It took my breath away


Celtic hunt in packs.

Leipzig possessed tremendous ability to switch the ball across the field with speed and accuracy.  Celtic hunted the ball down, packs of players swooped on the man in possession, then often switched to the other side of the field, before swooping again.

This took oceans of energy, but most of all speed.  How many times did you notice Callum McGregor or Ryan Christie scarper 30 yards at full pace, just to add defensive cover?  This is why Leipzig created so few good chances until the latter stages of the game.

Leipzig can do nothing about Forrest.

All they could do with James Forrest is get close enough to concede a foul and receive a caution.  The often showed James inside, but he can drop a shoulder and escape with the ball so well he was literally unplayable.

Tiredness before equaliser.

Before Leipzig’s equaliser the visitors had three substitutes on the field, whereas, Celtic persevered with the starting 11.  Rogic, Sinclair, Forrest and especially Lustig were tired.  I was desperate for Brendan to put fresh legs on.  Forrest was still capable of tormenting the Leipzig defence, so I was surprised when he was replaced with 7 minutes left, but Sinclair and Rogic both made significant contributions in the final minutes.

Peter, get ready for the summer.

We know the script when it comes to French under-21 internationals.  Leipzig could not get the ball off Odsonne Edouard inside the box.  Could. Not. Get. The. Ball. Off. Him.  There will be a clamour for this boy’s signature.  I know it’s the last thing we want and how difficult it is to continue to go to the well and get the same results, but this one is in the post.

McGregor, Christie, Sinclair, Forrest and Rogic.

Yesterday I wrote that I wanted these five tested at this level.  They determined Celtic’s entire structure and pace of play.  The result was that we played our best football in Europe for a long time.  They have already done the same to our domestic form.  We will need Scott Brown and Olivier Ntcham this season, but we cannot this midfield just to accommodate either of them.

Life’s great experiences!

The moment the stadium fell dark, bar spotlights on the centre circle, took my breath away.  For the next five minutes, I was mesmerised.  If life’s great experiences are truly priceless, the new light system at Celtic Park was worth every penny, whatever the cost.  60,000 people stood in awe, and there are a good few hardened cynics among them.

You and me have had some great times in recent years.


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  1. On the light show… I’m sure it was great in the stadium, watched on Celtic TV and thought it was a little underwhelming. It will get better. They need to play some great Celtic songs and sync up the lights to that. It’s shouldn’t be a separate entertainment experience from the game. A few fireworks thrown in would also be fun.



    I am comparing to a light show I saw at MN Vikings recently




  2. What a time to be alive. And isn’t it just phenomenal being a tim.



    The future is most definitely bright.


    Ntcham 22, Christie 23, McGregor 25


    The heartbeat of our team for years to come .. hopefully



    Tierney and Edouard.



    This side needs only minor tweaks to be the full bhoona on the European stage.



    A younger more athletic right back would be nice.


    The centre half position, although sound at the moment, will come back into focus in a matter of months

  3. didnt see the game last night, by all accounts it must have been a strain on the old ticker but a great watch.



    anyone have the goals or highlites.

  4. mike in toronto on

    `JTT…. thanks. Lovely piece. Had never heard that version, but really nice. Thanks.



    Corkcetl …. “they haven’t gone away””….



    For fox sake ….how many times do I have to tell you guys? ‘I AM ONE OF THOSE GUYS”… and I am here pretty much every day.



    Why do bloody neganon and Kev get all the credit for being the only mineshafters that count …. sure, with their movie star good looks, and dulcet tones, they get all the atteniion … but, it violates our Mineshafter constituion, and, frankly, really rubs the rest of us the wrong way ….we mineshafters are, in effect, an anarcho-syndicalist commune. We take it in turns to act as sort of executive officer for the week… …but all the decisions of that officer have to be ratified at a special bi-weekly meeting…..by a simple majority in the case of purely internal affairs.. but by a two thirds majority in the case of more…



    You get the point. I just dare Peter Lawwell to say ‘let them eat tunnocks’ to my face, and see what happens…off with his head!




  5. Would be surprised if the manager of Salzburg did not ensure that his team gives nothing less than 100% against Leipzig in the next round. After he watches the video of last night’s game then he isn’t going to run the risk of getting beat a Celtic park and not going thru because he deliberately played an under strength team against Leipzig. They may have joint owners in red bull but the Salzburg manager owes nothing to Leipzig.



    Enjoy your afternoon in the Laurieston , will see you tomorrow i shall be part of the drunken rabble !

  7. Awesome performance last night from the whole team and management.



    Well done Celtic , Brilliant stuff.




