It was always going to be like this, Stevie


It was always going to be like this, Stevie.  You have the resources to comfortably be better than Aberdeen, but you don’t have the experience to put those resources to effective use.  You were knocked out of the Scottish Cup, not because you or your players didn’t try hard enough, but because you are new to management and it is not all about “wanting it” in an ever-louder-higher-pitched voice.

Celtic will eventually lose a cup game, the randomness of chances scored and conceded guarantees it.  When they do, you have as much chance of benefiting as anyone else, but you will need to be good enough to outsmart decent managers with a fraction of your budget, and you are not there yet.

Your employer needs to come up with an apparently viable strategy to win the league each season ticket renewal time.  The City trader with the brain the size of a planet failed, as did the exotic European with a hotline into desirable, cheap and untapped player markets.

You are there because the best talent in England, if not the world, will batter down your door in order to play for you.  That was the ‘elevator pitch’ last year.  It is not because they think you are a great coach, they know you are not.

If you want to succeed, stop bringing in midfielders from Dundee and sign the next Steven Gerrard.  That is why you are in the job and if this cannot be done, you will fail.  In the meantime, all you will achieve is to turn your fans into a cash cow for the rest of the league.  Which is nice, but is ironic, given your own club’s financial perils.

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  1. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on 14th March 2019 1:18 am


    CHAIRBHOY on 14TH MARCH 2019 12:20 AM




    ‘Democracy is the will of the people , NOT the will of Parliament .’








    As I recall the Brexiteers weren’t looking to reestablish democracy in the UK. They wanted to reclaim ‘sovereignty.’ In the UK that means Parliamentary sovereignty. The will of Parliament is sovereign.





    In any case I’m not aware of anyone who says that Brexit should just be cancelled. What people are asking for is a second referendum so that people can now make an informed choice on whether or not to leave.





    I can’t see any reasonable objection to that suggestion.


    ‘sovereignty.soveriegnty is it and what did england do to all the country’s that decided they wanted their SOVEREIGNTY back.

  3. ernie lynch @ 9:06



    Whilst retaining that superior air you often display, that is a fine post.


    Maybe, though `more informed` would be closer to being accurate than `informed` !




  4. A second Brexit referendum: Why would anybody respect the vote ?



    It will solve absolutely nothing.

  5. South Of Tunis on

    Wee clip on Italian TV yesterday – Farage doing his angry shouty man thing in the European Parliament. TV woman took the opportunity of reminding the viewer of the man’s comments ( in the run up to the Referendum ) that a Vote to Remain would not be the end of the matter

  6. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    CHAIRBHOY on 14TH MARCH 2019 8:04 AM



    The corruption of democracy does not alter it`s meaning.

  7. South Of Tunis on

    Looking forward to tonight’s Salzburg v Napoli game



    TV pundit earlier —



    ” if you had to pick a team capable of blowing a 3-0 lead v inferior opposition -who would you choose ?. Add a 3rd choice centre back and a rookie centre back and I’d be checking the odds on Salzburg making the next round “.



    He has a point !

  8. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    ERNIE LYNCH on 14TH MARCH 2019 9:06 AM




    What people are asking for is a second referendum so that people can now make an informed choice on whether or not to leave.









    Let`s give the uninformed deplorables another vote.



    And when it`s one all , we can have a decider.




    The ” informed ” Parliamentarians are the problem.


    Not the people.

  9. Macjay


    ” The corruption of democracy does not alter it`s meaning.”



    Neither does the pretence of it.



    Going to try a bike ride in rather windy conditions.


    Cheerio for now.




  10. MACJAY1 @ 9:40 AM,



    No, granted. And in terms of the ideology it is something we should be striving towards…



    Of course as Hot Smoked alludes to, as long as the masses are being constantly brain washed it isn’t going to happen.



    There was a referendum on making the UK voting system more democratic in 2010, the Alternative voting system, this of course was stymied by the vested interests that were content with the status quo.



    And as EL suggests, there was no great upswell among the brexiteers to fight to improve democracy.



    In fact many of them stood and applauded when the wheels of power reigned against democracy during the Scottish independence vote.



    Yet how appaulled were they when the wheels of power reigned against them and took the side of the remainder, in an almost identical fashion.



    Now the brexiteers have found a new love for “true” democracy. While I can empathise, I can hardly sympathise.



    Hail Hail

  11. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    HOT SMOKED on 14TH MARCH 2019 9:51 AM



    There was no pretence in the clear referendum result.


    The ” People`s Vote ” has taken place.



    The pretence of democracy is ignoring it .


    Particularly when you insult the voters by suggesting they were not ” informed “.

  12. So T May wants a THIRD vote but will not the people have a second “better informed” vote. Is this democracy in the eyes of a conservative government



    MacJ. As one of the “uninformed deplorables ” I hope we are never in the hands of arrogant right wing tests like we are today

  13. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    CHAIRBHOY on 14TH MARCH 2019 10:01 AM



    The people voted to leave.



    What`s the problem ?

  14. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on 14th March 2019 9:50 am




    The thing about deciding major constitutional issues like EU membership or Scottish independence by referendums is that it works like a ratchet wheel. It only goes one way and has no reverse gear.




    If a second referendum decided against leaving the UK then Brexiteers would be able to continue with their campaign.




    Just like the SNP.




