Irresistible Kyogo


It was as though a light switch had been flicked.  Celtic produced a devastating display of football that blew Dundee away.  The contrast from Tynecastle of Denmark just a week earlier could not be more marked.  In truth, losing by six goals flattered the newly promoted side.

Kyogo Furuhashi was irresistible.  He was like a gyroscope, moving left-to-right, dropping deep and making timed runs into the box with devastating consequences.  Liel Abada and David Turnbull had a focus for their quick forward passing.  Gone was the Ryan Christie who snatched at chances, replaced by the Ryan Christie who opened the defence with darting movement and passing, recording three assists in the process.

Callum McGregor dropped to the deep midfield position in place of Ismaila Soro, the captain had a big role in how quickly Celtic kept the ball moving.

Ange Postecoglou is still working on his defence, which looked nervy on occasion.  Dundee should have done better with a header from a corner kick that David Turnbull was out-muscled at.  The corner was conceded by Carl Starfelt when he lunged to atone for not getting his head on a long ball forward.  Mistakes lead to set pieces, which have too often led to goals.

It was my first game since St Mirren in March 2020.  It was a joy to be back.  My usual seat is in the back row of the North Stand, but for this one, I was in Row C, at the front of the Lisbon Lions’.  In all the years Celtic Park has been in its current configuration, I never knew how wet the front of that stand can get.  More importantly, the video advertising hoardings blocked visibility of the near six-yard box.  I’ll stop complaining about the permanent gales 142 steps into the sky.

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  1. Probably the funniest thing I’ve read on here in many a long day…..Hearts best team we’ve played so far this season !!!…..LOL……watching that hearts game I was thinking worst hearts team I’ve seen against celtic at tynecastle bar the 7 0 game

  2. Eddie injury was watched and reported live as it happened by shortbread. I was listening at the time.



    They were actually watching him train with the rest of the subs, in an after game session, and commenting about how hard he was working, and regardless of what people think he looked happy and engaged.



    He then went over on his ankle. Sore enough that he was helped off by physios.



    But sure, make something up about it.

  3. SAINT STIVS on 9TH AUGUST 2021 1:32 PM



    His insistence on taking the penalty, and the way he took it, suggests there’s still something there worth having for Celtic.

  4. Brilliant performance. Just shows what good coaching can do.



    and a near fully fit squad to choose from


    and a return for James


    and no covid absentees


    and a support in to support


    and a decent keeper


    and a scoring striker







    Kennedy and Strachan and Woods deserve praise getting Ange up to speed.

  5. SAINT STIVS on 9TH AUGUST 2021 1:36 PM


    “Kennedy and Strachan and Woods deserve praise getting Ange up to speed”



    Yes, very true, has to be mentioned, glad you’ve highlighted it, por cierto

  6. I’d like to see us get the CH from Man City



    Apart from the fact he’s meant to be good, surely teaming up with someone from his home country would be beneficial to both players

  7. Tom McLaughlin on




    After the utterly horrendous year all Celtic supporters have just endured, you grudge each and every one of us a bit of joy at one fantastic performance and result, telling us not to get carried away, with the air of superiority and arrogance of someone who thinks he knows better than the rest of us.



    All we have celebrated is a good victory secured with great football. I haven’t read or heard a solitary Celtic supporter say – that’s us back on top and we’re sure to win the league back now. Not one.



    It’s almost as if you hate to see Celtic supporters enjoying themselves and feel the need to put their gas at a peep. Why is that? I believe it’s just arrogance on your part. Maybe that’s me being generous.

  8. the old changing pages means i need to log in again problem has been troublesome all weekend again.

  9. Kristijan Lovric’s fiancée, Monika Conjar, plays as a forward for Osijek women’s team in the Croatian league. She has 173 goals in 77 games.



    I have no idea how tall she is.

  10. wee bobby collins



    i will take the solid atom that is your support for Celtic over any mentally challenged view of what they perceive as real.its not its a cheap opinion and full of shite.





  11. Edouard’wants away.Is that so hard to grasp.Watching him last season and begin ing of this,is anyone REALLY that bothered.The way he has been,I don’t think he would have scored any of Kiyogos three goals.


    My only concern is the boy has a touch of Long Covid.He is a shadow of the player he was,for whatever reason.

  12. I’m not worrying about Eddie staying for the season. He’ll at least contribute and provide good cover for Kyogo.



    Any loss on his transfer can be made up with the CL bounty on offer next season. Keeping Eddie is not a problem for me.



    I’m not sure where Eddie thinks he’ll be going to next season after a season on our bench but that’s for his agent to worry about.

  13. AN TEARMANN on 9TH AUGUST 2021 1:44 PM



    The wording of your posts suggest you have an obsession with the scatological.



    Other types of logic are available.

  14. SonsofErin,



    That would be a great double transfer.