  8. Quantum,



    I hear you. I also don’t buy into any prospect of Red Bull collusion.



    Talking about 2 highly credible / professional football teams. From the team Managers down to the players, I’m not sure personnel of their ilk can go out onto the pitch with any other motive than performing well and playing to win.

  9. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    BIGBHOY @ 11.55


    Just in from dentist appointment.Dont think CG will take kindly being called a ‘ foreigner’ but I do take your point.BIGBHOY to reclaim your point( I am open to being corrected ) who was the first non-scot to play in a European game for Celtic?I get my stuff from old books,Celtic view’s, programmes and other sources.I enjoy the camaraderie that exist'(s) in CQN and like to pose questions for fun and to stir one’s memory banks.


    Celtic to be enjoyed supporters club.

  10. However, Schafer in Leipziger Volkszeitung best described the experience. “Sorry, Borussia Dortmund, sorry Besiktas, but Celtic Park and the Celts top everything that RB has experienced since its inception in 2009. “The fans of the Scots live up to their reputation as the world’s best fanatics, driving their Bhoys in Green for 94 minutes to the deserved victory, celebrating every duel, profane interjections and corners. “They also celebrate themselves, their loyalty, their songs. The history of the cult club, founded in 1888 by the Irish clergyman Brother Walfrid, looms over everything, the score is decorating accessories, the big picture more important. “Celtic season tickets are traded like gold dust and carry the inscription: “A Club Like No Other” – a club like no other.”



    Read more at: https://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/teams/celtic/a-club-like-no-other-german-press-react-to-celtic-s-win-over-rb-leipzig-1-4827101

  11. A club like no other’ – German press react to Celtic’s win over RB Leipzig


    fieldofdrams on 9th November 2018 3:27 pm


    Thought I would print the whole report !


    The German press were full of praise for Celtic and Parkhead as Brendan Rodgers’ men defeated RB Leipzig with a fine performance, bringing themselves back into contention to reach the Europa League knockout stages



    Leading German sports magazine Kicker admitted that Celtic’s win was “surprising but not undeservedly” so, impressed with the team’s reaction to taking the lead early on. “The goal provided a visible reaction among both teams: While RB pulled out and repeatedly offered room to counter-attack through errors in midfield, the hosts increased the tempo significantly.” Celtic’s approach to the game and general attitude was widely praised in the German press.Bild’s Yvonne Gabriel said about the opening goal: “Celtic executed a lightning fast free-kick, while Leipzig are still adjusting.”And added: “The Scots were initially snappier than Leipzig. They won almost all important duels, also have better chances.”The writer was not impressed with the German side, starting the match report with one word: ‘Schnarch’ – which translates as snore.



    Leipzig were said to have a “sleepy appearance” and called the team only coming alive in the second half as “incomprehensible”.Guido Schafer said Celtic “were more awake, faster, better” in Leipziger Volkszeitung, while Suddeutsche Zeitung commended the Glasgow side’s “fiercely fighting players”.Two individuals in particular were pinpointed as key men by Kicker.They wrote: “The speedy (James) Forrest, in particular, repeatedly presented (Marcel) Halstenberg, who had earlier replaced the injured (Marcelo) Saracchi, with problems. The lively (Odsonne) Edouard also caused danger in the RB penalty area on several occasions.”



    Leipzig coach Ralf Rangnick lambasted his side in the press as the team’s ten game unbeaten record came to an end.



    We have defended negligently on both goals,” he said. “If you make up for it (going behind) with so much effort, you cannot concede another goal within ten seconds.”



    Marcel Sabitzer appeared to be taking part in a different game.“We were clearly better,” he figured. “We had quality on the pitch and had huge moments. That annoys me extremely.”His assertion was not supported by Suddeutsche Zeitung, one of the biggest and most popular newspapers in Germany.“RB Leipzig has to sweat to progress in the Europa League after an annoying setback in Glasgow,” they wrote.It was a lament after the away side were initially “unfazed by the impressive backdrop at Celtic Park at first, the Leipzig players started the game in a highly aggressive manner”.Yet, as the game transpired they recognised that even if the German team had their strongest attackers it would have made little difference such was the difficulty in breaking down Celtic.They said: “In the front, moments were clearly missing due to the absence of (German) international Timo Werner (toe bruise) and Yussuf Poulsen (back problems). Both strikers would have gotten no opportunities due to lack of creativity of the Leipzig.”



