not work out for him as a teenager at Sevilla, but he has been a player of promise since his school days.

Ryan Christie looked like he would never make his Celtic breakthrough, but a series of injuries presented him with an opportunity at the League Cup semi-final against Hearts at Murrayfield, which he transformed from a taut occasion into a comfortable win.

Hearts, who we play on the final league game and in the Scottish Cup Final, are going through a torrid run of form, but their task at Hampden will be to block and frustrate the champions.  An infusion of creativity from somewhere will be required.

Many thanks to those who participated in the auction for tickets for Sunday’s game, the winner paid £960 to the Celtic FC Foundation, a magnificent total.


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  1. weebawbabitty on

    James Forrest , excellent blogging today mate seems some are in the huff !! Ah bless em!

  2. RUGGYGMAN on 16TH MAY 2019 5:19 PM



    Arsene Wenger : Yes






    Baloney, never gonna happen.



    I say Jurgen Klopp or Mauricio Pochettino.



    Why not sure?






    Stop the personal insults please, people are entitled to their opinions without playing the man!

  4. Incredible head of steam now developing amidst the UEFA nations over the Champions League reform proposals. It seems the big clubs are going to lose this one … because their own national associations have twigged to the enormous threat these changes portend for them.



    At last – at LONG last – Peter Lawwell’s position in European football is bearing fruit. I’ve lamented his failure to make alliances up until now, but if you’re gonna make one it might as well be with the team who got to the Champions League semi-final this season and came within a minute of the final itself … and who’s own club faces only one less qualifying round than we do.



    The worm has turned. I hope. The signs look good for once.

  5. My view on the next manager situation, based on media only, is that Clarke is in the mix for Celtic and Scotland and cannae make his mind up



    I think Neil is frustrated that he hasn’t had the nod and showing it in public won’t help his case



    Neil is bang on in the statistics he quoted but they are Celtic stats, not his stats



    His stats are:



    Financially backed, good players brought in, blew the league , won SC



    Fell behind Huns by a mile, they imploded and we caught them. Lost LC final to Killie



    Great season with no Huns, league and cup double- pumped by St Mirren in LC



    Good players sold, bad bounce but they wanted to go. Bought Pukki, balde etc. commons has a blinder as striker; terrific league season, Morton and Aberdeen put us out cups



    A mixed bag I would say but no treble when it was on. I met Owen Coyle in the airport at the time and he reckoned a Treble would have been the KPI at that time and should have been hit




    I’ve listened to a lot of guys talk about the Celtic job and the unique pressure of it, and Steve Clarke appeared to understand it well. To the extent he didn’t believe he was capable of handling it and would probably turn it down. I have so much admiration for that guy because of that.



    His comments about how grateful he was that his family didn’t grow up surrounded by all this madness up here convinces me that he would be torn, but would ultimately not want it for those reasons.



    And that speaks volumes about him. Total respect to the guy.

  7. To reiterate what I posted a couple of days it will definitely not be my namesake. Rafa is definitely in the mix but so are others, no information on who but it is not done until it is done. Rafa May end up staying in Newcastle or further afield…


    Until we meet again…


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  8. Any truth in the rumour that Rafa is meeting Ashley over the next two days and asking him; “Is there any further hurt you can inflict on that Ibrox mob before I head up there, or am I going to have to do it ALL myself?”



    ;) Asking for a friend.

  9. These guys write very well and this is a particularly good piece.






    A great argument for why we need a unifying candidate, someone who’s appointment galvanises the club, renews the focus on who the REAL opposition are and hurtles us back along the path we were on before Rodgers swerved into a ditch whilst trying to stop a quid rolling behind the dashboard.

  10. And before the pathetic Spelling Police get on it, yeah I wrote WHO’S instead of WHOSE again.



    Or rather my phone did and I didn’t try to correct it!



    Shame on me and mine.

  11. Quality not quantity says Sevco’s DoF.



    Which is presumably why they’re trying to sign Greg Stewart.



    A threat, from them? Aye, okay then …

  12. Monaghan1900 on

    GORDYBHOY64 on 16TH MAY 2019 7:08 PM


    Help wanted,



    any one able to give some advice on estates/deed transfers.




    Should be able to point you in the right direction Gordybhoy.

