Is a bit of Game Theory too much to ask?


SFA member clubs Hearts and Partick Thistle are “incredulous” that the SFA charged them for breaking SFA member club rules. In a joint statement of 83 words, which surely indicates that Ann Budge has lost her ability to both type and dictate, the clubs do not dispute the clarity of the rules, or that they broke the rules, or that when they raised an action at the Court of Session, the Court affirmed the action was against the rules.

In going to the Court of Session, Hearts, claiming £8m and Thistle, claiming £2m, wanted next season stopped, holding the Sword of Damocles over the game, hoping to force the SPFL to cave into their demands or see a scorched earth landscape for Scottish football.

I can only assume the plan sounded plausible when it was hatched by Hearts chief exec Budge and Thistle’s Jacqui Low, but before embarking on any action, you should always run through all options available to the other side, not just the fanciful ones you hope will happen.  Is a bit of Game Theory too much to ask?

The plan was brutally flawed from the off.  Had they read the rules, they could have gone straight to SFA arbitration, instead of incurring an unnecessary threat of expulsion from the SFA on the road to SFA arbitration.

Today, they complain about “escalating legal costs”.  If only they had spent money earlier on a lawyer, asking for advice on how to proceed within the rules.  Hearts and Partick Thistle were relegated for two reasons: Covid-19 ended Scottish football early and both clubs were outclassed on the field by every other team in their division, many of whom did so on a fraction of their resources.

They are possibly the two worst run clubs in Scottish football, and given some of the competition, that’s an incredible achievement.  This fiasco was an unnecessary self-inflicted wound.  It shows a lack of insight, poor forward planning, insufficient experience of the industry and a failure to take appropriate advice; features that are common in failing organisations.  All the polite media coverage of these two clubs has done them no good, it just emboldens them to ever-more dangerous positions.  It is easy and the popular thing to sound like a fan and act without consideration of the consequences, but when you are in charge, if you don’t run every scenario before acting, I can guarantee you will lead your club into turmoil.  The Budge and Low legacies will not be the fawning retrospectives you have heard until this point.

In taking their action, Hearts and Partick threatened the viability of the entire Scottish game.  Sanctions should be appropriate: suspend them from the League for one season.  I would let them continue in the Scottish Cup, four years on, Hibs fans deserve another fun day at Hampden.

And I’ve not even started on Jim Jefferies’ new position at Hearts, as they postpone the search for a sporting director.  A recent heart attack survivor who was sacked by Hearts nine years ago and went on to manage Dunfermline to two consecutive relegations, clearly demonstrates Ann Budge knows what she is doing.

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  1. I am in the unfortunate position that I cannot take the knee.



    This is due to both my knees being knackered, one due to a fall and the other due to old age.



    Can they not invent something else in a standing up position in order that I can show my support?



    I believe this is discrimination against the old, infirm and unfit.

  2. In 2016, Budge was awarded the SPFL CEO of the Year award.[14][15]




    let that sink in for a moment.

  3. From last thread:


    Are there any Joiners about these parts, VFR needs their services for work in St. Mary’s Calton urgently to have Church ready for Masses on Sunday. If you email me there details I’ll pass on details


    Thanks in advance.


    Services required today or tomorrow.


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  4. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Brilliant stuff Pablo. Respect.



    Coruscating and hilarious in equal measure.



    Just curious as to why you reined it in with “polite media coverage”?






    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  5. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    “The lunatic promptings of a couple of halfwits at Pacific Quay”



    might have been more accurate?

  6. “And I’ve not even started on Jim Jefferies’ new position at Hearts, as they postpone the search for a sporting director. A recent heart attack survivor who was sacked by Hearts nine years ago and went on to manage Dunfermline to two consecutive relegations, clearly demonstrates Ann Budge knows what she is doing.”



    Ooft! Why don’t you get off the fence occasionally Paul?



    (BTW I hadn’t heard about Jeffries. Comedy of comedies springs to mind. What a fud she is.)

