Is it 1 or 12 in a row tomorrow?


So what’s this, one in a row?  It’s been almost four years since that night in Dundee but when the questions concerning ineligible players are eventually answered, who knows, it could be 12 in a row or more.  We’ll find out soon enough.

The margin of supremacy Celtic have this season means that when the inevitable comes, whether it is two weeks or more after the earliest date the league could be won, the celebrations will not be as acute as they were in 2008 or even in 2001, when we finally knew our long period underfoot was finished, however, this will be recorded as one of the most important season’s in our history.

The methods which were used to combat Celtic’s re-emergence under Martin O’Neill and then Gordon Strachan have been laid bare.  The “crash and burn” predictions that so many of us spent years talking about, while Celtic ‘lost’ trophies but paid their bills have come true.

Tomorrow will be a special day.  Enjoy it.

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  1. Estadio on 7 April, 2012 at 10:23 said:


    A wee memory of Martin O’Neil





    Great wee poem Estadio. You have a great gift mate.



    God Bless The Glasgow Celtic

  2. saltires en sevilla on

    On days like this I think back to league winning days and recall that so many were missed due to work cicumstances and back luck the list is Lyon biddy long:



    Easter Rd 77


    Love st 86


    Paradise 88


    Tannadice 08



    Each time I have been with good Celts to help make it special … But nothing beats actually being there!



    Also thinking of that superb team Tommy Burns put together and how they deserved a flag…maybe soon they will have the justice they deserve




  3. Expecting a very tough game today, Killie will not lie down against us like they did with the fraudsters last season.



    Hoping we press their back four as they like to pass the ball about.



    Will gladly take a draw and put this farcical situation to an end.



    Praying that the board has something up their sleeves to get us out of this corrupt league.




  4. Neil Lennon is a craggy island gaa All-Star \o/ on

    scotlands shame on 7 April, 2012 at 10:29 said:



    kind of sums up their mentality to me, pal.


    It is they who cheat and deceive and yet they go about trying to belittle what we have achieved.



    Don’t they see that in trying to tarnish our good name, they only succeed in blackening their own even more?



    This is what they don’t seem to understand, be it Hateley, Burley or anyone. The Only thing tainted this year, and forever more, is The name of RANGERS FOOTBALL CLUB.



    Hail Hail



    craggy island gaa

  5. archdeaconsbench on



    I replied at 20:39 last night to BJmacs post an hour or so earlier… Aye, think it is the same boat you speak of… We’ll have a party the day nonetheless!!! HH

  6. Scotlands shame



    they don’t, won’t and never have got it



    integrity, fair play and common decency are not for them

  7. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    12 in a row 12 in a row goodbye goodbye


    12 in a row 12 in a row goodbye goodbye




  8. scotlands shame:



    It is the way ofthe hun, they are schooled in it. Do you remember uber-hun supper-sammy not warning us all on here a year or so ago that he/they would taunt/haunt us with our own words. “We will use your own words against you”.



    For them it is a game of delusion and denial – and if they repeat their myths often enough – then they do believe them and in their warped sick world… all is good.

  9. saltires en sevilla on 7 April, 2012 at 10:37 said:



    cheers bud enjoy your day in the big smoke.



    My first league win i can remember is Easter Road 77. I was 10.



    cant remember the game much, but we were in the big terracing.



    official attendance was 22,000.


    But it was nearer 35,000.



    Clear clear memory of getting to the top of easter road, and uncle duncan lifting me up to look back down the road and it was jam packed green and white mass of tims singing.


    come on you bhoys in green.

  10. Enjoy the day, everyone, wish I could be there.



    We have dreams and songs to sing.

  11. A 3-3 draw would be an amazing scoreline today. And it can be had @ 123/1 on Betfair currently.



    A 5-0 win is currently sitting @ 66/1, IMO it is a lot more likely to be 3-3.



    Long odds for the first but with the evidence of supernatural design everywhere, I think the odds are very tempting.

