Is it 1 or 12 in a row tomorrow?


So what’s this, one in a row?  It’s been almost four years since that night in Dundee but when the questions concerning ineligible players are eventually answered, who knows, it could be 12 in a row or more.  We’ll find out soon enough.

The margin of supremacy Celtic have this season means that when the inevitable comes, whether it is two weeks or more after the earliest date the league could be won, the celebrations will not be as acute as they were in 2008 or even in 2001, when we finally knew our long period underfoot was finished, however, this will be recorded as one of the most important season’s in our history.

The methods which were used to combat Celtic’s re-emergence under Martin O’Neill and then Gordon Strachan have been laid bare.  The “crash and burn” predictions that so many of us spent years talking about, while Celtic ‘lost’ trophies but paid their bills have come true.

Tomorrow will be a special day.  Enjoy it.

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  1. Charlie Nick


    Gorgeous Giorgios


    Dianbobo Balde


    Tommy Burns


    D.F. McGrain (and rodow1 says that’s a young Martin McGuinness with him. Who am I to argue?)


    Neil Frances Lennon and Stephen McManus

  2. Auld Neil Lennon heid on 6 April, 2012 at 21:11 said:






    Its getting so close you can smell it, feel it almost touch it. Not just a title, not just an excuse to party.



    Its a lot more than that.



    It is vindication.





    If we ever are vindicated Auld heid then you have more than played your part in the exposure of the criminality, which hopefully will be punished.



    Championship will help give us all a lift.



    Won in spite of the S.F.A.

  3. the long wait is over on

    Jobo baldie



    if ye dont mind me sayin’ yer answer to no 6 is the worst answer ive ever seen tae a celtic quiz, even worse than most of mine.



    theres only one conclusion – yer a h*n arent ye?




  4. CRC, will see first half, bit of skulduggery should catch all of secpnd half,chef has promised jelly n ice cream for a table for 4, H.H.

  5. celticrollercoaster says In Neil we trust on

    Chic Nic the p****






    Tommy Burns


    Alfie Conn & Danny McGrain


    Lenny & McManus

  6. hamiltontim


    I know the feeling well mate.


    I won`t sleep tonight.


    This means so much to so many people.


    I can see tears of joy tomorrow.


    Just love our club so much.

  7. celticrollercoaster says In Neil we trust on

    Champions Elect Leaderboard Round 3



    Factus 8 26


    Lostinbonnybridge is Neil Lennon. Get well Stan Petrov 21


    Jobo Baldie 20


    El Madrigal 18


    praecepta 18


    The long wait is over 14


    hamiltontim 12


    voguepunter 12


    Tooting Tim 10


    Stringer Bell 6


    79caps 5

  8. seanbhoy



    Never been one for actual tears at the football.



    I think tomorrow will be different.

  9. bjmac- Was thinking about you today, haven’t seen you post much here or on Twitter recently, but glad you are keeping strong, guys like you and archdeaconsbench are an inspiration to us all.



    Might bump into you tomorrow, Brian, if not will hopefully see you next Sunday in the travelling gazebo.




  10. hamiltontim on 6 April, 2012 at 21:44 said:





    Never been one for actual tears at the football.






    How could you no greet at that mhan?

  11. I’m only 21 points off the pace. I would easily turn that around, just like Celtic this season, but I have to go. Good luck to the bhoys tomorrow. Glory and, like someone said earlier, vindication awaits.

  12. evening all.


    Can I also put my name forward for the birthday squad. I will be celebrating a birthday tomorrow that belies my youthfull good looks.


    heres hoping is a good one

  13. Good to see a suitably sombre and respectful mood tonight. Tomorrow and Sunday are truly feast days and we shall have our day God willing. I am lucky to have secured a ticket for tomorrow, I grudged that lot the £30 , but at least I will be amongst freinds. I sat in the middle of a shower of them in 2003 and it took great patience not to get into a proper scrap, tomorrow should be justice in a sort of way.


    I am excited but feel strangely justified in watching our club bring home the biggest domestic prize.. Everybody enjoy the day sober or otherwise.


    Hail! Hail!

  14. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Sumdae suggested we pay some of thems debts like the paper shop and that?? Nae chance thems owe thems pay!!

