It took my breath away


Celtic hunt in packs.

Leipzig possessed tremendous ability to switch the ball across the field with speed and accuracy.  Celtic hunted the ball down, packs of players swooped on the man in possession, then often switched to the other side of the field, before swooping again.

This took oceans of energy, but most of all speed.  How many times did you notice Callum McGregor or Ryan Christie scarper 30 yards at full pace, just to add defensive cover?  This is why Leipzig created so few good chances until the latter stages of the game.

Leipzig can do nothing about Forrest.

All they could do with James Forrest is get close enough to concede a foul and receive a caution.  The often showed James inside, but he can drop a shoulder and escape with the ball so well he was literally unplayable.

Tiredness before equaliser.

Before Leipzig’s equaliser the visitors had three substitutes on the field, whereas, Celtic persevered with the starting 11.  Rogic, Sinclair, Forrest and especially Lustig were tired.  I was desperate for Brendan to put fresh legs on.  Forrest was still capable of tormenting the Leipzig defence, so I was surprised when he was replaced with 7 minutes left, but Sinclair and Rogic both made significant contributions in the final minutes.

Peter, get ready for the summer.

We know the script when it comes to French under-21 internationals.  Leipzig could not get the ball off Odsonne Edouard inside the box.  Could. Not. Get. The. Ball. Off. Him.  There will be a clamour for this boy’s signature.  I know it’s the last thing we want and how difficult it is to continue to go to the well and get the same results, but this one is in the post.

McGregor, Christie, Sinclair, Forrest and Rogic.

Yesterday I wrote that I wanted these five tested at this level.  They determined Celtic’s entire structure and pace of play.  The result was that we played our best football in Europe for a long time.  They have already done the same to our domestic form.  We will need Scott Brown and Olivier Ntcham this season, but we cannot this midfield just to accommodate either of them.

Life’s great experiences!

The moment the stadium fell dark, bar spotlights on the centre circle, took my breath away.  For the next five minutes, I was mesmerised.  If life’s great experiences are truly priceless, the new light system at Celtic Park was worth every penny, whatever the cost.  60,000 people stood in awe, and there are a good few hardened cynics among them.

You and me have had some great times in recent years.

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  1. disvo lights, disco lights, disco lights,



    up up up and away,



    let me sow you our new disco lights

  2. What made Christie’s performance so remarkable was that he is so unused to playing at this level.

  3. Time for the dentist…but not before


    1) Name the only Scotsman to score in USA 94?


    2)1967 and 1970 European cup adventures Celtic played teams from the same country in the first round.Country?


    3)Who was the first foreign player to play European football for Celtic?

  4. 1) Name the only Scotsman to score in USA 94?



    famous castlemilk irishman ray houghton, with a famour goal.



    2)1967 and 1970 European cup adventures Celtic played teams from the same country in the first round.Country?



    zurich in 67, so switzerland.




    3)Who was the first foreign player to play European football for Celtic?



    edvaldsson ?

  5. Amazing game last night. It was live on German TV so I was able to get something of the atmosphere. The commentators, including Stefan Freund, were very complementary about Celtic’s play, singling out Brendan’s tactics and Tierney’s skill in particular. I didn’t know it before but they mentioned Leipzig had been looking to buy Tierney last season.

  6. I have always felt Kieran Tierney would become a great player. He did last night. I have never felt that Calum McGregor would become a great player. He proved me wrong last night. MoTM imo. Ja,es Forrest possibly played his best ever game, As for Odsonne Eduard, quite possibly the best of the bunch. Oh to have the lhad Benkcovich signed up for life……………………



    We have the makings of a very very good team.



    Thank you, Brendan Rogers and each and every player.



    Great being a Celtic supporter today.

  7. DBHOY, That was a great wee tune, never hears of it before. Terrific atmosphere by the look of it.

  8. Yes,it was a fantastic display,but once again,the whingers are out in force.”Waste of money”.”Could havel spent the money on a RB,CH”.


    The money spent has nothing whatsoever to do with the transfer budget.Like the new pitch.The Celtic Way,the Fan Zone.This is money targered for improvements to Celtic Park and match experience.


    Cue the “Should have spent the monely on new toilets,new catering”.


    Waste of time.Seems we have a lot of Bill Leckies in our support.Just love to help our detractors out.


    Loved every minute of last night,from the lights ,to the display on the field.


    Unless there is a fix in,we are right in this group.

  9. Last night was a proper, fighting, and vibrant Celtic European display.



    I have seen many of these over the years, since my first one against Basle (before we started calling them Basel) in 1974.



    But sadly, even after last night a major question needs answering……






    Why does Jamesie Forrest not have a song?

  10. I think the much criticised “Disco Lights were a success. It helped build the atmosphere for the Fans and they in turn roared on the team. Did the lights make a difference? who knows. They certainly made the night memorable for me.



    The Investment in the Sound and Light systems at the Stadium are aimed to attract other events to Celtic Park and are not solely for European nights. Heineken Rugby Final being a case in point. Music Concerts and other one off events are also possible. This will add turnover to the club and ensure that profits are secured. To have a stadium there and to be unused for over 300 days a year is not efficient use of resources.



    In addition, perhaps the most important result will be the upgrading of the stadium status into the elite status which could perhaps help to convince ECA or UEFA that Celtic belong in the top tier of European Football. We have a small National TV audience and any other advantage will need to be grasped. It may not work but it’s at least an attempt to get us in with the Big Boys

  11. Much has been written of late re our tendency to concede multiple goals, in quick succession, in Europe.



    Contrasts with last night where we took the imitative after the equaliser.



