It was always going to be like this, Stevie


It was always going to be like this, Stevie.  You have the resources to comfortably be better than Aberdeen, but you don’t have the experience to put those resources to effective use.  You were knocked out of the Scottish Cup, not because you or your players didn’t try hard enough, but because you are new to management and it is not all about “wanting it” in an ever-louder-higher-pitched voice.

Celtic will eventually lose a cup game, the randomness of chances scored and conceded guarantees it.  When they do, you have as much chance of benefiting as anyone else, but you will need to be good enough to outsmart decent managers with a fraction of your budget, and you are not there yet.

Your employer needs to come up with an apparently viable strategy to win the league each season ticket renewal time.  The City trader with the brain the size of a planet failed, as did the exotic European with a hotline into desirable, cheap and untapped player markets.

You are there because the best talent in England, if not the world, will batter down your door in order to play for you.  That was the ‘elevator pitch’ last year.  It is not because they think you are a great coach, they know you are not.

If you want to succeed, stop bringing in midfielders from Dundee and sign the next Steven Gerrard.  That is why you are in the job and if this cannot be done, you will fail.  In the meantime, all you will achieve is to turn your fans into a cash cow for the rest of the league.  Which is nice, but is ironic, given your own club’s financial perils.

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  1. Ray Winstone's Big Disembodied Heid on

    I was thinking more along the lines of what VIZ would call a Sheriff’s Badge.

  2. Bankiebhoy


    I saw that. The impression I took from it was that they (BBC) were saying that Aberdeen have improved against the OlD Firm except Celtic !!


    A ridiculous piece .



  3. FAN-A-TIC



    Yer a bad man, Pedro has got Celtics best interests at heart Shirley Taegod:))



    Seriously though I’m intrigued to see who pops on on our radar for the job.



    Jose for Celtic:))




  4. Hot Smoked………



    Yep. A piece, possibly manufactured for them and they’ve just run it, but a noticeably higher Level on the





    I doubt we’d have heard the same had we been the protagonist last night……….for me, that’s the nuanced issue.







  5. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    I’m always amazed about the fondness of the sheep because they


    hate the hun………………….they are a rancid mob looking forward to


    destroying them in the semi-final.




    Classic case of “my enemy’s enemy is my friend”


    Hate the huns, but only intensely dislike the Sheep.



    Unfortunately, that’s how the cookie crumbles. C’est la vie.




  7. The Battered Bunnet on

    Next manager of Celtic FC?



    The mould was cast with MON; ‘British’, mid-late 40s, 5 years experience with an EPL club, earlier success at progressive levels.



    Following MON, WGS was straight out of the MON mould, British, mid-late 40s, 8 years experience with EPL clubs.



    BTM was the MON/WGS-lite option, British, mid-late 40s, but with only 1 season in the EPL during which his side were relegated.



    NFL broke the mould, and at huge risk. His development as a manager was predictably haphazard in his first two seasons, following which he broke through as a manager of some substance.



    Replacing Lenny with RD was in some respects, a shot to nothing. Ronny was a capable guy, promising but unproven, at a time when Celtic’s budget dwarfed the other clubs in the league. The budget proved decisive, while the appointment criteria are unlikely to be repeated.



    BR indicated a return to the well=pressed mould – British, mid 40s, 5 years EPL experience, earlier success at progressive levels.



    Who’s next? I think we’ll stick with the mould. Shouts for Martinez fit the bill – mid-late 40s, 5 years EPL experience, earlier success at progressive levels, and although he’s not British, he’s lived in the UK most of his professional life, including local to Glasgow, and language is not an issue. His deal with Belgium might be though.



    The closest profile to the “mould” is Sean Dyche. British, 47 years old, 4 years EPL experience, earlier success at progressive levels. If there’s a long list, he’s on it.



    Eddie Howe also fits the bill, if a little young (41, his career started early) and although Chris Houghton is older (60), he was 50 years old when he got his first job, his career fits the profile and he’s worth a shout too.