    As ever Celtic Park came in for much praise. RB Leipzig had taken their largest away contingent for a European match with 2,200 making their way to Glasgow. Kicker stated: “Many Leipzigers did not want to miss this experience!”And it appears the ground’s mystique was not lost on the German press with some reports referring to the stadium as a ‘Hexenkessel’ – a witch’s cauldron.However, Schafer in Leipziger Volkszeitung best described the experience.“Sorry, Borussia Dortmund, sorry Besiktas, but Celtic Park and the Celts top everything that RB has experienced since its inception in 2009.“The fans of the Scots live up to their reputation as the world’s best fanatics, driving their Bhoys in Green for 94 minutes to the deserved victory, celebrating every duel, profane interjections and corners.“They also celebrate themselves, their loyalty, their songs. The history of the cult club, founded in 1888 by the Irish clergyman Brother Walfrid, looms over everything, the score is decorating accessories, the big picture more important



    Celtic season tickets are traded like gold dust and carry the inscription: “A Club Like No Other” – a club like no other.”

  12. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    The level of performance attained by certain players over the past few weeks has proved I know nothing about football.



    On this occasion I’m more than happy to be proved wrong.



    Last night was phenomenal.

  13. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    If that was Leipzig ‘sleepy’, I would not want to play them when they were fully awake.



    The tempo from start to finish was remarkable

  14. mike in toronto on




    I think we did catch a break last night with Werner and Poulsen missing for them last night ……. Werner is a German international who has blossomed since he joined them, and scores better than a goal every two games for them, while Poulsen is less prolific, but at 6’4″ is a beast who can cause problems for any defence with his size

  15. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    A bloke was touring the USA on holiday and stopped in a remote bar in the hills of Nevada.He was chatting to the bartender when he spied an old Indian in the corner.He had tribal gear on,long white plaits wrinkled face.Who’s he? said the bloke.That’s the memory man said the bartender he knows everything.He can remember any fact.Go and try him out’.So the bloke goes over thinking’s he won’t know anything about Scottish football.Who won the 1957 Scottish League cup final?he asks.


    Celtic replies the memory man.Who did they beat? ‘Rangers’ came the reply.And the score? 7-1.Who scored the seventh goal?


    ‘Willie Fernie’ was the old man’s reply.The bloke was so knocked out by this he tells everyone back home in coatbridge.10 years later he went back to USA ,to Nevada and the very bar.Sitting in the corner was the old Indian.


    Because he was so impressed the bloke decided to greet the Indian in his native tongue.He approached him with the greeting ‘HOW ‘The memory man replied’penalty kick 90th minute’

  16. Got a text from my daughter yesterday morning saying her 3 year old cockapoo ‘Jenson’ couldn’t stand up – had been fine the previous evening when I walked him. She took him to the vets who kept him in for tests and observation. So it was a worrying day – the vet couldn’t find a definite problem but thinks it may have been abdominal related. Charged £500 for the privilege. Luckily covered by pet insurance.


    I used to wonder how people could get so emotionally attached to pets. Well yesterday was my Damascus moment.


    Fortunately today he seemed almost back to his old self if a little subdued.




  17. Mit



    I don`t think you need to worry too much that Kev and Neganon will receive all the mineshafter accolades.


    Your response to what those of us lucky enough to be at the game considered an inspiring performance was that :


    a`) Celtic were good but it is likely that we won`t be good enough next time;


    b) KT will be leaving soon enough;


    c) Mikel Lustig , current Swedish Internationalist, is finished;


    d) We were lucky that two of their players were unavailable .


    I would say your mineshafting status remains secure.




  18. Bournesouprecipe, did wee Willie not get an Office job in education, so he is not actually in a school at present? But that would not change the mind of your water taker friend., would it?



    When does the strike start? Surely they can not put it off for too long. Oh, but wait. Did we not have first class referees the time that they carried out the last strike. Perhaps they don’t want to let us see once more what objective refereeing is like.

  19. CONNAIRE12



    The entire infrasucture of the administration of Scottish Football from top to bottom is on the brink of collapse amid chaos,…………….. because a Sevc got two yellows



    Level 5 csc




  20. Wee Budgies manifesto………….would seem to preclude any of the controversial floral arrangements much beluv’d at this time….

  21. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Still on a high from last night and the birth of another granddaughter this morning.


    It has all been said about the game, but does anyone else think that Calum has experienced a Bobby Murdoch transformation, when he dropped deeper into midfield?

  22. GENE on 9TH NOVEMBER 2018 5:23 PM



    Off to Norfolk tomorrow for a week – have a great day all those going to Bobby’s hootenanny





    Enjoy East Anglia!




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