    We love Lovric,and his “Burd”

  15. Didn’t see the match but tuned into some of the post game Celtic podcasts and it was a joy to see smiling faces all around and why not, with the team scoring ten goals in two matches, that was a pleasant change. It’s early days yet but good to see the new attackers Kyogo and Abada hitting the ground running and the improved form of Ryan and young Ralston now with two goals to his credit. Great week for Ange and his players, let’s keep it going.

  16. oh look


    jhb- mad tam the ranter is couched back,cigar in hand,basking in all this attention,jist wrang.



    tiresome narratives


    unless its vacuous paragraphs bout Shatout fc.then we have enthusiasm.defending the unions corrupt and shatoot example on how to do bissniss.

  17. Pleasant drive in this morning and then some wee goal repeats on the work TV. I see some folks didn’t sleep well on a resounding attacking 6 going on 10 victory. Poor souls.



    Could/Should have been 2 reds before the one at the spot kick. Funny how the red comes out easy when the came is in the bag.

  18. Weebobbycollins on

    An Tearmann…I think the guy is an attention seeking creep. I imagine him in his wee dark room sniggering at our reactions to his posts.



    Tom McLaughlin…”It’s almost as if you hate to see Celtic supporters enjoying themselves and feel the need to put their gas at a peep.”



  19. What would be the channels used to raise a formal complaint to the league body and the sfa as to the performance of officials ?



    In the old days was it the company secretary to send a grievance ?



    what now ?



    i watched the game again this morning, and hearts last week, in both the referees dont actually referee.



    we need to get serious about this, or watch from the sidelines as our players get maimed.

  20. Don’t think anyone is getting carried away, but jeez its wonderful to see free flowing football and goals galore.



    Even the most pessimistic will be impressed our latest signings in the forward areas.



    Middle to front , we were a joy to watch.



    I agree the back line still looks far from impressive and will come up against tougher challenges, but once we get that sorted out, I think we have grounds for real optimism.

  21. JHB


    The over the top reaction to the defeat of a very poor team on Sunday is child-like, children live in the moment, as do junkies & alcoholics.



    You really are a sad, sick fuck.

  22. Derek Rae (source)



    Borussia Dortmund (listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange) has announced a loss of 72.8 million Euro for the financial year 2020-21.


    30 mill was due to loss of ticket revenue & 16 million to catering.


    Winning the Pokal & reaching CL 1/4 did mitigate things somewhat.

  23. What is the Stars on

    Beating the worst team ever seen in the SPL with a reject from the Japanese J League (surely the worst professional league in the world) scoring a fluky hat trick of tap ins..And EVERY one on here is ecstatic…Feckin bunch of Lawwelittes happy clappers


    .This is his legacy. When he took over we were world champions and regularly beat Man Utd,Barcelona and AC Milan…Now after years of the failed bean counter we are meant to jump up and down with glee..


    Predictions for the season.


    The Mighty Gers to win the league as unbeaten invincibles


    Celtic to finish a remote third. No European Football after Christmas.


    Ange to walk out in mid October and Big Pete to come back as CEO in January

  24. SAINT STIVS on 9TH AUGUST 2021 2:00 PM


    What would be the channels used to raise a formal complaint to the league body and the sfa as to the performance of officials ?








    The correct channel is for the players en masse to highlight it as it happens. Loudly, insistently and consistently.






    They are the ones whose careers are at risk from dangerous tackles that go unpunished.



    Stop being nice about it. It only encourages the offenders and their enablers.

  25. WITS,



    stillwaiting on your scouting reports of the bhoy scales, what you think of him ?

  26. JHB on 9TH AUGUST 2021 1:05



    So celtic supporters should not enjoy a good victory and delightful football. You do know football is meant to be enjoyed, yes?



    I dont know if yesterday was a turning point and if we will produce that type of football on a weekly basis. I sure as hell know I will enjoy it whenever it comes along.



    Everyone on this site knows the areas of the team that need improved upon and if we all know that then so does ange and I am sure he will not be slow to tell Dome in private and public.



    Everyone knows the mistakes we have made but talking endlessly about last season and all the mistakes does nothing for us in the here and now.




  27. Want to see a REAL crisis



    If Sevco are eliminated tommorow evening, then you will.



    They are all in on CL cash.



    The inevitable fire sale would be spectacular, if they have anyone willing to bid that is.

  28. Gerrard on tv just now.



    Body language experts should have a case study here.



    Trying to dampen down the poor results and performances



    “thats on me ” he says



    “and the players” if not fully under the bus, it was telling enough.



    “one good performance will turn it all around”



    never looks straight forward once.



    bet he is looking forward to having the ckaing ogf the hordes,

  29. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Ernie- you have a point, re the Board thinking we might not need as many players in, due to a couple of good results….

  30. Saint Stivs — I think the plan is for Bobby Madden to sport a beret at a jaunty angle and wear a string of onions around his neck, “Zut alors monsieur! Je suis francais, bien sur”. Should be enough for the bold Hugh Dallas to give him the game tomorrow night.