It doesn’t look good, Guardian. It doesn’t look good at all


Last week’s advert in the Tribune de Geneve was in English, despite the predominant local language being French. The primary target audience were Uefa representatives and functionaries, who are not drawn from the local Nyon catchment area, and will most likely speak English, with secondary target audiences in the UK. I hear both targets were reached.

There was a short-lived chat about which language to run with in Switzerland, but consensus was quickly reached that English was appropriate and sufficient. No translation was ever made.

Very much related to this subject…….

There was an incident when I was at school (many years ago). Two boys had exactly the same maths homework. This would have been fine had the work been correct, but the made exactly the same mistakes, so the teacher had sufficient proof to establish that he didn’t have two independently produced pieces of work.

The class lesson that day was, if you’re going to coordinate a response, you better get your facts right, or you’ll get caught.

Shortly after the Tribune de Geneve advert ran it was brought to my attention that some regularly-hostile-to-Celtic online loons were running with a line that an English advert had been sent to Switzerland and a French advert had been sent to an English newspaper by mistake.

This was fanciful, but not worthy of attention, because as you now know, there was never a French translation of the advert.

You can imagine my utter astonishment, therefore, that The Guardian claimed they didn’t run the advert because it was submitted to them in French, despite, as surely the world now knows, no French language version of the advert ever existing!

“If you’re going to coordinate a response, get your facts right.” It doesn’t look good, Guardian. It doesn’t look good at all. You’ve been caught in PR vice.

You know how PR works in Scottish football. Celtic and most clubs play with a straight bat: “This is the news relating to our games and events”, but there are clubs, personalities and organisations which are only tenable because of expensive and persuasive PR.

You remember the Poppy banner issue, which became news a full two days after a game, by which time PR could persuade journalists to run with a story which until then had no news value. You are only too familiar with some of the vacuous characters ushered into the game by newspapers demanding Lloyds Bank approve a takeover, while PR spun incredible lies about finance and probity.

The next time Celtic, or their manager, is vulnerable on a subject, look out for this Malign Influence.  It battered Ronny Deila when he lost games, and recently went for Peter Lawwell.

My thanks to The Guardian advertising people, who confirmed to us this morning that the advert they received was in English. That’s the other thing about coordinating a Malign Influence, you need to get buy-in from a lot of people!


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  1. Come on the bhoys in green


    Come on the bhoys in green


    Come on the resolution 12 .




  2. You are here: Home » Campaign News


    Campaign News


    10/06/16 New Hate Crime Stats out – SG stumbles about trying to relate them to football fans!


    Below is the text of a press statement released by FAC this morning. We have just been told that Justice Minister Michael Mathieson is taking one for the team today – obviously Annabelle Ewing is too sharp to fall for that one! In saying that, he called his press conference at 9.30am so that the journos wouldn’t have time to study the new stats which were released at……9.30am!


    By all accounts his main discussion was regarding the Cup Final. FAC has not been advised whether anyone present reminded him that assault was a crime before the Act and will still be a crime when the Act is repealed.


    It is worth noting that during the 2015-16 season an estimated 2,059,219 citizens attended football matches in Scotland so that amounts to 0.01% arrests (not convictions) under Section 1 of the Act. The Cabinet Secretary’s repeated calls for punitive measures such as ‘strict liability’ is unsubstantiated by the Government’s own evidence base. Democrats and citizens of all political persuasion should take note and analyse subjectively the evidence available to them.



    More to be read click on the link

  3. This story gets more interesting by the hour.



    I imagine Roy G is mightily embarrassed at the turning of these events.



    Don’t think this (Res12) will be getting ‘filed’ in the ‘forget’ tray now.

  4. So, it’s possible that whoever managed to spike the Guradian (my own special typo tribute) ad has partially shown their ‘unseen’ hand.

  5. whitedoghunch on

    New research is showing that Champagne contains phenols that counteract age-related memory problems, such as dementia.


    post a casr of krug 2002 to the guardian x

  6. Afternoon all,


    Winning Captains – do you know If I did an order for a contribution and a book on the 19th if I should have received anything by now? no biggy like


    Ps Would have ordered a tshirt but would need 3-4xl and preferably a vneck – just for info




  7. Paul 67 Et Al,



    Could it be that the controversy surrounding this advert’s non appearance will result in more publicity than the ad itself .


    Is it possible that an investigation journalist may run with a censorship story rather than a purely football story ?



    It is entirely possible that the powers who seek to prevent the Res 12 advert have seriously miscalculated.



    Hail, Hail to all and especially to those who take the time, effort and indeed flak on our behalf.

  8. WC



    Can you keep us updated as to when the T-shirts are dispatched as the Spanish postal service is like Scottish Churnalism .




  9. Day by day, issue by issue, failure after failure, lie after lie, we witness the incompetence and utter hypocrisy of the SNP.



    Named Person Fiasco


    Education Standards Plummeting


    University Social Gap Widening


    Bridges Botched & lied about


    Farmers EU Grants Unpaid


    £76 Million Lost on VAT for Police/Fire



    Now blatant propaganda on so- called ‘hate crimes’ in an attempt to justify the OB act



    When oh when will the one million SNP converts ‘wake-up’?

  10. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Looks like someone is trying their “Level” best to make this go away…..

  11. WC



    Bigger size ? Whos been cliping , have you been talking to ACGR ? Did he get his Res 12 Onesie ordered !!!




  12. James Doleman ‏@jamesdoleman


    Going to be a tough month in the Ashley household now he has to pay the SFA £3,500

  13. I have been comparing circulation figures, comparing the Guardian to Private Eye. The Guardian is approx. 170k/daily and Private Eye, 220k/fortnightly. So for a one off advert, Private Eye would have more readers. However, as this is a satirical magazine, how many readers would regard an advert about Scottish football as serious and not some off the wall, alternative comedy? HH

  14. I’m away to translate the advert into French to see what all the fuss is about….



    At least I’ll be getting some use out of my degree…

  15. tomtheleedstim on

    Winning Captains – you’re doing a grand job.


    You have probably been down this route already but if you can’t get the ad published in Britain what about Ireland? The lovely Miss Rachel Lynch on twitter is “Celtic minded” and works for one of the Irish papers i believe.


    Just a thought.

  16. mullet and co 2 on

    So did Level 5s influence extend to the words put into the explanation from Greenslade this morning that the ad was received in French?


    The Guardian didn’t have to put that, they didn’t need to lie. This is a forced attempt by Level 5 putting or insisting on words being put out by the guardian to discredit the resolution and they have been caught.


    Let there be no mistake that we are dealing with a dangerous organisation who have the Intel to bribe several influential people.

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