  7. !!Bada Bing!! on

    I think I read there wouldn’t be a compulsory ‘take the knee’ when the league starts,no surprise there,but it would be down to the individual. It would be a thought for the Bhoys to do it in The Huddle,on our game v Hamilton.

  8. …..☘️☘️☘️☘️….








    …☘️……………. ☘️




















  9. I sincerely hope there is no pre match kneeling in scotland.



    There are many political or social issues on which football could use its global reach.



    Should a, quite dreadful, incident on another continent be marked in Europe? What about the many and continuing attacks against western people and ideals. These attacks took place in the counties- and often the cities – where football is most enjoyed. Paris, Nice, London, Bruges, Barcelona.



    Closer to home, James McClean also reminds us of another inconsistency in the latest thematic displays.



    Its virtually impossible to please all of the people so I’d be in favour of keeping politics well away from the touchline



    I appreciate my feelings may not be generally shared.

  10. ” and went on to manage Dunfermline to two consecutive relegations, clearly demonstrates Ann Budge knows what she is doing. ”



    Bbbbbwwwwwhhhhhaaaaaaa CSC 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  11. Bada Bing



    your Huddle/take the knee idea is great and would be a great visual in making the point too






    People who can’t kneel in church just bow don’t they? My doctor said my bad knee was just my age. i said ‘ but the other knee is the same age and it;s fine’






    Did Ann Budge black ball you from her lodge? 🤣

  12. !!BADA BING!! on 15TH JULY 2020 12:36 PM



    Thanks, I hadn’t seen that. Yes, good idea re the huddle v Hamilton.

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  14. Brilliant summation of the ongoing farce regards Hearts,Jags.Hardly a murmur of complaint,from our media.Instead they dredge up some nonsense from Dalgleish that it could end up,Null and Void.A result they still salivate about.No idea what a fair punishment would be,but it won’t be expulsion as the hysterical rags are mentioning.My only complaint is it leaves our league with 1/4 of the pitches,plastic.A shocking stat in our Premier League.

  15. Hearts are a basket case and I hope they get their asses skelped here.



    I hope Celtic players take the knee and across the team show massive solidarity for our highly talented and valued black players at the club. As a club open to all it’s very important we show how much we care.

  16. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Uncle Jimmy- like it or not, Celtic have always been a ‘political ‘ Club, just my opinion but it would be appropriate, to support a huge section of our fellow man,who have been blatantly oppressed, a sad fact in 2020,it would also be a support to our black players, both present and past.HH

  17. I sincerely hope that “Taking the knee”is not on the SPFL agenda.We have been fined countless times by UEFA,for Social Comment,Political,demonstrations at Celtic Park,why should this be the exemption.You want to demonstrate?.How about against the British Government resuming the arms sales to Saudi Arabia,so they can bomb,starve ,and murder millions,in Yemen.Or Ethiopia,Sudan,Eritrea,where millions are starved and murdered through the actions of corrupt,Black governments,and Warlords.Never heard a complaint from any highly paid footballer,Black,or White,on any of these historic,and present day atrocities.Give them a platform,which is trending,and they can show how much BLM.


    Not for me.Just a soundbite.The Media have already went on to something else,hardly a mention,erased from their memory,as it will be from the players once the “Knee”ritual ends.

  18. Celtic players should take a knee if they choose to do so. I hope that they do. Given how inextricably linked our Club is to liberation politics and protecting victimised minorities, it’s a cause that should be very close to our hearts.



    Public sports and politics have always been entwined.



    HH jg

  19. !!Bada Bing!! on

    2pm SS3,that’s when we were 5 up after about 58 minutes…..should have been double figures that day

  20. Uncle Jimmy @12.53



    What about the many and continuing attacks against western people and ideals.






    What does a ‘Western person’ look like?


    And what are their ideals?



    Wee Jeremie Frimpong with a smile to light up a room quoting the Bible ref kindness….or Nigel Farage preaching a gospel of hate?



    I know who I stand – and kneel – alongside.