  15. hamitontim


    Not ashamed to say I`ve cried over my team.


    My thoughts will turn to those loved ones who have passed away tomorrow when we become Champions.


    My mother and father will know exactly how I will be feeling.


    Hail Hail.

  16. Palacio67



    Next Gen final must have been played earlier (sun was shining).



    Inter Milan (10 men) hold out at 1-1 to win penalty shoot-out 5-3 .v. Ajax.



    Italian tactics never change (from boys to men) – big defenders, jersey pulling, fouling, arguing with ref – but they see it out.



    Our Bhoys could learn from them – both sides brilliant freekick takers!

  17. Have you heard of the big strongmen BJMac and archdeaconsbench my admiration knows nobounds for you 2 gents.


    Martin42 great stuff. I lost my best friend in 6 weeks ago, real good Tim and my Seville partner. My heart is full of mixed emotions for tomorrow as I know how much Tam would have loved it and enjoyed the demise of the orcs.


    they never die those that live in the hearts of the ones they leave behind.




  18. Baldie Bet Update



    Of my 6 bets at The Masters 3 have disappeared, however I have 3 more in the Clubhouse at…


    Rory (13/2 £2 win) – 4 under, 1 off the lead in 3rd place


    Sergio (55/1 20p each way) – 4 under, 1 off the lead in 3rd place


    Paul Lawrie (275/1 20p each way) – 3 under having just finished birdie-birdie-birdie – in 10th place



    But I’d gladly see big Jiminez (currently 4 under playing the 10th) winning a major.




  19. bjmac


    A truly inspirational post @ 19.01. Just want to add to the response on here from it.



    Enjoy ra morra….I’m gettin yon man united way about it too.



    Make yer way tae the Summer Hoose tomorrow and we’ll all toast the flag together…..I’ll make sure the kettle is on!!



    Ps – one other benefit for us is yer patter is marginally better now too.!! ;-)

  20. Hail Hail CQN.



    Celtic – In Your Face Scotland



    Celtic Championees.



    Neil Lennon has the attitude and the mental fortitude to take on the monster that is Scotlands Shame, and Scotlands Shame is all encompassing as we have witnessed over the last 3 seasons.



    This scum broke A good man, a brave man in Tony Mowbray in no time at all, up here in SCOTLAND.



    Tomorrow is going to be a good day for the Whole Celtic family.



    After what has came out, how anyone could or even would want to support Rangers is baffling in the extreme. There are still calls for this cancer to be placed back in to help save the game in Scotland. That is perverse stuff.



    12 in a row sounds ok to me, although it should surely be much more.



    I never thought I’d see Murray going to jail for what he has done but there must be a possibility of it now.



    Well Done Neil Lennon and all the Bhoys, there has never been a more deserving Title Winner than Neil Lennon after all he has gone through. This really has been a microcosm of the great cosmological battle between good and evil IMO, and there are millions, billions and more of these battles played out.



    My POTY is Sammi closely followed by Scott Brown, who just pipped Fraser to 2nd. This is a big game for all of these young men and there will be no one leading more than Sammi and I can see him scoring at least 2 tomorrow.

  21. celticrollercoaster says In Neil we trust on

    Round 4: If you know your league clinching history (2)?


    Foe each season in question, which did team we beat and who scored the Hoops first goal that day?


    (2pts per correct answer if you are first to answer correctly, 1pt if you answer correctly but not first. One submission only per round)
















  22. VP/seanbhoy



    Tomorrow night in a state of inebriation I’d normally phone my da and we’d have a cry together over the phone.



    I won’t be able to do that for the first time ever. So I’ll take a moment by myself and raise a glass to the man who gave me Celtic.

  23. Celticrollercoaster



    I shall be at game tomorrow in Moffat stand and can’t wait! Haven’t been to a title winning game since 2006 and JH winner against mini huns. Closest game of the season for me and will be showing off the hoops to the orcish locals before getting on the train feck them jelly and ice cream ya nuggets!

  24. 1. Dundee Utd, Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink




    3. St Mirren. Tommy johnson


    4. St Johnstone, Henrik Larsson


    5. Dundee, Andy Walker




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