    There was a time when Paul Lambert’s career was on the perfect path to land at Celtic Park right about now, but he’s had some setbacks in recent years, and having signed up with Ipswich just 5 months ago, is unlikely to figure.



    Similarly, David Moyes, who lost out on a coin-toss to BR last time round. While he has depth of experience no other candidate can offer, equally he’s been a bit of a football tumbleweed since he left Everton 6 years ago. I think Davie’s ship sailed when BR got the gig.



    And of course, there’s Lenny, the man in the box seat, and who was not pressed out of any mould, let alone Celtic’s. Although it’s worth noting that he’s 47 years old, and has 4 years experience (3 of them good) managing Celtic at home and in Europe. Whether Lenny’s aptness to flash his knickers at passing EPL clubs has been moderated by his experience subsequent to leaving Celtic 5 years ago is unknown, although to be fair to him, he now knows the grass is greenest on this side of the fence.



    Basically, if it’s not Lenny, expect someone whose profile maps pretty closely to MON’s at June 2000.




  8. T’was keeping half an eye on the BBC website last evening for the Aberdeen, Steven Gerrard’s Sevco Rangers encounter.



    Anyways I’m sure most are au-fait with this…



    At the top it gives you a header with the score, below the score is the minutes played (or HT or FT)



    Below that any scorers or cards (minute of event)



    So it opened just as you expected… 0-0






    Rangers 0 – 1 Aberdeen


    ……………………….McGinn (3)



    Oh dear thought I. Had a quick peruse of the updates on the timeline comments..:)))



    Anyway left it a wee while, came back and refreshed again…



    No header on the game.. Eh



    Just (small) bullet point summary of both replays and the updates and timeline comments below, like they do for Wycombe Wanderers games.



    The game had been demoted all of a sudden from having it’s own webpage. I’ve never seen that happened before… Ooops, what’s going on…



    Had a vision of the Ger in charge of updating the feed seeing Steven Gerrard’s Sevco Rangers gifting the goal after three minutes and thinking…



    Sod this fur a gemme of sooggers – I’m off down the pub!!



    If so… Good shout…



    Hail Hail

  9. Hotsmoked



    Michael Stewart is a typical Edinburger with a history in scottish football, as he ( who did nothing in football apart from making a name for himself) was very critical at the time of the great John Collins at Hibs who was a real sportsman. Collins was a rugby guy as well , because he came from Galashiels in the Borders where rugby is the punters´game and he was a success!!!, Even that didn´t endear him to those in the legal and financial capital of Scotland. I wonder what kind of person you have to be to please them??? He was solid gold for the scottish game but because he made the players run he was hounded out. BTW It´s alright if the also great Jock wallace did it.The latest pundit Thomson played for my local team St Mirren and maybe the Huns, I really don´t know, and now he is catapulted / parachuted into the media. He should be nowhere near Derek Johnstone who was a legend in scottish football whether we like it or not. If Jimmy Johnstone had been played in 74 and Derek Johnstone in´78 Scotland would have roared more. Similarly if MacAvennie and/or Nicholas had played in 1986 instead of Paul Sturrock we would have had more strike power. Seemingly Dalglish refused to go because Ferguson didn´t take Hansen. Where are the specky studious football geeks who pontificate about the scottish game looking back at the history of the game,, leaving aside club loyalties as much as possible, CQN, among many other things, has been a marvellous forum to combat the anti Celtic narrative from the shortbread media. The next battle is combatting the anti FOOTBALL media/narrative in Scotland. They are privileged and unrepresentative. It might be the starting point… First they came for Morelos´s mother………

  10. Scrolling back, in relation to Rim Tim Tim’s post, I agree the Aberdeen banner referring to El Buffalo’s mother was disgraceful and the fact it was written in Spanish doesn’t lessen the fact. Apparently they smuggled a mattress into Ibrox last night as well, surprising that they haven’t been pilloried by the MSM. If Celtic Supporters had done it . I can only imagine the furore.