  13. In the meantime the huns only need to finish a wee bit better than the Aberdeens and Kilmarnocks…..



    Hun refs will limit the gulf between us an’ thems…………….to the point they might arguably be within ” viable reach” of us…..


    Whether that is true financially ( It’s not)….is not really important to media acolytes and the mouth-breathers of thur support.

  14. So Steve Clarke will not get on the pitch to celebrate with his club on their birthday




    A thug player will ??

  15. Monaghan1900.


    would it be ok to ask Paul for your contact details,thanks .

  16. Monaghan1900 on

    GORDYBHOY64 on 16TH MAY 2019 8:25 PM





    would it be ok to ask Paul for your contact details,thanks .




    No bother at all.

  17. Monaghan1900,






    Can you provide me with contact details for Monaghan1900,thanks.

  18. I hear that COLNCELT is coming to town on Friday, If your coming into the Blane Valley I’ll be there to meet you, It’d been a while since we last met, but I’ll definately get into the B/V to see you, anyone else coming in to meet up,TLT I hope your doing well, your welcome to join us I’ll be in around 3.00pm.

  19. LENNYBHOY @ 7:38 PM,



    Thanks for the update… I know you share as much as you can and there’s no point pestering you but if you’ve got a heads up on the DofF/HofR position(s) that would be cool…






    It’s been interesting to read the thoughts, analysis and squabbles regarding our future personnel and direction in general and our next Head Coach in particular.



    My thoughts have taken a slightly different path…



    Since an almost fairy tale like ending to last Season, since we put away our open top bus…



    …Treble, eat, sleep, repeat;)



    We’ve had something of an Annus horribilis. The fall-out we are feeling just now.



    It comes down to three chaps (our protagonists) but the cracks and the fissures that produced the chasm must have been multiple and deep.



    So we all know that Messers Lawwell & Rodgers had a fallout, which, fuelled by egos the size of a planet led to a car crash.



    We were hoping after August that DD would do a bit of banging of heads and some uncommon sense would prevail…



    …Of course it became apparent in this January’s transfer window that hadn’t happened.



    So DD would have to back one side wouldn’t he?



    Well it seems he backed the Executive and BR and staff exited stage left…



    But here’s my thoughts, just because he backed the Executive doesn’t mean DD is happy with events… no sireee, you don’t get as successful as that chap presiding over clusterducks.



    After all, it was he who intervened during the RD era and said – in no uncertain terms… up with this I will not put, and went for the quality option, sanctioning the recruitment of BR and his staff.



    So if “Big Pedro” has his way and we will put the band back together… we will see Lenny and John Parks taking the reigns.



    If however, our major shareholder has become the central scrutinizer, as I believe he has… we will be seeing the composition of the quality of Celtic office bearers improve immeasurably.



    We’ll see…



    Hail Hail

  20. Anyone keen/desperate for a ticket for Sunday? I’ve got a ticket for a mate from Norn Iron who’s (note the grammar/spelling James!!) ended up with an operation so he’s not available, but his ticket is. It is in Section 122 SW Corner, restricted view, concession so a snip at £15 (the miserable bassa says).



    Would have to meet up (say, outside Celtic shop?) around 2.30. If interested email me at emeraldbee67@gmail.com.



    Hail Hail

  21. FRANNYB67, my oul granda coming from glumboag, was a big rovers fan, he would have been delighted.hh.

  22. So after reading about Lenny’s presser today, I’ve just finished watching it.



    I agree with everything he said. We do have supporters that lose the heads after every bad performance and sometimes a little perspective is a good thing.



    He was bang on about social media and how it has created a new breed of supporter lost in the echo chamber of social media.



    I’ve no complaints about anything Neil has said today.

  23. Oldtim67, just checked back in and seen your post from earlier, still in the pub in Köln Altstadt at the moment but looking forward to catching up with you and the rest of the gang tomorrow afternoon.


    See you in there around 15.00




    I hope a few will join us,bring your French pal if he’s still in Glasgow.

  25. Bit worrying that Lewis Morgan only got 10 minutes tonight in the play-offs. Thought he was better than that.



    Big Packy1 – sorry for not getting back to you this morning. Was busy rounding up escaped miniature shetlands, the wee bassas. They got in to the neighbouring field’s bullocks and gave more than as good as they got! Everything else ticketyboo.

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