    Massive improvement in concentration and confidence.



    Looked like another classic night under some contemporary lighting.



    Well done to Brendan and the Bhoys!

  12. What is the Stars on

    Lets not get carried away



    This team still lacks a Scape Goat



    What happened to the Efe money



    Lawwell Out

  13. Bhoy Joe Belfast



    I would like to appeal my 2 out of 3 score.



    Charlie Gallagher was a Republic of Ireland International and played for Celtic in 67 before Shuggy. He famously took the corner for Big Billy to head the winner against Vojvodina.



    Given that Charlie was a Glaswegian but in football terms he was Republic of Ireland of Ireland and played for their team twice in 1967

  14. No we cant get Benkovic,but as I said recently,I would push the boat out to try and keep Boyatta,who was once again immense last night.Might not be on,but a sincere effort to keep him should be a priority.


    Felt sorry for big Mik last night,in the final 20 minutes,his legs just could not keep up.God knows how knackered he was,when you looked at the exhaustion on the faces of the youngelr guys like Christie at the end.They did a fantastic job.The sheer energy and will to win shown was the difference last night,against a top team,at their peak in the Bundeslig.


    On to Livingstone.

  15. On the analysis angle Celtic have something to think about re the right wing pairing of Lustig and Forrest.


    The latter has certainly been on great attacking form but it is the performance of his defensive duties that have upped his overall game.


    However the conundrum is: is the former at the expense of the latter because of the defensive cover Forrest provides for Lustig when he ventures forward?


    Perhaps I’m being greedy and I think Lustig has been a terrific player for Celtic, but is his position one that would enhance the overall performance of the team if someone of his quality, but with faster recovery, that Celtic would do well to recruit or is there a right sided Andy Robertson coming through?

  16. JTT53


    Gerry Cinnamon


    Not your average conventional music artist.


    Got a following by posting his tunes on Facebook and gigging, to my knowledge he hasn’t used any record labels to promote or produce his music. Not everyone’s cuppa but I like a lot of his tunes.


    Wee gallous guy fae Castlemilk. I hadn’t heard of his stuff till someone posted it on here.



    Great source of all different kinds of music is CQN




  17. Rod seems to be getting to a lot more games these days.Always a pleasure to see him there.Great ambassador for the club.

  18. my biggest compliment to james is he is now a man, no fear, no self doubt, he gives it his all now.



    not feart of getting hurt, he has even added a wee bit of cynical fouling to his game..



    he had a great game last night.

  19. Auldheid



    I noticed a couple of times last night when Celtic were up the field for corners etc. in the second phase Forrest dropped back so he was nearly the last man, I assume, so any breakaway by the opposition could be snuffed out by Celtic’s quickest player



    Thought it was smart

  20. Paul 67,



    Agree with everything in your article. I notice you mention Scott Brown. What do we do with a fully fit Broonie? It is certainly a good dilemma for BR.



    I really hope that when SB gets back in the team our tempo does not change. It would dreadful if he took any flack for a reintroduction of the passing back and sideways game.



    I am not saying that will happen, but Broonie is a Celtic legend and we should always be mindful of that.




  21. When Celtic disappoint in Europe I often find myself thinking, why? Why do i bother getting so into it? So worked up before a game, so invested?


    Same thing when players leave for money, tearing the heart out of a team which has been years in the making, I often find myself think, why bother getting so worked up about it, why care so much that it upsets you?



    Well, last night is why.



    Last night was amazing.



    Thank you Celtic.

  22. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ AULDHEID on 9TH NOVEMBER 2018 11:58 AM



    At present we have a marauding left back who is equally adept in defence as he is going forward, while our left winger is solid if unexceptional (on current and recent form); on the right side of the pitch we have a right winger who commits defenders and terrorises defences with his pace, while our right back is solid in defence but poorer going forward and is in decline due to his age.



    I believe it’s better to have this kind of imbalance as opposed to a dominant wing and a poor relation on the other side of the park. However, I believe improvements at both LW and RB would really put us on a different level.

  23. But the Irishman’s face fell when asked by BBC reporter Jonathan Sutherland how confident he was of qualifying due to Leipzig’s head-to-head and goal difference advantage.



    The Celtic boss snapped: “Well, typical Scottish, you always bring a negative onto a very positive night.



    “The most important thing was to win and win well and I think that we did that. There are still a few games to go and like I said we will do our best.”



    Yet more bile from our national taxpayer funded broadcaster …..

  24. Rangers (IL) going after Willie Collum through statement-o’clock and Traynor’ laptop poodles. Collum has now withdrawn from Hibs-Dons match on Saturday, I understand.



    In 1969, Rangers protested in the media about referee Jim Callaghan after John Hughes was not sent off for a foul on Willie Johnson at Celtic Park. Callaghan was suspended by the SFA and his Grade 1 career ended.



    I am defending neither referee, but there is a supervisor system in place to monitor the performance if referees. Rangers. In both versions. have form in going public and it may be notable that both referees had something in common.

  25. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ GREENPINATA on 9TH NOVEMBER 2018 12:10 PM



    We certainly could have used Broonie’s presence in the last 10 minutes last night.



    The team on the park just now are fantastic but we have limited options on the bench last night. I look forward to having Broonie, Ntcham and Griff back in contention. I think at least two of those three would have made an appearance last night from the bench.

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