Issue 7 of CQN Magazine out now!


Issue 7 of CQN Magazine is out now! We continue our campaigning focus on the crisis in Scottish football from recent weeks as well as delivering many great articles on Celtic.

You can get a glimpse of the magazine below but go to the dedicated magazine site here to read it properly (which you’ll not be able to do below). Nip to page 64 for my favourite article this month, comparing the age of the current Celtic team to some of our great teams from the past. It’s an eye opener.

A special word of thanks to Alex Thomson of Channel 4 News, who this morning got Uefa to confirm: “We are in contact with the Scottish FA and offering assistance”.

We have tons to talk about in the next couple of days, Brian Kennedy, Sailen Manna – don’t let me forget to talk about Sailen, Athletic (one of the most important cup ties in years?), Kenny Shiels (don’t underestimate this guy) and we have a Cup Final to look forward to! Struggling to fit it in but we’ll try.

We are now shipping hard copies of the magazine from the UK – and sold out last month (unlike Rangers tickets last week).  Order your copy by clicking on the link below.  If you want a copy shipped overseas (note, seas, not sees) email me, (for Britain and Ireland please use the link below).

Pay by card or Paypal – We don’t do clowns!

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You can support the online edition by making a discretionary donation here.  Thanks to James, Bart, Bobby and David, all of whom are probably still asleep, and everyone who contributed.

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  1. Paul67



    Amazing how you manage to get this info and contact people like Alex Thomson but MSM can’t.



    Cup Final this weekend. I so can’t wait for Sunday.




  2. kitalba on 16 March, 2012 at 10:09


    What a post. Just read Jamie Carraghers book and he says when Fergie comes on the telly he turns it up and hangs on his every word.



    Well big Jock does that ten times better than Fergie. Goosebumps watching that. Must have been how the old disciples felt when the big JC was talking :))))



    Agree also about the testimonials. Having been to many away from home the atmosphere from us has been like a hun/European game at times.



    It’s just folk like Giggs who stick in my throat. Massive support we took down for him then cheats us in CL at OT.




  3. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on 16 March, 2012 at 10:15



    ‘Murrays succulent hot dog’



    LMAO. Hilarious




  4. Cup final weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Wonder how many bids will materialize today. lol ….





  5. Following the comment from A.Thomson re.what he has heard about Celtic,I would suggest that Celtic FC (PL?) invite him to Celtic Park to discuss any issues he has heard about and provide him with responses.


    Working on the principle that we,hopefully,have nothing to hide or be afraid of,it would send an interesting message/challenge for others to be as open,honest and transparent.


    What do others think?

  6. RobertTressell at 10:15



    With UEFA now ‘offering assistance’ to the SFA, it seems to me that Stewart Regan is being presented with probably his best ever (and perhaps a once only) opportunity to prove if he is a figure of substance.



    As an outsider, it wouldn’t take much to convince me that within the claustrophobic corridors of the Hampden bunker, reeking of age-old brotherhoods and affiliations, tethered to the fast-sinking hulk that was once Rangers FC, it could be quite difficult, even for a good man, to steer a course towards the light.



    Furthermore, should the SFA’s ‘judicial panel’ meeting on 29 March agree/conclude that Rangers have been guilty of wide-scale failures to adhere to SFA rules, then unless this opportunity to ‘do the right thing’ is grasped by the SFA then the SFA itself may find itself in the dock at UEFA … with likely dire consequences for the SPL.



    With many indicators suggesting we’d be foolish to hold out much hope of a right and just outcome, it will be nonetheless interesting to watch how things pan out over the course of the next few weeks …




  7. After discussions with prospective buyers, the plan is to reveal the successful bid near the end of the season in May.



    Does that mean Duff&Duffer will be in charge until then and running up a substantial bill?

  8. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on 16 March, 2012 at 10:15



    ‘Murrays succulent hot dog’



    Just spat my tea all over the computer. Superb Aww Naw………..

  9. Paul 67 / All


    Re Alex thomson tweet


    alex thomson ‏ @alextomo Reply Retweet Favorite • Open


    @mccanna7 coz RFC’s the story not CFC – perhaps their time may come too tho, from what I hear.