    HH jg

  21. FRIESDORFER on 15TH JULY 2020 1:45 PM



    Is kneeling not in our DNA? Just saying like…






    Lol A,bet there is a load of tooth enamel atop lambeg drums in raging anger once any hun lurker understands your post….bless them 😊


    Hope your good




  22. FRIESDORFER on 15TH JULY 2020 1:45 PM


    Is kneeling not in our DNA? Just saying like…









    Made me smile.



    Recent colleague of mine, Ayr United season ticket holder, no traits of hunnery at all…..told me how he’d recoiled when the Minister asked him and his wife to kneel to be blessed at their wedding.



    Funny beasties, some folk.


    The more so given how beloved in the CofS is the hymn, ‘At the name of Jesus….every knee shall bow’



    (With Philboy being given a pass!!!)



    HH jg

  23. Paul67


    This fence sitting malarkey needs to stop



    Jim Jefferies ?. Back to the future .



    Philbhoy 12.14


    Jeezo ,in the last sentence of the above post I thought you had written discrimination against the old firm !!


    Whar’s my specks CSC ; -)))

  24. Richie #TeamOscarForever on

    UNCLE JIMMY on 15TH JULY 2020 12:53 PM


    I appreciate my feelings may not be generally shared.



    You’re not wrong there!




    Good article Paul. Didnae miss an’ hit the wa’ 😀




    If you’re new pills font agree with you get onto you’re GP. My father in law can have an adverse reaction to a different brand of the “same” medicine.

  26. JAMESGANG on 15TH JULY 2020 1:37 PM



    Indeed, it should be a personal choice. Saying that, I’d be very disappointed in any Celtic player that doesn’t.

  27. Turkeybhoy/Uncle Jimmy



    The issues you highlight in other countries are of course hugely important but if we try to fix everything at once or make issues seem better by comparison with larger issues elsewhere, we dilute the impact of what we do or in the worst case , do nothing.



    my 16 year old daughter used this argument when i complained when she pulled me up for perceived sexist comments. I said i felt hurt because my generation fixed the laws and lived as equals so why should we take the blame for previous generations and that she should target Saudi, Sudan etc



    She convinced me that no-one is condoning the behaviour elsewhere but we don’t live there and the best change you can make is in your own society. If there is still 10% sexism to fix we should fix it; irrespective of the fact it is 90% elsewhere.



    One of the few times i have been very happy to lose an argument❤

  28. CONEYBHOY on 15TH JULY 2020 2:38 PM



    Good point. The whole ‘ look how bad x/y/z is why aren’t you doing something about that…’ is often used as an excuse to do nothing. A bit like the ‘all politicians are lying scum’ argument. This only helps politicians who ARE lying scum (Trump/Johnson).



    Oh, and your daughter sounds like a very intelligent young woman, you must have a great wife :-)

  29. Frankterry



    thanks, i do have a great wife but she’s not into debating! The bairn takes after my side (clone of my sister). Been winning debates with me since she was 8. She keeps me honest and has the decency to accept that we went through a transition in terms of offensive behaviour from 70s till now. She thinks her generation have no excuses and should have a higher standard



    It is interesting that the BLM badges on shirts were allowed under EPL jurisdiction. Highly unlikely that it will be allowed under UEFA or FIFA

  30. CONEYBHOY on 15TH JULY 2020 3:19 PM



    Ha! I have a different problem with 2 boys – they can’t beat me in a debate but they are now taller and stronger than me so they can beat me up when i win the argument :-(

  31. Either way, you cannae beat (overcome!) your weans of either gender if you’re a mere male….in my personal experience!!



    HH jg

  32. ROBINBHOY on 15TH JULY 2020 2:06 PM




    Cheers mate, funnily enough I just got a phone call from a Nurse in a hospital and Ive to get a COVID Test in hospital next Monday because I have to have some horrible “Procedure” in hospital next Thursday which includes an Overnight stay.


    I told this Nurse about the new pills that Ive been taking for the last 10 Days, and the side effects… and she is going to call me back tomorrow once she has spoken to a Doctor etc .



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