IT troubles and Celtic v Hibernian Live updates


Like many of you, I struggled to get logged on with my Pass to Paradise for the Ross County game yesterday.  On the one hand, I was frustrated, but on the other, I had a bit of sympathy for the IT guys, who would have been in the eye of the storm.

Before you deploy a new system, IT will want a trial run to prove that the concept works in the environment.  Most commonly, for systems that are a bit leading edge like the one Celtic bought during lockdown to broadcast games, you are likely to stress the infrastructure in ways that the dozen-or -so earlier adopters did not.  During the trial, the vendor, not just the customer, will often discover things they did not know.

I’ve been there.  Irate customers waiting to buy, while the issue gradually escalates up the customer’s chain of command, with each level of the food chain one telling you how much money this downtime is costing them.  “Today is supposed to be the trial” is what you want to say, and it’s the truth, but you bite your tongue, block the noise out and get on with finding the fix.  All this happens while you communicate tersely the vendor, without going overboard, because at this moment, you need them more than they need you.  Software is not a business for the anxious.

I know it was frustrating, but I thought IT did well to stick the stream onto YouTube and get the login process working before halftime.  If only every workaround I’ve been involved with went that smoothly.

Live updates of Celtic v Hibernian will appear below – Pass to Paradise permitting!

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  1. Thull git less than 4 for Fat Charlie.







    Less than 4.








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  3. Celtic announced the VST went well




    That was you and around 20000 others ( YouTube showed 30000 viewers, Celtic announced 500000 in total dialled in) didn’t get in until around the 40th minute of the 1st half


    Me included 🤔

  4. Celtic TV,worked like a dream yesterday.Picture quality in HD is first class.Celtic really dragging the Barkas deal out.With Big Peter doing the negotiations ,tha last time the Greeks had a battle like this,300 Spartans were involved.

  5. What is the Stars on

    My pass work perfectly


    Really clear picture and sound,Absolutely no issues


    God Bless Peter Lawwell,keeping the green flag flying despite the malcontents,begrudgers and naysayers

  6. Rock Tree Bhoy on




    “Ajeti is keen to secure first-team actionnext season and the prospect of Champions League football with Lennon’s side appeals to the youngster”



    Leigh Griffiths is not going anywhere, Klimala has bulked up and will expect game time, and then there is Vic Bayo although its rumoured he may be going to St Mirren on loan,



    So – is Eddie on his way out?

  7. Today’s starting line up v Hibs ……


    Hazard; Ralston, ElHamed, Welsh, McInroy, Soro, Robertson, Karamoko, Ntcham, Henderson, Klimala


    Subs: Doohan, Connell, Griffiths

  8. Cormack of Aberdeen,telling us all that Scottish football is not being run properly.


    This from a guy that locks out at least 5,000 Celtic fans from Pittodrie.Probably,same with Huns,then says his club is losing money.

  9. cqn naesayers bingo ………………… who will be first up to slag off team, players, manager, coaches …………



    surely someone has something to say about that team selection.

  10. A lot for us all to watch today.El Hamed at CH,Soro,full game,Karamoko on from the start.

  11. kevinlasvegas on

    Great second team, lots of exciting players in there, be good to see Soro, Paddy, Elhamed and Leigh. you Welch and Hendo as well. Lets see what Oli turns up today as its a low key event.



    Mon the Hoops



    My VST was flawless as well, pic quality and sound a million times better than usual CTV and yeah great idea to stick it on youtube,







  12. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    Thank ghod the fitba’s on, been pacing about the garden


    all day waiting on the bhoys.


    Looking forward to seeing some of our subs getting game time.


    Who will show us they should be in the first team ?


    El Hamed, young Karamoko,, and will Griff make a few people eat


    their words? hope so.


    Right bring it on bhoys.


    H.H. Mick

  13. TV logged in ok – intersting to see if any of this team apart from Ntcham and Klimala plus Griff can get into serious contention for 1st team squad.