    Can anyone expound on this? A worrying development. Why would he write this if there wasn’t substantive grounds for doing so?

  10. Kit.



    Wee Jinky looks like he’s playing against AC Milanda in that vid and not Real Madrid. Awesome.




  11. oglach on 16 March, 2012 at 10:37 said:




    There is bound to be something historical, just like with every football club. Maybe someone is pointing out the Juninho thing to him? Who knows? As I said on last article, there must be tit for tat or else there is a glitch in the Matrix.

  12. oglach on 16 March,10:37 said:


    Re Alex thomson tweet



    It’s the Rangers Trust and the usual Unseen Fenian Hand

  13. “perhaps” being the operative word there in thomson’s tweet; he’s probably been bombarded with all manner of Follow Follow fables regarding Dermott Desmond et al so its probably just a sop to the huns so he can say look, i’m being balanced



    seems he’s focusing more on the SFA which can only be a good thing: I wonder if we’ll get live footage nect week of him being called a liar by daryl broadfoot? :-)

  14. Morning all – Looking forward to the game on Sunday….Anyone got a spare ticket for the game? I can collect it anwhere within reason, anytime saturday or Sunday before the game…Thanks!!

  15. Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon on 16 March, 2012 at 10:35



    Just checked the weather after reading your post, and the sun will indeed have its hat on. Hip hip hip hooray




  16. Channel 4 will soon be on the huns’ banned list. All it takes is telling the truth about them.



    While it’s great that all of the attention is on what a shambles they are, a compare and contrast piece would be very welcome too.

  17. 31003 hey auld yin my brother had stents a couple of years ago and hasn’t looked back. Enjoy the final good luck for Mon. Hope to see you up the club soon hail hail pb

  18. O.G.Rafferty on 16 March, 2012 at 10:40 said:


    Davidopoulos on 16 March, 2012 at 10:39 said:



    Thanks Bhoys. I would be loath to step down from the Everest like moral high ground I have established in an office packed to the brim with hurting Orcs and sceptical Dons.


    It does seem strange that a reputable journalist would make such a flippant comment unless he thought he was on to something. I hope there aren’t any skeletons in the CP cupboards.

  19. oglach on 16 March, 2012 at 10:37 said:



    If there’s one thing Orcs are good at it’s ‘whataboutery’.



    Nothing to worry about, I’m sure …




  20. Glendalystonsils likes a mr whippy with his lime green jelly on

    I wanted to put a bid in for Ruingers but I’ve looked right through ebay and can’t find it.


    By the way, I’m not paying over the odds for them like Whytey did!

  21. Morning Bhoys



    Just came off of a call there with Paul Clark of Duff & Phelps thanking me for my submitted plan to buy Rangers.



    He asked me “And how do you plan to fund this mighty club?”



    I replied “I’ll take a pound out of the wee mans jar, simples”



    Stupid Huns

  22. oglach



    He would write that because :-



    1) The safest default position for a liberal journo is to not take sides and believe that both are as bad as each other.


    2) Rangers fans will have bombarded him with tales, both true and false, of our cheating on taxes via declaring low crowd figures in the 60s, and of our power in controlling the media because that is what Follow Follow and Vanguard Bears believe.


    3) He has a natural distrust of partisan information. If a Celtic fan states fact X, he will be sceptical about it until it is corroborated from a “neutral” source.



    What it does NOT demonstrate is that Mr. Thompson has any proven dirt on the Celtic Board.



    I have no great expectations about the wisdom of outsiders from “that there London (or Manchester)”, anymore than in the wisdom of returning ex-pats like Pat Nevin. Because they imagine themselves to be unencumbered by local or past prejudices, they mistake that for a position of objectivity.



    Alex may well have a fly kick at the local game when he pronounces but I do not expect any hatchet job on his Scottish Sports colleagues. Journos will close ranks too.



    I’m off out now.

  23. The Pantaloon Duck on




    Looking forward to reading Issue 7 :-)



    One Q – is it (or will it be) available as a PDF like previous issues so that I can download it and read it on my iPad??

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