Irresistible Kyogo


It was as though a light switch had been flicked.  Celtic produced a devastating display of football that blew Dundee away.  The contrast from Tynecastle of Denmark just a week earlier could not be more marked.  In truth, losing by six goals flattered the newly promoted side.

Kyogo Furuhashi was irresistible.  He was like a gyroscope, moving left-to-right, dropping deep and making timed runs into the box with devastating consequences.  Liel Abada and David Turnbull had a focus for their quick forward passing.  Gone was the Ryan Christie who snatched at chances, replaced by the Ryan Christie who opened the defence with darting movement and passing, recording three assists in the process.

Callum McGregor dropped to the deep midfield position in place of Ismaila Soro, the captain had a big role in how quickly Celtic kept the ball moving.

Ange Postecoglou is still working on his defence, which looked nervy on occasion.  Dundee should have done better with a header from a corner kick that David Turnbull was out-muscled at.  The corner was conceded by Carl Starfelt when he lunged to atone for not getting his head on a long ball forward.  Mistakes lead to set pieces, which have too often led to goals.

It was my first game since St Mirren in March 2020.  It was a joy to be back.  My usual seat is in the back row of the North Stand, but for this one, I was in Row C, at the front of the Lisbon Lions’.  In all the years Celtic Park has been in its current configuration, I never knew how wet the front of that stand can get.  More importantly, the video advertising hoardings blocked visibility of the near six-yard box.  I’ll stop complaining about the permanent gales 142 steps into the sky.

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  1. Aye, it takes an outsider to show up those in Scotland who know but are feart to open their mouths, just goes to show the shit show we are in so it does.

  2. The board for the most part is like a breath of fresh air today, ironically bar the hunterlopers and mona lisas it was quite upbeat from last Sunday on.



    We knew that Ange was already making an influence but did not expect such an improvement so fast, Dùn Dèagh are not that bad a side, they were just blown away by the pace and work rate of our lhads.



    Watching our players hunting in packs was like the Big Mhan’s days. What made me all the happier was when I read this on our Colts game:



    “Celtic started the match well, passing out from the back and patient in possession”.



    This is so pleasing to read as this is what big clubs do, have all sides play the same way that allows younger players to move into the big team without any noticeable impact on the style and not detrimental to their own form.

  3. CaddingtonCommon on



    Read your post again. You try to. obfuscate in order to deflect from your deficiencies.


    Please do the blog a favour and do one.


    Hail Hail


    Stay Safe

  4. Barkas demeanor is the same today as it was on his first


    completely expressionless


    would make a better poker player than goalie



  5. Ernie, not one for trying to debate, but are you saying you believe they actually discussed at board level a plan to not go too far in front of sevco in case they went bust?


    How was that implemented?


    Appointing NL?


    Not giving him his own coaches?


    I don’t that would be full-proof with the players and the wage bill we have/had.


    So what else did they do?


    I genuinely don’t know

  6. Laxalt,



    Neither does he,but every so often he brings it up to keep the pot stirring.




    I’ll take that as an apology, albeit through gritted teeth.

  8. LAXALT on 9TH AUGUST 2021 9:51 PM




    You actually believe that they were bursting a gut to win the league?



    BR and his entourage depart and they appoint NFL, on his own, as a replacement.



    Yeah they were desperate to win the 10.



    Of course they were. It’s sooo obvious.



    Regarding board discussions. Did they discuss how they were going to deal with Res 12? What was said? What was agreed?

  9. I think guys like DD and PL just look at them as a sick and terminal business that won’t survive in the short, mid or long term so Celtic can’t help them.


    It’s not money they need in the mid-term it’s to make enough money for years to come to pay their running costs and they’ve no chance.

  10. Ernie


    There are some you are never going to convince that the board wanted the huns to win the league, most infact and I am one of them, this was your starting point, perhaps if you had come from the angle that they wanted to keep the OF show on the road and the hun were an integral part of that…….that’s what many including myself believe, the OF is good for business, end of, without it, and presently we don’t have anything else we need them, the majority don’t want to read or hear that but from a financial point of view we need them, or at least the board believe that we need them.

  11. Ernie, in what way was it obvious?


    They never sold any players?


    They bought enough, on paper, good players?

  12. CaddingtonCommon on



    You can take it as an apology if you like. We both know your references to those two groups of people was underhand and disgusting . Your words not only shame yourself but also the decent people who use this platform.