    Hope they progress Ajeti and Barkas this week, a good boost for Sunday

  14. If Celtic get 40 Million for Edouard and Ajer grab it with both hands which I think will happen ,Get another Goalkeeper a Centre Half another Striker ,give Tony Ralston another season ,don’t know if we could convert Tony into a left back,I don’t think Taylor is going to make at Celtic,as Boli his time I’m afraid to say is over.

  15. Melbourne Mick on




    Agreed, that would give us all a boost, right! over to CTV now, I’ve


    been a big critic of it in the past but so far it’s been first class.


    H.H. Mick

  16. Celtic TV up and running, but I’m probably first out of the traps today. Sometimes excellent, sometimes less so, over the last few years.





    Cormack wasn’t calling the shots at Pittodrie until last season, and is only now beginning to make his mark. Dons fans who inhabit the section next to away support ( the wind-up merchants, of whom I know a few) are being encouraged to move to the Merkland Road ‘stand’ – opposite to what used to be the Beach End, but is now the monstrosity called the Richard Donald Stand.


    Many have moved their season tickets there.


    It wouldn’t surprise me if they were to extend the allocation of away support for Celtic and others.


    He might be a lot of things, but he’s a successful businessman, and he’ll know how to maximise revenue on matchday, especially when taking it from opposing fans.


    That said, he might turn out to be as much of a twat as his predecessor 😂

  17. I received an e-mail claiming to be from Paul67`s Twitter account saying this:



    ” Celtic Quick News




    CELTIC are on the brink of sealing a season-long loan deal for £8million West Ham forward Albian Arjeti. Neil Lennon …”


    but when I clicked on it i was told `Page not Available` sohaven`t a clue if it authentic.


    Time to see if my VST is as successful as it was yesterday.

  18. CaddingtonCommon on

    The biggest transfer fee paid by Lille was in season 19/20 and was circa 18 million euros. Because of lockdown I doubt if 1/3 of that figure will be achieved.


    Whatever they pay for Fat Boy it will not be the same as released by the DR.

  19. BREAKING! Hearts and Partick Thistle LOSE their case in an attempt to overturn relegations at an arbitration hearing

  20. fluttering flags atop the north stand roof , makes me wish I was at Celtic Park, what a sight it is.

  21. I can get the game on my PC but my Samsung Smart TV browser won’t


    accept my log-in details.


    Anyone else with same problem?


    Hail! Hail!

  22. When the Colombian leaves then I think we will see the beginning of the end of another ‘chapter’ at Sevco.



    Signing any decent proven players in Scotland is hard right now, even with money. Few will come to a backwater league.



    ‘Gerard appeal’ will count for little vs a 3 month period until deadline day. Few agents will want their top players sold early in the window for less than potential when all other leading leagues are still shopping.



    The chinks in the veneer appeared yesterday when Gerard spoke publicly for the first time of his board needing to release funds to improve the team and that finding money was not his responsibility.



    The Colombian bounty, whether £5m £10m or £15m won’t be delivering what the restless natives, or their leader expects.



    NB We will have similar challenges in getting top talent who will enhance our team in the door. We start in a better place though.

  23. TURKEYBHOY on 27TH JULY 2020 11:55 AM



    So the season we are going for the 10,you would sell 3 of our best players.



    Just a tad controversial.Dont you think.






    As much as I like Ntcham he’s not a guaranteed starter.

  24. ADI_DASSLER NOT FOR 2ND BEST on 27TH JULY 2020 11:33 AM


    Thing is it isnt truth until it happens.



    GENE on 27TH JULY 2020 11:36 AM



    It’s an opinion – just like mine






    The thing is, we’ve all supported Celtic long enough to know the script.



    These guys didn’t grow up dreaming of playing for Celtic. We were an opportunity to further their career. I’ve no doubt that Edouard, Ajer & Ntcham will have enjoyed their time at Celtic but they will want to further your career.



    We want young prospects from abroad. We want agents telling their players “Go to Celtic, you can enjoy yourself and develop before moving on elsewhere”



    Just like Moussa, Virgil, Victor & Fraser.



    We’re the biggest team in Scotland by a mile. You have to back yourself to remain dominant without Ajer and Edouard.



    If the money is right.