    Delighted to see Old Tim posting, great ghuy & a great post. Old Tim is a Legend & my type of Tim.




    Interesting analysis. Of course the Board have decided 4-2-3-1 should be played throughout the Celtic teams since Lenny’s first appointment – might be the reason for Ronny coming in from left field.



    Although anyone who fits your profile will fit that bill these days…



    Seen a shout for André Villas-Boas which, has a lot of ifs & buts attached to it, but for me could be a good call – kinda fits your profile.



    Of course his salary and recruitment budget might mean we’re into BR territory again!!



    Hail Hail

  12. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Aberdeen v Celtic



    Sunday 14 April 2019 (kick-off 2:00pm) | Live on Premier Sports



    Hampden Park, Glasgow



    Ticket prices are as follows: 



    North and William Hill South Stands – Adults: £30 Concessions*: £15



    East and West Stands – Adults: £20 Concessions: £10

  13. Wish we would forget about newco , we need to concentrate on our own club . nothing is certain with us at the moment , we can’t continually play especially against the better teams with players not showing up . We will need a team primed and everyone ready with there sleeves rolled up to get stuck in , because in the semi and the end of the month against them you can bet your boots they will be up for it . Hopefully we will have some of our top players back as we will need them . We have work to do to get the treble treble .

  14. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Aberdeen’s record this season against two other teams who share a city and nothing else.



    P3, W0, D1, L2



    P5, W3, D1, L1



    There is no O*d F*rm.



    Hail hail

  15. !!BADA BING!! on 13TH MARCH 2019 6:10 PM


    Aberdeen v Celtic


    Sunday 14 April 2019 (kick-off 2:00pm) |


    Live on Premier SportsHampden Park, Glasgow



    Ticket prices are as follows:



    North and William Hill South Stands – Adults: £30 Concessions*: £15



    East and West Stands – Adults: £20 Concessions: £10




    When do they go on sale BB?




  16. !!BADA BING!! on 13TH MARCH 2019 6:22 PM



    OneM- not sure mate




    Cheers my friend




  17. jimtim @6-10 so do I, ihate the feckers,why do I hate them, because they hate me, my football club and my religion, is that not enough.hh.

  18. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    The Battered Bunnet


    Interesting post.


    Martinez would be a good choice, but I just can’t see him leaving Belgium before the Euros.


    Of the EPL ones you mentioned, Eddie Howe would be by far the best fit. Clear, defined identity in his style of play, very similar to BR.


    I’d see what Zeljko Buvac is up to. Klopp’s assistant at Mainz, Dortmund and Liverpool. Left at the end of last season. Good for developing a counter-attacking style which we should be using in Europe.


    Slaven Bilic, Adi Hutter, Marco Rose, Abelardo Fernandez, Quique Setien, Simone Inzaghi, Gian Piero Gasperini, Daniel Farke…….


    Lots of names you could throw around. I’d start with a profile and work from there. I don’t see how Neil Lennon takes us forward from where BR has taken us. Popular with the support, cheap, available and desperate for the job, but I don’t think any of those should be deciding factors.


    Big fork in the road for us. We have always been poor at strengthening from a strong position. This time we surely have to do it.

  19. lets all do the huddle ? on

    the aberdeen fans spent most of the game on saturday chanting a variety of paedo ditties at us



    i admire their hatred of the hun



    i admire their joy when they pump the hun



    but their fans are a shower of vermin



    and i hope we waste them in the semi

  20. TBB et al — The manager debate



    BR raised the bar — you get what you pay for.


    Looking forward to the next steps for the club then we need to aim high.



    BR @ June 2016 — Right guy for the job.


    CFC @ June 2019 — BR is not the right guy for the job.



    Too much ego, too much tinkering, too many team selections that do not make sense.


