Irresistible Kyogo


It was as though a light switch had been flicked.  Celtic produced a devastating display of football that blew Dundee away.  The contrast from Tynecastle of Denmark just a week earlier could not be more marked.  In truth, losing by six goals flattered the newly promoted side.

Kyogo Furuhashi was irresistible.  He was like a gyroscope, moving left-to-right, dropping deep and making timed runs into the box with devastating consequences.  Liel Abada and David Turnbull had a focus for their quick forward passing.  Gone was the Ryan Christie who snatched at chances, replaced by the Ryan Christie who opened the defence with darting movement and passing, recording three assists in the process.

Callum McGregor dropped to the deep midfield position in place of Ismaila Soro, the captain had a big role in how quickly Celtic kept the ball moving.

Ange Postecoglou is still working on his defence, which looked nervy on occasion.  Dundee should have done better with a header from a corner kick that David Turnbull was out-muscled at.  The corner was conceded by Carl Starfelt when he lunged to atone for not getting his head on a long ball forward.  Mistakes lead to set pieces, which have too often led to goals.

It was my first game since St Mirren in March 2020.  It was a joy to be back.  My usual seat is in the back row of the North Stand, but for this one, I was in Row C, at the front of the Lisbon Lions’.  In all the years Celtic Park has been in its current configuration, I never knew how wet the front of that stand can get.  More importantly, the video advertising hoardings blocked visibility of the near six-yard box.  I’ll stop complaining about the permanent gales 142 steps into the sky.

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  1. kris



    “an exciting title race is on”



    2 games in, 2nd rangers are 6th in the table.



    he is shittin it.

  2. Addiction is about escape from reality, it’s about as far from living in the moment as you can get



    Nothing wrong with a child-like appreciation of how things really are, either. We’re not exactly the most objective or mature bunch on here at the best of times :)

  3. What is the Stars on

    Saint Stivs



    Scales is a decent player


    I was at the Shamrock Rovers game yesterday.He scored the winning goal with a cracking header in the 95th minute.


    Very attack minded.Tall,left wing back/centre back.


    A snip at the €600,000 Rovers want…Mad not to take a chance on him

  4. An “interesting” article from Jingle Jangle in the Record today. Getting royally tore into the ‘Gers, and suggesting that things are far from perfect behind the scenes.



    Still, let’s not take any pleasure in it. Work to do, fellow Tims.

  5. loved watching celtic yesterday – today its perspective!



    We still desperately need defenders In the team – I hope the Board have not backed down after yesterday’s result.



    This was Dundee – a decent team will run amok over that defense – we URGENTLY need a center back who can dominate 18yrd box , a left back with pace to prevent crosses and can play inverted role (Taylor weakest link in team) and a right back to challenge the impressive Ralston.



    Do this with some urgency and we might challenge for the league – wait and dither and penny pinch , we will definitely drop points through and back to reality!!

  6. squire danaher on

    !!BADA BING!! on 9TH AUGUST 2021 2:41 PM



    With reference to a Hun Catastrophe tomorrow night.



    Natural reaction, instinct and hope is that it comes about.



    If there follows the fire sale and the financial day of reckoning which some have been predicting since Day One finally arrives, then it would be naive to dismiss the likelihood of our reins being held tightly as a consequence.

  7. What is the Stars on




    Lawwell still pulling the strings.


    apparently the Scales deal depends on Rangers staying in the Champions League


    If they go out Lawwell wont open the biscuit tin


    The Old Firm must be kept alive..Half of something is better than all of nothing ( new motto for GB)




  8. MARSPAPA on 9TH AUGUST 2021 2:01 PM







    The over the top reaction to the defeat of a very poor team on Sunday is child-like, children live in the moment, as do junkies & alcoholics.







    You really are a sad, sick fuck.






    This “Know it ALL” Character ” JHB”…WILL be hoping and PRAYING that Celtic play badly and/or get beat in the next couple of games….just so he can POST…” I TOLD you so” !


    I would put money on him being desperate to see the Celts getting beat or drawing etc…Just to prove HIM right !


    HH Mate.

  9. Chairbhoy and Quadrophenian



    Really Sorry to hear of your disappointing experience with Superbru.



    I have used the site over a number of years and for more comps than just the SPFL. I have never heard of scores being changed arbitrarily.



    I went back to check my own scores and, though they were never locked at any stage, they were retained in the form in which I had originally made them. I receive a confirmation e-mail when I make my picks and this can be used as evidence if the picks are being arbitrarily changed, for whatever reason. I checked to see if this was one of the settings options but I could not find it so I thoink it is automatic but I will check.



    The option of default picks should only kick in if you haven’t made picks for that particular match and < i believe the default pick will be whatever our Community Pool deems the likely result, so, for example, that will often be a Celtic win and a Sevco draw or defeat, but default picks should not account for your experience.



    In responding to your query, I have written myself to Superbru asking them for an explanation and a way to ensure it does not recur. I have also included a message in the banter section of our Pool to see if any others have had the same experience as yourself.



    We need to get to the bottom of this and I regret the impression that I was not treating this seriously because I had proposed flippant possibilities.



    I will let you know what Superbru say about it.

  10. RE Barkas….


    To anyone defending his so called ” Warm Up” or LACK OF….Why was he stripped when he wasnt named in the Squad…Why wasnt he sitting in the stand alongside Griff etc ?



