It took my breath away


Celtic hunt in packs.

Leipzig possessed tremendous ability to switch the ball across the field with speed and accuracy.  Celtic hunted the ball down, packs of players swooped on the man in possession, then often switched to the other side of the field, before swooping again.

This took oceans of energy, but most of all speed.  How many times did you notice Callum McGregor or Ryan Christie scarper 30 yards at full pace, just to add defensive cover?  This is why Leipzig created so few good chances until the latter stages of the game.

Leipzig can do nothing about Forrest.

All they could do with James Forrest is get close enough to concede a foul and receive a caution.  The often showed James inside, but he can drop a shoulder and escape with the ball so well he was literally unplayable.

Tiredness before equaliser.

Before Leipzig’s equaliser the visitors had three substitutes on the field, whereas, Celtic persevered with the starting 11.  Rogic, Sinclair, Forrest and especially Lustig were tired.  I was desperate for Brendan to put fresh legs on.  Forrest was still capable of tormenting the Leipzig defence, so I was surprised when he was replaced with 7 minutes left, but Sinclair and Rogic both made significant contributions in the final minutes.

Peter, get ready for the summer.

We know the script when it comes to French under-21 internationals.  Leipzig could not get the ball off Odsonne Edouard inside the box.  Could. Not. Get. The. Ball. Off. Him.  There will be a clamour for this boy’s signature.  I know it’s the last thing we want and how difficult it is to continue to go to the well and get the same results, but this one is in the post.

McGregor, Christie, Sinclair, Forrest and Rogic.

Yesterday I wrote that I wanted these five tested at this level.  They determined Celtic’s entire structure and pace of play.  The result was that we played our best football in Europe for a long time.  They have already done the same to our domestic form.  We will need Scott Brown and Olivier Ntcham this season, but we cannot this midfield just to accommodate either of them.

Life’s great experiences!

The moment the stadium fell dark, bar spotlights on the centre circle, took my breath away.  For the next five minutes, I was mesmerised.  If life’s great experiences are truly priceless, the new light system at Celtic Park was worth every penny, whatever the cost.  60,000 people stood in awe, and there are a good few hardened cynics among them.

You and me have had some great times in recent years.


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  1. Stuart Dougal and Kenny Clark must be away on holiday……..nothing on backing Collum anywhere to be seen…….

  2. My fitba’ insight is as limited as it is anywhere but I would have been tempted to give Christie the motm.


    My reason , he performed immediately like he was meant to perform at a higher level, wheeras, and no harm to him, Big Mulumbu – a veteran in comparison, froze. He’ll come good though domestically.



    There were no failures last night, only team players, combining well.



    Take a bow Celtic.




  3. So many players have elevated their performance levels and are hitting heights previously not seen in their careers. It’s really exciting to watch these players in that upward trajectory, interesting to see how good some of our young players will become.


    Even Broony who’s hardly up and coming has played his best football in the last couple of seasons.



    It’s primarily because of the ways and methods of Brendan and his coaching team imo.


    They’re doing a brilliant job at improving what we have .



    A few quality additions can take us up another level.





  4. BB- I thought Forrest took his game to a different level last night, ran them ragged, closed them down,covered back,outstanding game.

  5. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Rather than do an in-depth analysis I will simply say well done and thank you to the following for a fantastic performance:


    Craig “went up for a corner” Gordon –


    Mikael “legs have gone” Lustig –


    Dedryck “should never wear the Celtic shirt again” Boyata –


    Filip “if he was any good he would still be at Leicester” Benkovic –


    Kieran “not as good as Robertson” Tierney –


    Callum “lightweight and no use defensively” McGregor –


    Tom “drive him to the airport” Rogic –


    Ryan “never a Celtic player” Christie –


    James “brings nothing to the team” Forrest –


    Scott “one season wonder” Sinclair –


    Odsonne “backup to Dembele and Griffiths” Edouard –


    and the man who assembled these duds:


    Brendan “found out by Murty” Rodgers –


    Current Europa standings:


    Crisis club Celtic (average league position of opponent = 2nd) 6pts.


    Steven Gerrard’s unbeaten, marauding super-charged machine “Rangers” (average league position of opponent = 11th) 5pts.

  6. CELTIC are delighted to announce that Olivier Ntcham has signed a new four-year deal which will see him remain at Paradise until at least the summer of 2022.

  7. The light show was good, i expect it will improve with time as the tech people at celtic park get used to the system. The light are far cheaper to run so will save celtic money longer term. Simple fact is that it is a win win.



    First time in what seems a longer time that celtic turned it on in europe. Proud for the team. The pace, power and energy in the team caused problems for RB all night longer.



    We need a gk who can pass out better, a right back with legs (lustig has been great but age is catching up with him). With Boyata going out of contract and benkovic on loan we could also do with a quality centreback to partner ajer moving forward.



    But those are problems for another time, for now celtic fc thankyou for a great night.




  8. Last night was one of those performances that I’d worried we’d seen the last of. It also showed we’re still capable of competing with and beating good teams from the best league. They were in form, and genuinely played all out to win.



    I don’t think you can overestimate the importance to the squad and management of a night like last night.

