Irony behind robust SFA rules


The statement released by Duff and Phelps last night revealed the substance to the lobbying that had taken place since the original punishment handed out by the SFA judicial panel:

“The decision by the appellate tribunal to uphold the sanction, namely the suspension of registration of players for one year, is not competent in the view of the club and its legal advisers.

“Such a sanction was not available to the tribunal”.

The suspension of player registrations was not one of the suggested punishments on the menu for the judicial panel but the rules allowed them to vary from guidance and choose whatever punishment they believed appropriate.

The appeal correctly found that the judicial panel were not were not subject to an exhaustive list of possible punishments.  Duff and Phelps main hope was that the SFA rules were unclear and poorly constructed, as they were before an overhaul last year.

You don’t need to look too hard for the irony.

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  1. pedrocaravanachio67 on

    they’re maybe marching to hampden on saturday to disrupt the cup final, then they’re walking roon ibrokes on sunday, hope they’ve all got decent trainers……if not maybe a wee visit to grieves!!!




  2. “The suspension of player registrations was not one of the suggested punishments on the menu for the judicial panel but the rules allowed them to vary from guidance and choose whatever punishment they believed appropriate.”



    Paul does this suggest that some unknown person or persons may have tried to influence the penalties given to rangers??



    Surely not??



    Does RC Ogilvie still work at the SFA??

  3. Kilbowie Kelt on

    It is not possible to hate something that you do not fear.


    You may pity, dislike or disapprove of things you don’t fear, but you cannot hate them.


    I am therefore happy to announce that I no longer hate Scotland’s Shame.



    I have to admit that I do not yet find it in my heart to PITY them, but I am working on it.


    It may take some time.

  4. The Legend Johnny Doyle on

    If a Hun fails to complete the 1 mile 872 yards sponswered orange walk to lets say….mmmm.. ..1 mile 690 yards… Do you think they will refuse to accept their £100…?

  5. Paul67



    If Duff&Duffer won their arguement then it would force the SFA to either terminate or suspend rangers membership because this punishment is stipulated in the rules.



    It would appear Duff&Duffer have wanted an end to rangers from day one…

  6. Field Fisher Waterhouse has been instructed by Rangers FC’s would-be owner Charles Green, as the former Sheffield United chief executive negotiates an £8.5m deal to purchase the struggling Scottish football club.



    Sport head Patrick Cannon is leading the Field Fisher team, working alongside corporate partners Christine Phillips, David Wilkinson and Amerjit Kalirai with support from insolvency consultant Robin Tutty and associate Shash Dayal.



    Green, who is backed by a global consortium of 20 individuals from the UK, Asia and the Middle East, became the preferred bidder on Sunday (May 13) after US trucking tycoon Bill Miller withdrew his bid for the club, citing worse-than-expected financials and a negative response from Rangers fans.



    Field Fisher’s relationship with Green dates back several years, after the firm acted for AIM-listed construction management specialist Formation Group when Green was chairman.



    Green is hoping to lift Rangers out of administration via a company voluntary arrangement (CVA), but said he will set up a new company if the consortium is unable to secure a CVA that will keep creditors happy and prepare the club for next season’s Scottish Premier League.



    Other firms to have taken roles related to Rangers’ current woes include Taylor Wessing, which is advising the administrators Duff & Phelps in their case against law firm Collyer Bristow.



    Collyer is facing negligence claims totalling more than £25m relating to its role in the high-profile 2011 takeover of Rangers by Scots businessman Craig Whyte and the club’s subsequent administration.



    Clyde & Co is acting for Collyer Bristow led by commercial disputes partner Richard Harrison, who has instructed 3 Verulam Buildings’s Cyril Kinsky QC and Matthew Hardwick as counsel.



    Scots firm Biggart Baillie was instructed by Duff & Phelps early on in the administration, and is continuing to advise on some Scottish aspects.



    Olswang and Walker Morris have also taken related roles for bidding parties, advising Miller and Sale Sharks owner Brian Kennedy respectively

  7. Duff and Phelps questioning anyones competency has to be a wind up, theyve dragged this whole situation out to the detriment of the creditors, the very people they are legally obligated to protect and theyre questioning competency?


    Hector get in there and pull the plug.



    Mr Green was last seen heading down the M8 singing to himself…”im leaving on a jet plane dont know when ill be back again”


    Craig Whyte smiled and had another puff on his Cuban cigar.

  8. The Spirit of Arthur Lee on

    googybhoy ♥ Celtic and Liquidation



    I don’t encourage drink driving.




  9. lochgoilhead bhoy on

    Last night’s verdict was a fitting testimony to the work of Paul McBride.

  10. While rangers in administration are on the go there will never be an economic downturn in the legal profession.



    I wonder how much of rangers money has been swallowed up by legal fees?

  11. CultsBhoy loves being 1st forever & ever on

    Spoke to an Aberdeen fan (colleague) this morning .. His take?