    I would guess that he was TOLD to get stripped and take part in the ” Warm Up”….but HE DECIDED to take the Huff…and do nothing because he wasnt even on the Subs bench…Simples !



    HE is getting PAID good money by Celtic as an EMPLOYEE…IF he WAS Instructed to take part in the ” Warm Up” rather than being in the Stand…as an Employee and a so called ” Professional”…HE SHOULD be taking part as instructed…SIMPLES !



    Why would he be told to get stripped and then TOLD NOT to dive about etc during the Warm Up….that is senseless ?


    As I posted earlier, Joe Hart or Bain MAY have got injured during their ” Warm Up”, and IF that had happened, Barkas would have been listed as a Sub ?……AYE, A Celtic player/Sub who REFUSES to take part in the ” Warm Up”.


    IF he was TOLD to get stripped and take part in the ” Warm Up”….and then REFUSES to take part, he should be FINED by Celtic…Simples ?

  11. Ernie 1.41


    Celtic and climbing are my obsession.i wouldnt know Ernie,lol of your interpretation,but thanks for your it and what it says of you! and i wont be askin for your logic. guff is guff.😊




  12. Re the refereeing –



    Could Celtic not send send out a coach after the game to say how bad the refereeing was?



    It would save Ange being banned for any games.

  13. SAINT STIVS on 9TH AUGUST 2021 3:08 PM


    This is good.







    I hope there is a “Big Jimmy is here” one outside the Shipbank inn.










    Funnily enough, I was BORN on ” Castle Street, TOONHEID” many years ago and the High Street is more or less a continuation of Castle Street, with only George Street ” Breaching ” the ” Continuation.


    HH Mate.

  14. glendalystonsils on

    BSR @3.24



    Barkas is unwilling



    Barkas is unreliable



    Barkas is unsuitable .

  15. loved that display yesterday , now all we have to do is get the defensive sorted move starfelt to the right side and get the big Irish bhoy for the left , done deal.

  16. The situation with Barkas is interesting. Lennon mentioned last year that he had issues with “body language” and “attitude”.



    As others have alluded to, there’s a keeper in there and there must be a reason why he hasn’t got going.



    The quicker we can move him on, the better for all concerned.

  17. Wee KYOGO was like LIGHTENING yesterday and I loved how he THUNDERED in towards Goal at every opportunity.


    This Bhoy is NO ” FLASH in the Pan”…Hes a Player all right.



  18. onenightinlisbon on

    I totally understand why we should not get carried away with yesterday’s performance but what’s not to like?

  19. I was so glad I struggled through the insane weather to get to the ground where I had a superb view from the Lions stand – very high up, which was a slightly distorting perspective when it came to shots on goal, but a brilliant position from which to witness Kyogo explode all over Dundee. Whenever he had the ball in front of the opposition’s goal, there was that old but oddly familiar sensation that a goal was likely. I haven’t experienced that feeling since…look, I won’t say it, but you know who I mean.



    However, the thing for me was the team. Someone near me remarked after 5 minutes that the backline to midfield movement and passing was a bit disjointed and uncertain, but they resolved that rapidly, and the feeling grew that the players were genuinely enjoying showing us what they’d learnt to do in a few short weeks. The performance and energy throughout was superb and I dared to wonder how Rangers would cope with that kind of sudden surge play. I laughed out loud at the thought of Goldson coming up against Kyogo – in my mind it plays out like the a scene from Antman, with Kyogo warping time and space around the big fellow before he falls over in slow motion. The reality might be different, but I saw enough to give me hope we’re making rapid progress.

  20. Weebobbycollins on

    Goalkeepers diving to save the ball is done at training not during pre-match warm up. I saw nothing wrong with Barkas’ behaviour yesterday…and don’t forget, Ange plus the coaches would have seen that too. Had it been an attitude problem, refusing instructions, he would be out the door pronto.

  21. We didn’t lose the league after losing to Hearts last week.


    Nor did we win the league by hammering Dundee.


    Short term gains and long term plans please.


    Ange is doing better than I’d hoped so far. I will continue to afford him patience this season.


    Defence and backroom structure are no more advanced than that which handed sevco their first league win.


    The signs are good. Keep the champagne under wraps and use the Martin O’Neil approach – rangers2012 remain the benchmark.

  22. Glendalys



    Clutching at any straws I know, but back in June Olivier Ntcham agreed terms with AEK only for us to scupper the move until he was eventually freed.



    If they still want Ntcham, we should make them take the moustache to hence where from he came.

  23. BIG JIMMY on 9TH AUGUST 2021 3:19 PM




    ‘Guess and ‘if’ doing a lot of heavy lifting there.



    You’re getting very annoyed for no point based on very little evidence.



    That particular part of the warm up routine has always been a bit of a mystery to me. I’m not sure what it’s supposed to achieve other than keeping the punters in the JS lower on their toes.

  24. Weebobbycollins on

    BTW…I only saw the Barkas clip that was posted yesterday which was only a few seconds long, so, I can’t really judge the body language. It would be a shame if he has taken the huff though…

  25. Weebobbycollins on

    Zander Clark is a Good keeper with a rubbish beard but I don’t think he would be happy to be a back-up for Hart, especially at this point in his career.

  26. celticforever on

    I would love Malmo to score first tomorrow and the


    huns to go in at half time getting beat



    The hun hordes would be raging



    Even more than normal