    Hail Hail


    Stay Safe

  13. LAXALT on 9TH AUGUST 2021 9:58 PM


    How would I possibly know what was discussed at a board meeting?







    Do you think it was discussed by the board?

  14. IniquitousIV- a guy posted this morning he heard we’re looking at Benkovic……looked good with us,a bit of a sick note elsewhere……not sure TBH

  15. Tom McLaughlin.



    From lurking, for a long time, I have always respected your posts



    Paul allows posters to air their opinions if it is contained within his parameters.



    I believe that is how we should be allowed to differ in our points of view.



    Normally. I would not comment on a posters point of view.



    Each to their own, however, JHB earlier comments regarding those (and their families), in particular, (junkies and alcoholics) abhorrent.



    I have had the good fortune to have been involved with those who have turned their life


    positively around.





    JHB, is IMHO, inebriated in his own verbal verbosity






    Scroll by

  16. Belmont Brian.



    last night you posted of family member and muay thia champion.respect.


    that is some art.and those guys take some damage and some of the fittest people i have met in life practiced it.


    Good luck and respect to him.




  17. Amazingly positive (overall) read back…


    Very much lighter on some of the usual name hunterlopers spreading their toxicity; they’re worried!



    Still a couple of Meldrews insisting there’s nothing to get excited about yet.



    Others insisting the squad is weakened (we’re not IMO) but here’s the thing on that one:


    You could have the biggest, dearest squad on the planet but if they don’t believe in the manager, coach and plans, they wont be up for it. They won’t work as individuals or a unit.



    The reason we’ve had mini-doings from Euro minnows is becos their attitude and plan was better than ours.



    Ange and Dom have brought in English, Irish and Japanese internationals and seems to have changed the attitude in the dressing room – that change, on its own, makes us stronger on grass if not on paper. HH

  18. would be great if we signed a player like Henry – physicality (defense and offense). Mobile, hold the ball up well – good for those dodgy pitches and is technically gifted. Henry and Kyogo – Sutton and Larsson

  19. Just wanted to read back. Was away and I left logged in.



    Come back and need to log in again.




  20. Good to see regular posters coming to the conclusion that JHB is an unbelievably arrogant shit stirrer. The arrival on the site and repeated sectarian lying seems to have been tolerated due to the political position he/she takes.



    Any multi moniker villains on today?


    Asking for a friend 🤫



    I missed the game at the weekend for reasons I won’t get in to. Watched the highlights and although I’m not getting carried away things are looking brighter, now is the time for the board to demonstrate real support for the manager. Get defensive options in place ASAP.

  21. Speaking to the official Celtic website, Kyogo said: “I had a really brilliant day and was a real joy to play my first match at Celtic Park in front of our fans. It was my first real experience of our great stadium and it will live with me forever.



    ‘Football is about supporters and about us as players trying to make our fans happy. It is why we play the game and we all enjoyed doing that yesterday.’



    “I would like to thank the fans for supporting me and the rest of the boys so well. Even though the stadium was not quite full yet, there was a phenomenal atmosphere and we could tell that our fans were happy to be back supporting the club.



    “I can see why people say it is one of the best stadiums in the world and one of the best atmospheres in football, and I can’t wait to feel it again when all our fans are back and the stadium is full.”

  22. The hand of God on

    Jon Dahl Tomasson obviously has done his homework on Sevco…hopefully on the field as well as off it.

  23. JoHannesBurg


    You are Dave King and I claim my 30 pieces of silver



    Everybody was warned about this guy by Delaneys Donkey and others from Sentinel Celts that he was a shit stirrer. I gave up on him about 2 1/2month ago when he was in discussions with Auldhead. He stated along the lines of;


    “I can put the cheating from Ibrox behind me because their punishment,to the lower divisions, ALLOWED Celtic to win 9 in a row”


    Rangers were NOT punished and the only people who Allowed Celtic to win leagues & trebles were Glasgow Celtic 1888 were players, staff and Celtic supporters


    Just ignore him and he’ll maybe go the way of the 1872 club from Ibrox

  24. FIELDOFDRAMS on 9TH AUGUST 2021 6:43 PM That naughty Mr Tomasson…





    The Naughty…but TALENTED Mr Tomasson !


    I hope his players of Malmo are talented and naughty enough to knock the Huns OOT ?



  25. Majestic Hartson……another way to look at it …..malmo maybe would have thought game over at 2 0… 2 1 they should have a different mind set….referee will be huge