    ‘BORING.. Let’s just hoof them


    Out and get on with it..’



    I suspect he’s fairly representative of most non ‘OF’ fans..



    They have no real sympathisers out with the media and their fanbase.

  12. twists n turns on 17 May, 2012 at 10:38 said:



    Just had an e mail with an invite fron FF. Need to check my diary.





    THE Rangers Fans Fighting Fund 1872 Sponsored Walk will take place at Ibrox on Sunday 20 May 2012 starting at 12pm.



    The walk will be 1 mile 872 yards; this will be made up by walking round the perimeter of the stadium, finishing with a final lap of the track inside the stadium.



    You will be allocated a time slot depending on the initial of your surname and these slots will be communicated here on rangers.co.uk.



    Once your sponsored walk form (download here) has been completed, either post or hand it in, along with a cheque made payable to ‘The Rangers Supporters Assembly’, to: Argyle House, Ibrox Stadium, Glasgow, G51 2XD no later than 16th May 2012.



    Please tick the box provided to indicate whether you require a small, medium or large t-shirt.



    There will only be 1872 spots available so get in fast as they will be allocated on a first come first served basis.



    Each participant will have to guarantee a suggested minimum of £100 sponsorship and all proceeds will go towards the RFFF.



    This could be your chance to walk around the famous Ibrox Stadium accompanied by Rangers Legends past and present whist helping the club by donating to the Rangers Fans Fighting Fund.



    Please make cheques payable to the Rangers Supporters Assembly and write ‘Fans Fighting Fund’ on the back of the cheque.



    On the day of the walk, Sunday 20th May, all participants should report and register to Rangers Ticket Centre, located at the Govan West Corner of the ground no later than 11am, where they will receive an RFFF 1872 Walk T-shirt and a small union flag.






    This must be one of the funniest things I have ever read. There has been a lot of “thought” put into this but it still sounds ridiculous in so many ways.



    Pump Iron, or read books. I wonder if they even know the yardage of a mile. o_O



    No wonder they started a “fighting fund” for legal representation, as it was never about anything else.

  13. If anyone has a spare paddle, could they drop it of at murray park for ally, apparently he is halfway up some creek at present without one

  14. Guys like Auldheid deserve a massive amount of praise, if not for blokes like him, this new sfa and seemingly transparrency would not have been pushed through.


    Take a bow Sir.

  15. lochgoilhead bhoy on

    twists n turns on 17 May, 2012 at 10:38 said:



    “Just had an e mail with an invite fron FF. Need to check my diary.”




    That sounds as if it has been Awe Nawed.

  16. The Lizard King on

    RIA has over 40 players still on their books. This football administration has been unique in that playing and coaching staff have emerged unscathed. Indeed, the strategy all along has been to preserve the assets of the club as far as possible.



    The logical conclusion being that someone has been planning a hive down of assets to a new legal entity, lock stock the f-in’ lot.



    Surmising further, the “plan” all along has been to continue to avoid paying any creditors, to preserve the assets, and to eventually form a new club but aim to preserve the history as well, in the SPL. Whilst ditching ALL the debt.



    It is the cake, icing, cherry, with our jelly and ice cream and champers to wash it down plan. (The anguished teenage ghirl in me that Paul67 refers to still fears they will find a way to engineer this.)



    What is behind this is the most breath taking arrogance. The complete disregard for any interests beyond RIA. And to protect what? What is RIA for – what does it stand for? They have no intention, AND HAVE NEVER HAD ANY INTENTION, of paying any creditors. And will fight to the death any notion of sanction. Contrition is not even a consideration – and it seems it never will be – perhaps at the end when the darkness at the end of the tunnel sears the soul?



    It is for this reason that I cannot countenance a financially reduced “Rangers” in the SPL – that is some horrible contrived appeasement with no merit nor logic within the rules.



    I cannot countenance them starting again as a New Club in Division 3. The rules do not allow for this and there are plenty of clubs in Scotland who have ran themselves prudently but with ambition, deserving a crack at professional football. Also, it is too close to a continuation of a “new” club but with all the old baggage with extra lashings of victim hood.



    No. The only just outcome is obliteration of Rangers. The absolute end.



    If someone wants to start a new football club in Glasgow, with a charter for fair play, open to all, that in time rises up to be a competitive club, vying for honours at the top of the game, then bring it on. Start at the very bottom of the pyramid, such as it is. It is the only honourable outcome.



    This barely alive parody of all that is wrong in Scottish society, in football and within corporate governance generally, needs to die, for all our sakes and theirs.







  17. CultsBhoy loves being 1st forever & ever on

    Transfer window opens Jun 1 st



    The vultures are circling already.



    I’d take McGreggor for £2m .. Test him out and sell him On for £5m at Xmas if he didn’t work out ..



    Good business

  18. CultsBhoy loves being 1st forever & ever on




    Funny and pitiful. Why not just ask for £100? Why limit to only 1872 places?



    Comedy gold!

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