  12. Kit



    Give all my best to the best lookin girl in Brisbane and the ma two snakehuntin pals.



    There isn’t a day goes by when I don’t think of them (the snake hunters that is) jumpin on tap of me and wakin me up in the morning half an hour after me and you had finished our puttin the world to rights and also finishing that second bottle of malt!



    Hail Hail




  13. Scotlands Shame


    I am reminded of the poster on here who pointed out


    If the silver madalist in any olympic or any other competitions runner up (LOSER) has been caught drug taking ,perfomance enhancing(spending other peoples money) or just downright CHEATING.


    It has nothing to do with the winner ,Gold medalist ,SPL championeeeees


    But all to do with the tainted losers. IT SHUT MY BRO IN LAW UP INSTANTLY :)))))


    Have a great day one and all off to share the moment with friends.


    Till Laters HAIL HAIL

  14. Top of the morning to you all from a grey Fife.



    Not a bad day to win the league and I hope all those travelling to the game have a safe and successful journey, but don’t build your hopes up too high.



    Remember the lovely sunny day in Dunfermline when everything was set for a “stopping ten-in-a-row” celebration. Everything seemed to be set up for the party, and when Simon Donnelly scored it was a matter of how many, but no one told Dunfermline’s Craig Faulkenbridge and the rest as they say is history.



    Here’s hoping it is today but if not today then soon anyway.




  15. Nuclear Bovril and a Half Munched Pie on

    Think I will go with the old ‘telly sound turned down, radio commentary on’ trick to avoid the bitter tones of that uber-scrote, Burley. Begg etc slightly more bearable in an Idi Amin vs Hitler kinda way.

  16. up_over_goal



    Hail Hail m8,



    Have a wonderful day.



    I would say it is a Definite that Emilio will be playing today. ;))

  17. Heaven knows how MON or WGS won anything for us against the backdrop of Huns financial doping and the Masonic mibbery



    With that amount of assistance the rotten mob should be going for 20 in a row

  18. Serge



    I wish I was in Africa at least i would see the game!



    Finish Night shift at 11,30 and we have a boat drill at 12 , Oh happy day.




  19. Morning all.


    Today is not a gimme. It will be hard won against a team who know how to hurt us.



    Still, it is a day to savour and I look forward to watching it alongside Ard Macha, Tully57 and his people and Hail Hailplc.

  20. Estadio:



    I’m not just saying this and I kid you not, you are their favourite visitor of all time, their words.



    One day one of those poor snakes is going to take a bite of one of them.



    With a decent ref, tonight may well be the night they get their first ever glass of champagne.

  21. Saint Stivs


    My memory of 77 at Easter Road is of a freezing cold day and having plenty of room on the terracing. The last 10 minutes saw Danny McGrain pass back to the goalkeeper umpteen times. I think we had gone to Motherwell on the previous Wednesday and lost 3-0. :-)

  22. Estadio on 7 April, 2012 at 10:35 said:




    Gotta tell you,mate,I love your posts…always entertaining!


    H H !

  23. Bhoys in Ruabon north Wales.


    Don’t think I’ll even see it on telly. Sing up for the bhoys in.

  24. PF ayr


    The more cheating and corruption that is uncovered at debt mountain the more my respect and admiration for WGS grows he was in the eye of the hun storm and still left me with great memories.


    Cheated relentlessly the wee man stood up to them for us and is still doing it today. He maybe wasn’t everybodys cup of tea but the more I learn the more I see what he done.





  25. Estadio have a great day


    There will always be a gap in the bar at cheers bar downtown Sydney


    Another title day today


    My 1st would be 81, but can’t remember who

  26. petec



    The same to you, sir! Let’s hope we’ll all be celebrating come two o’clock. HH.

  27. bournesouprecipe,



    Those words were very powerful at the time and will IMO, be prophetic.



    Celtic are ready to go on to Great things.



    The crap we have successfully faced down is testament to our refusal to be beaten.



    Have a marvellous day my friend.



    To sit and watch the CHAMPIONS play.