    And if a second referendum confirms that we are to leave, then so be it.




    The problem we face is that if we leave now without a second referendum, and it turns out to be a disaster, there will be decades of recrimination, and people claiming that they were conned. The whole of public life will be toxic. A second referendum (whatever the outcome) would go some way to reducing such an impact.

  15. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    FESS19 on 14TH MARCH 2019 10:05 AM



    MacJ. As one of the “uninformed deplorables ” I hope we are never in the hands of arrogant right wing tests like we are today






    “Uninformed” was from Ernie.



    “Deplorables” was from ma Clinton.




    Raving right wingers , both of them .



  16. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on 14th March 2019 10:05 am


    CHAIRBHOY on 14TH MARCH 2019 10:01 AM




    The people voted to leave.




    What`s the problem ?









    One minor problem is that around 1.5million of those who were eligible to vote have since died.




    It reminds me a bit of this



  17. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    ERNIE LYNCH on 14TH MARCH 2019 10:07 AM



    I can go along with all of that .


    However , you could use exactly the same argument for a general election , but you can be damn sure that the people who want a second vote are the ones who didn`t like the result of the first one .



    Complaint about British democracy ?



    Who elected the EC mandarins currently calling the shots ?



    With their snouts in the EC trough.



    You`re welcome to them.

  18. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    ERNIE LYNCH on 14TH MARCH 2019 10:13 AM



    The twa Ronnies.


    Brilliant .

  19. The Brexit referendum had a majority of 1.4m .


    Parliament has an overwhelming majority of remainers as MP’s. Both major parties had leaving the EU and single market as part of their manifesto’ s.


    If a second referendum was that simple to rectify the ongoing shambles it would have happened before now.

  20. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on 14th March 2019 10:16 am



    General Elections are held every five years at most.




    The result takes effect within hours, not years.




    There’s no equivalence with the EU referendum.




    Ranting about EU officials is infantile, populist demagoguery.




    If Brexiteers are so sure of their ground why do they oppose a second referendum? If they think people will still vote to leave what have they to be concerned about? Surely a second referendum is a win/win for them?




    Unless of course………….

  21. Fed up hearing we are dictated to by people in Brussels we did not vote for. Same argument Scotland has with Westminster. We did elect MEP’s but the rest have more members, same as England has in Westminster over Scottish mp’s

  22. Meanwhile Celtic share price rises by almost 2.5% to 167.95!



    Who cares about Brexit!




  23. Philbhoy – with an extra 9 million in the bank for the management team, we must be a seen as a good investment by someone :)


    Regardless of views on the board, who would have ever thought someone would pay us 9 million for a manager and his backroom staff? Well done to PL for nailing that deal. Wonder what Stevie G’s release clause is?

  24. MJ @ 10.05



    EU Ref 2 — 2016


    What were the choices?


    The status quo that was well understood vs “Leave”



    What type of “Leave” did people actually vote for?



    Leave by the front door?


    Leave by the back door?


    Leave via the chimney — the “hard” version / austerity dog boiler choice?


    Leave by jumping out the kitchen window because you were locked in?


    Leave by putting your head in a bucket of sand and hoping for the best?



    Not quite a fair fight to my eyes given the inconsistency of the choice and the bare faced lies and external manipulation that were part of the leave campaign.



    The vote to leave was a cry for help — people looking for simple solutions in a complex world.

  25. DB @ 11.02



    The cost to LCFC was £9mill.


    That does not mean that we received £9mill.


    Agents and signing on fees will have to be taken into account.



    Happy to be proved wrong on this but the language quoted does not support the figures highlighted in the article.



    The original figure quoted — £6mill — is probably closer to the figure we received.


    Still enough to buy a SPL CB.

  26. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    After the Dons eclipsing of TFOD 2 in the Scottish Cup I wondered if Sevco might reignite their interest in McInnes, if they decide to roll the dice again in the summer.


    If they did, who would the Sheep target as their new manager? Perhaps Marino? Or someone in the John Lambie mould? ?


    AreyoustilloutthereDavidopoulos? CSC



  27. MJ @ 10.16



    The mandarins in Brussels do the bidding of the 28 soon to be 27 national governments.


    The do what they are told and what the governments agree too.



    Regarding the Brexit nut jobs — Brussels is a great scapegoat to blame your own failings on.


    Regarding the ID politics nutters closer to home — Westminster is a great scapegoat to blame.



    All these groups plus the Trump mentalists are similar in that all need someone to blame.




    Agree, nine million looks like a good deal!



    Hope we got the lot upfront too.

  29. Brexit. Simple truth is that the people voted for leave, basic stuff really. But the politicians don’t want to leave as they know best, do they not!!!


    No deal is what the majority voted for and no deal is what they should get, nothing less.



    I have lost any faith I had in these lying cheating barstewards . My old man was right when he said, you can always , always tell when a politician is lying, his lips are moving.



    Democracy, my arse




  30. KINGLUBO on 14TH MARCH 2019 11:22 AM




    ‘No deal is what the majority voted for’








    I don’t recall anyone mentioning a no deal Brexit, or anything remotely like it, during the campaign.



    I remember stuff about money going to the NHS and about billions of Turks moving to the UK, but nothing about no deal.



    I’d be interested in any evidence you have that might contradict my recollection.

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