  9. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Two of the best moments for me were Forrest defending in the right back area (around half hour mark?) and getting the ball upfield and Christie taking the ball down the left wing in injury time. Both summed up the overall effort of everyone last night.

  10. Wouldn’t be averse to giving Boyata a big deal,anyone offers more than £10mil,he keeps the rest, everyone a winner

  11. mike in toronto on

    Some random thoughts from last night…



    We may have sprung a bit of a euro surprise last night, but teams scout, so Teams will have noticed. That means we will have to be even better next time. As P67 said, it puts players in the spotlight for bigger teams, so management better get busy and have targets listed for every position. RB is a must, as is LB. great LB’s are as rare as hens teeth. I thought KT was immense …more performances like that and the big boys will be circling.

  12. Celtic burying good news the day after a great result! 😁🍀 Grest news about Ntcham.



    Bada Bing the wee twitter video is a belter!

  13. I posted yesterday that if former ROIRL manager, the legendary Jack Charlton, was giving apre match team talk in the Celtic dressing room he would say ‘lads we have to compete and put ’em under pressure’ and that’s exactly how Celtic did it.



    This was the best football game I have seen in a long time and plaudits must go to both teams for giving us a thriller with both sides playing attacking football on full throttle. there was no comparison between last night and the game in Germany – this was high octane stuff. Celtic were the better side and deserved the victory with a brilliant team performance.



    it was inevitible that the Germans would score at some point during the ninety minutes so you cannot blame any of the Celtic players who just got on with it and swept down the field and answered with a brilliant winning score. Both our central defenders excelled in the air and crisp accurate ground tackling was faultless.



    The one downside was the introduction of Mulumbu and his lack of game time could have cost the team. He is a good player but would was way off the pace in a high octane game like this. The lad Benkovic is some player pe3rhaps if Boyata is for the off and the transfer fee we get could be used to sign the Croatian on a permanent deal, no doubt we would have to add on another few million to get the lad.

  14. Hankray- I said in the 2nd half last night, because the game was so quick, it would be hard for a sub to get to the pace of it.HH

  15. GlassTwoThirdsFull on



    I’d go along with that. “The Belgian” was outstanding last night.


    Wouldn’t be surprised if Fulham come back in Jan though. Their defence has been awful and they would probably be prepared to spend big to try to stay up.

  16. The sonne et lumiere last night was great and the pitch lighting was another level up on before. Better than normal Glasgow “daylight”. Good investment for the longer term I think.



    There is a possibility (remote I acknowledge) that RBS, RBL and Celtic could all and up on 12 points. Should this happen, here are the rules to separate the teams:



    16.01 If two or more teams are equal on points on completion of the group matches,


    the following criteria are applied in the order given to determine their rankings:


    a. higher number of points obtained in the group matches played among the


    teams in question;


    b. superior goal difference from the group matches played among the teams in




    c. higher number of goals scored in the group matches played among the teams


    in question;


    d. higher number of goals scored away from home in the group matches played


    among the teams in question;


    e. if, after having applied criteria a) to d), teams still have an equal ranking,


    criteria a) to d) are reapplied exclusively to the matches between the


    remaining teams to determine their final rankings. If this procedure does not


    lead to a decision, criteria f) to l) apply in the order given to the two or more


    teams still equal;


    f. superior goal difference in all group matches;


    g. higher number of goals scored in all group matches;


    h. higher number of away goals scored in all group matches;


    i. higher number of wins in all group matches;


    j. higher number of away wins in all group matches;


    k. lower disciplinary points total based only on yellow and red cards received in


    all group matches (red card = 3 points, yellow card = 1 point, expulsion for


    two yellow cards in one match = 3 points);


    l. higher club coefficient (see Annex D)




    Based on these, no team would qualify on point a. as they would all have taken 3 points out of the games between the 3 teams.



    Likely that point b. would apply with us losing out to RBL and having to beat RBS by 3 goals in the final match. Even that depends on the RBL/RBS match in which it would be to our advantage for RBL to win by > 1 goal to reduce RBS’s positive goal difference so a lower win against RBS would suffice.



    It’s been a long week – my head cannot process any more scenarios.



    Off to Rusacks in St Andrews for a couple of nights and don’t need to worry about Celtic until Sunday.

  17. Glass2- Fulham look certs to get relegated, I think Boyata will wait till summer, and go on a free transfer. HH

  18. Bada Bing……….The Germans I’m sure were mightily relieved to see James Forrest being taken off. Mulumbu has impressed me but you cannot go into a game like this being played at a hundred miles an hour if you’ve had no game time for a long period of time.

  19. bigrailroadblues on

    Good afternoon all from the Laurieston Bar. See you all tomorrow at the hoot. Ya drunken rabble. 😂

  20. Wouldn’t be too hard on Molumbu. That game was a raging fire when he came on, it would have been extremely difficult to slot in seamlessly.


    Yep he did cause a few missed heart beats but I would start him against Livingston.


    Artificial surface, difficult team and just 3 days after last night’s heroics, think we will need a change or two in our starting line up.


    CQN is a pure joy to read on days like this but be warned they will come back. they haven’t gone away, you know.

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