    Not enough planning — succession planning and scouting — and not enough nous in Europe.



    Consequently we need to keep what BR left where is a leader.


    And look for someone who has a more complete understanding of the game.



    Push the budget up to £5mill all in for the manager / coaching / analysis staff.


    We cannot afford ready made players at the top level but we can afford the best coaches.



    Cut back the wages at the exec level to help pay for this investment.


    The main point is that investment in the coach has worked.


    Now we need to kick on.

  21. Are we at a fork in the road?



    We are at No 8 of 10. To me,this is not the time to change tack. We should stick to the model we had and this seems to be Lennys view. It is a risk, for example, to prioritise Europe progress ahead of Domestic success. It could cost us.



    We have had Lennon, Deila, Rodgers and now Lennon again. If we want the 10 then we should try and operate in the same manner. This doesn’t mean we cannot change but these changes should be reactive not proactive.

  22. Mad Mitch,



    I’m impressed, no mention of PL’s renumeration.



    Seriously I agree with what you say. However if NFL delivers the goods and conducts himself befitting of a Celtic manager, then how can we bin him ? ( Industrial language for want of a better word )



    There must be an incentive for Neil beyond a few months for answering our needy call.




  23. FRIDAY 13TH


    I’m not superstitious, and it was an uneventful day today. I feel all right, and my weight is 58.5 kgs.



    I was not so tired today, but my back gets sore now and again sitting in the bed. I didn’t get the Irish News, which makes me think there is probably something in it that they don’t wish me to see, but who cares. Fr Murphy was in tonight for a few minutes.



    The Screws had a quick look around my cell today when I was out getting water. They are always snooping. I heard reports of men beaten up during a wing shift …



    Nothing changes here.



    Sean McKenna (the former hunger-striker) is back in H-4, apparently still a bit shaky but alive and still recovering, and hopefully he will do so to the full.



    Mhúscail mé leis an gealbháin ar maidin agus an t-aon smaointe amháin i mo cheann – seo chugat lá eile a Roibeard. Cuireann é sin amhran a scríobh mé; bhfad ó shin i ndúil domsa.



    Seo é cib é ar bith.



    D’ éirigh mé ar maidin mar a tháinig an coimheádóir,



    Bhuail sé mo dhoras go trom’s gan labhairt.



    Dhearc mé ar na ballai, ‘S shíl mé nach raibh mé beo,



    Tchítear nach n-imeoidh an t-iffrean seo go deo.



    D’oscail an doras ‘s níor druideadh é go ciúin,



    Ach ba chuma ar bith mar nach raibheamar inár suan.



    Chuala mé éan ‘s ni fhaca mé geal an lae,



    Is mian mór liom go raibh me go doimhin foai,



    Ca bhfuil mo smaointi ar laethe a chuaigh romhainn,



    S cá bhfuil an tsaol a smaoin mé abhí sa domhain,



    Ni chluintear mo bhéic, ‘s ní fheictear mar a rith mo dheor,



    Nuair a thigeann ar lá aithíocfaidh mé iad go mor.



    Canaim é sin leis an phort Siun Ní Dhuibir.



    Translated this reads as follows:



    I awoke with the sparrows this morning and the only thought in my head was: here comes another day, Bobby — reminding me of a song I once wrote a long time ago.



    This is it anyway:



    I arose this morning as the Screw came,



    He thumped my door heavily without speaking,



    I stared at the walls, and thought I was dead,



    It seems that this hell will never depart.



    The door opened and it wasn’t closed gently,



    But it didn’t really matter, we weren’t asleep.



    I heard a bird and yet didn’t see the dawn of day,



    Would that I were deep in the earth.



    Where are my thoughts of days gone by,



    And where is the life I once thought was in the world.



    My cry is unheard and my tears flowing unseen,



    When our day comes I shall repay them dearly.



    I sing this to the tune Siun Ní Dhuibir.



