Is it 1 or 12 in a row tomorrow?


So what’s this, one in a row?  It’s been almost four years since that night in Dundee but when the questions concerning ineligible players are eventually answered, who knows, it could be 12 in a row or more.  We’ll find out soon enough.

The margin of supremacy Celtic have this season means that when the inevitable comes, whether it is two weeks or more after the earliest date the league could be won, the celebrations will not be as acute as they were in 2008 or even in 2001, when we finally knew our long period underfoot was finished, however, this will be recorded as one of the most important season’s in our history.

The methods which were used to combat Celtic’s re-emergence under Martin O’Neill and then Gordon Strachan have been laid bare.  The “crash and burn” predictions that so many of us spent years talking about, while Celtic ‘lost’ trophies but paid their bills have come true.

Tomorrow will be a special day.  Enjoy it.

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  1. Margaret McGill on

    Look for the bears necessities


    The simple cheatin recipes


    Forget about your taxes and your strife


    I mean the bears necessities


    Old Mother Minty’s recipes


    That brings the bears necessities of life

  2. Good wee speculative article…


    …btw, huns are bams…they really are,and now EVERYBODY knows it! HH !

  3. In the end, joking aside,…



    Can one take pleasure in small business beint ###### by bigger/insolvent ones?



    If it comes down to politics or. SPL rules then isn’t the creditors list enough to dam* them?

  4. Hi Paul,



    In G.o.D. We trust.



    We knew the deck was loaded, proving it that was the problem.



    The flak the board, the happy clappers & of course your good self got in trying to follow the brave & true path was surreal at times.



    Enjoy your day tomorrow – tainted? This will be up their with ’88 & ’98.









    I can




  5. Margaret McGill on 6 April, 2012 at 18:26 said:


    Look for the bears necessities


    The simple cheatin recipes


    Forget about your taxes and your strife


    I mean the bears necessities


    Old Mother Minty’s recipes


    That brings the bears necessities of life




    Margaret…..would you consider writing the musical,"Moonbeams Over Govan."?

  6. West Wales Celt on



    Any idea if Strachs received such fawning First Ministerial praise on his footballing successes?



    Salmond’s letters are from a star struck fan.


    He should be known as dignity Alex from here on in…

  7. If we had that list of creditors (and I speak of those under 1K) I’m sure Traynor and Chico would be the first to criticise…

  8. Instead chico defends the indefensible and traynor goes on holiday.




    There we have the extent to whiuch succulent lamb can drive a man…

  9. Just watching some of the West Ham game.



    Anyone who thinks this is better fare than the SPL is delusional!!

  10. After all, were we not criticised by traynor for putting jobs at risk when we are actually a creditor of an insolvent rangers?



    Did we not have our crest cracked after losing a friendly in the States?

  11. mighty tim on 6 April, 2012 at 18:32 said:


    Bhoy67 I will do that mate. How old is your kid.



    He is 13 and his brother is 11, new troops for the terraces i believe.



    here’s hoping










  12. hamiltontim on 6 April, 2012 at 18:36 said:


    Said as much about the Reading , Leeds game earlier. That was even worse.

  13. Paul67 et al



    After everything that has happened since Tannadice, this title, whenever it happens, will be as sweet as any Celtic have ever won. It will be proof positive that, thanks to Fergus, Tommy, Wim, Martin, Gordon and now Neil that we are well and truly set for the 21st century, unlike our rivals, still stuck in the 17th. Kilmarnock have got it right this time around, but does anybody know if we will actually be presented with the SPL trophy if we get the point, it’s not stuck in some Glasgow pawnshop by any chance?

  14. Bhoy67 on 6 April, 2012 at 18:43 said:



    Good Mhan,hope you and your Bhoys enjoy


    yourselves tomorrow .


    Hail hail

  15. So, Tolbooth for half nine, Salty bus at half ten, then the Chadwick stand to see our Neil Lennon lift that trophy. Don’t imagine I’m going to sleep much tonight. Bring it on.

  16. St.John.Doyle on

    blantyretim on 6 April, 2012 at 17:51 said:


    any details re beamback for tomorrow?


    can’t see anything on web site





    My son told me about it so me him and my daughter are going along it is free entry but we phoned and booked 4 places and left our names. My 9 year old is looking forward to it she moans every game that I don’t take her but take her big brother.