    Bhí na heiníní ag ceiliúracht inniú. Chaith ceann de na buachaillí arán amach as an fhuinneog, ar a leghad bhí duine éigin ag ithe. Uaigneach abhí mé ar feadh tamaill ar tráthnóna beag inniú ag éisteacht leis na préacháin ag screadáil agus ag teacht abhaile daobhtha. Dá gcluinfinn an fhuiseog álainn, brisfeadh sí mo chroí.



    Anois mar a scríobhaim tá an corrcrothar ag caoineadh mar a théann siad tharam. Is maith liom na heiníní.



    Bhuel caithfidh mé a dul mar má scríobhain níos mó ar na heiníní seo beidh mo dheora ag rith ‘s rachaidh mo smaointi ar ais chuig, an t-am nuair abhí mé ógánach, b’iad na laennta agus iad imithe go deo anois, ach thaitin siad liom agus ar a laghad níl dearmad deánta agam orthu, ta siad i mo chroí — oíche mhaith anois.



    (Translated, this reads as follows:)



    The birds were singing today. One of the boys threw bread out of the window. At least somebody was eating!



    I was lonely for a while this evening, listening to the crows caw as they returned home. Should I hear the beautiful lark, she would rent my heart. Now, as I write, the odd curlew mournfully calls as they fly over. I like the birds.



    Well, I must leave off, for if I write more about the birds my tears will fall and my thoughts return to the days of my youth.



    They were the days, and gone forever now. But I enjoyed them. They are in my heart — good night, now.

  24. prestonpans bhoys on

    Bada 6:45



    I was reading on one blog that honest mistakes had awarded them 10 extra points at least. So they would be around hertz I.e. 5th. Will try and dig it out, named incidents and refs concerned

  25. MADMITCH @ 6:45 PM,



    Well, while I accept your points regarding the Brendan Rodgers legacy and yes, the guy(s) that hired him obviously wanted to raise the bar…



    “Too much ego, too much tinkering, too many team selections that do not make sense.



    Not enough planning — succession planning and scouting — and not enough nous in Europe.”



    …’fraid can’t agree.



    First of all ego. He came in and had an invincible, treble winning Season. Not sure where his ego was in all of this… but he was allowed to feel he knew what he was doing…



    If you mean he didn’t have sufficient obsequiousness for the Board, that maybe true… but it’s not often a trait that makes for the best football managers…



    The thing about tinkering, selection and Europe. For me this all comes down, in the main, to a systemic failure at Celtic, that of player recruitment.



    We may never know, but if BR & CD had their choice of player in situ, I think they would have had a more settled squad. Obviously Europe was a big learning curve but for me if you can crack the higher echelons of the FAPL, you can crack teir three of the UCL.



    At any one point, and I grant you, this was a moving target and personnel but BR & CD knew their best first team and injuries apart had them ready for all the Big Games…



    In fact, until this Season they won all of the must win games…



    As far as the succession planning and scouting… that is a Club endeavour, it is one that… let’s be polite… we are pants at and since MO’N’s time this has been the case…



    Whether it’s our unpreparedness to put a coherent risk – benefit situation forward or our corporate “personality” of retrenchment, rather than building on our strengths. We have totally failed to forward plan.



    Hail Hail

  26. Madmitch



    you get what you pay for.




    Not according to you’re previous…assessments of wasted money on players….




    Make ur mind up.




  27. Do posters really believe the club are going to appoint a current EPL manager?



    Do the opposite of a Brendan Rodgers, really?



    Have we not learned anything?



    I was in the company of Owen Coyle the very night he rejected Celtic to take his Burnley play off winners into the EPL.



    A Celtic fan knocked us back but a Dyche or a Howe will say yes.



    Put me down for, I’ll believe that when i see it.

  28. fairhill bhoy on

    I think season tickets will sell fine for next season,we will be going for 9 after all ?

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