    Sent you a text

  17. voguepunter on 6 April, 2012 at 18:46 said:


    Bhoy67 on 6 April, 2012 at 18:43 said:



    Good Mhan,hope you and your Bhoys enjoy


    yourselves tomorrow .


    Hail hail



    Cheers VP



    We plan to party with the rest of the faithful.



    You know i always go to the Vogue to watch the away games, must have seen you in there but did not know who you were, maybe next time i can say hello.



    Enjoy tomorrow yourself










  18. Its my 50th birthday tomorrow, I am hoping and praying that we win the league, its written in the stars.

  19. BT



    How’s the back?






    You leave from the Old Empire?

  20. Bhoy67



    If it’s a Sunday away game,I’m up in big G64’s ,a stagger away fae my hoose.


    Always stand at the bar next to lounge door ,mate.


    All the best.

  21. HT


    physio said bottom two vertebrae going back in a week..stretching excercises at the mo..



    time you away tomorrow..?

  22. Cathedral View :-) Liquidation may make things easier for the SPL and SFA to deal with. The issue is firmly on the agenda and will not disappear, even if Rangers do.




    Rieperman, I sure will.



    Margaret McGill, plenty more where that came from.



    Indio, ha! I need to find a way of using that url.



    Many thanks for reminding me about that one. I am usually only reminded of that after a defeat, does this mean G.o.D. is back on track?



    Suppose it does.



    Sixteen roads to Golgotha, thank you.



    Succulence, I have deleted a few of your comments, including one today. We have language rules, please observe.



    Steinreignedsupreme, aye, they’re waiting on the second coming of David Murray!



    Gordon_J, agreed.



    KevJungle, enjoy.



    Chairbhoy, yes, agree. This one is my favourite of the 12.



    West Wales Celt, no idea but somehow I doubt it.



    Art of War, I sure will. A bottle of the best French is chillin’.



    Celtic Mac, the SPL trophy will not be travelling to Ayrshire tomorrow but I hear it has been rescued from Govan.



    Swindonbhoy, have a great day and double celebration.

  23. Bhoy67 I will make a point of finding you and your 2 Bhoys Like you say it would be nice to meet other CQN punters and the future fans of course.




  24. BT



    Alcohol should always be permitted in the case of medicinal purposes :-)



    Bus leaving from CT’s at 10 so not too bad.

  25. Good evening CQN



    A flying visit, as I’m being dragged to see Wrath of the Titans by wee Lukey bhoy.



    I have had cause, not least because of what is happening tomorrow, to reminisce over the past day or so. In particular thinking back to that Thursday night up in Dundee almost 4 years ago. My life has changed significantly for the better since that night. Personally for me, tomorrow or whenever we win this championship will be the best ever, but for non-footballing reasons, for very personal reasons. This will be the first Championship I’ve enjoyed us winning, while being sober. The last two words in that sentence when used to describe me, are a miracle. So for anyone struggling with their demons, whatever they may be, PLEASE let me assure you there is hope and you are not alone.


    I will wake up Sunday morning having enjoyed winning this championship as much as anyone on here, but unlike past years won’t be dreading what I’d done the previous day or reaching for the bottle to satisfy an unsatiable NEED.



    Better go, but for all you bhoys & ghirls, have a great day tomorrow wherever you are, for you bhoys and ghirls struggling – there is people out there that have come through similar, there is hope, you are not alone – this maniac proves miracles do happen.







  26. Just come off the London to Edinburgh flight. It was infested by half a dozen MIBs (What’s the collective noun for MIBs? )



    Had that little toad Collum in my steely view. It took my dozens of years of unsurpassed dignity not to say something sarcastic to him.



    I can confirm he doesn’t have eyes in the back of his wee skull.

  27. Paul 67



    Wha french wine are you drinking to celebrate? A nice chablis or something fizzy?



    I have all chilling to perfection. Party starts tomorrow at noon.



    Then off to pittenweem for a week with mrs and my 2 celtic daft bhoys..

  28. Paul,


    I posted yesterday about the threat to Celtic’s income by the loss of fans who may desert Scottish football in the event of RFCIA Newco gaining immediate entry to the SPL.



    Do you know if our club are taking steps to quantify this risk?

  29. Brian



    The weans are asking why daddy is crying!!!!



    Even if in opposite ends tomorrow mate I’ll seek you out, great memories!! Now may the force be with you and young Luke :-)))

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