It’s about preparing hamstrings. Southampton deals


It’s been 53 days since Celtic finished their season by scoring several outstanding goals in a 6-0 drubbing of Motherwell.  This afternoon, they’re back!  Gone are the days on here when an indifferent performance in preseason games brought uncontained anxiety from those convinced Celtic were on the road to destruction.  Now we all know they are about carefully preparing hamstrings for the months to come; right?

Wiener Viktoria play in the Austrian regional leagues that feed into the national second tier.  Think of Arbroath, before all the glory.

Celtic sold to Southampton in 2013, 2014, 2015 and again in 2018.  The first three transactions were for players mid-contract: Victor Wanyama earned £13m, Fraser Forster brought in £12m and Virgil van Dijk, £14m.

Stuart Armstrong left four years ago with one year left on his contract, having been a peripheral player for Celtic the previous season.  He completed 90 minutes on only 10 league games, starting 15 in total.  Still, we got £7m for him.

With one year left on his contract, Joe Aribo is reportedly leaving Newco for the same destination for £6m, plus add-ons.  He was their best player last season, so good news if he does depart.  The fee sounds like they had the same guy negotiating that agreed their Sydney Cup deal.  Bless.

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  1. prestonpans bhoys on

    Celtic Mac







    Very true but no mechanism exists for anything else since swipe cards were introduced. We used to get paper tickets in the past and I would offer them free on here., just needed a postal address and whoosh off it went

  2. Repost from last thread. :)


    bought three tickets for Blackburn game, to go with my two daughters. In 409 row bb, , limited view.





    Can anyone tell me how bad a view it will be. BTW only tickets we could buy together.

  3. The timing of the Aribo deal smells of sheer financial desperation. A mere few weeks before Cl qualifiers and well before the window closes, they’re shipping out their best player for £6 million.

  4. Paul67,



    Likewise. Pleased Aribo has gone. One of their best and they are now weaker (beyond their core veterans also being older). They have the same 1 year issue with Kent and Morelos and I suspect they will both likely go for small undiscloseds or see out their contracts.



    The cheque arriving has allowed them to punt for a near 29 year old journeyman, so hardly a future moneymaker. He has a patchy history – big in Sweden, poor in Greece. And more importantly, as seen on Twitter earlier, they have the following cases to factor in:



    *Price fixing court case.


    *Hummel damages court case.


    *Bennett versus the multipurpose venue collateral payment.


    *Park versus the newco court case.


    *Arrears in paying tax to HMRC notice.


    *PED inquiry



    + loans needing paid back with all that filthy Europa League lucre.



    They’re effed.




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  6. Just started watching Prime Minister’s Question Time- who’s the front bench Tory who looks like the ghost of Brian Clough? Cloughie hated Tories and would hate to see this impersonation.




    Boris taking a kicking from both Keir Starter and Ian Blackford. The latter spoiled it by delivering a eulogy for Andy Goram.



    Boris is toast- Don’t think he’ll last the week but I cannot see anyone with clean hands in the Tory Party who can replace them, They’ve backed him almost every step.



    What happened to the Morelos money?





    By the look of recent photos of him, he’s eaten it.




  8. Spot in about the fee, Aribo is a year younger, also has a year left on his contract and scored in a European final in his last game, so to get less than we did for Armstrong who wasn’t in our best starting 11 in his last season is pretty poor



    But like Paul67 said, they’re new to this game so getting what is probably par for a player his age, and with his experience and contract length is probably a decent start for beginners.



    It won’t be the 10m you’ll see reporteed but the Huns will be able to quote that figure as proof that the all-important “player trading pillar” is now bearing fruit.



    Make your own guesses about who they’re so keen to impress



    A million quid is a lot of lolly, a few of those a year add up to enough time make the difference between success and failure.



    And they still haven’t done the hard part – replacing their best players while remaining competitive

  9. bournesouprecipe on




    Five players signed, no fuss, no fantasy sales no add ons to the story. Main business done and the most of July left for the revolving door.



    Maeda £1.5M


    CCV £6M




    Bernabei £3.75M


    Jota £6.3M



    Do we still get a marquee signing? as long as we follow the ‘option to buy’ clause for loan players, as is served us well so far.

  10. SFTB @ 12.24



    JH if the ERG mob can hold their nose / splinter.



    Any of BoJo’s ministers / ex ministers will have an open wound if they get the job.


    A resignation might help but the question would always be — what took you so long?



    MG = Old Monkey Glands candidate.



    And this affects Celtic’s operation because………….???



    Because, very simply, if we have more money than them over an extended period we are more likely to finish above them in the league. Even more likely if we manage that money more effectively, which is the point of the article.

  12. Hamstrings — I hope they hold out for the season.


    What happens if last season repeats itself — do we hire a doctor?

  13. Bordeaux have been relegated in France and then liquidated and forced to drop into an amateur league. Their player are all free to leave. Might be someone there worth signing.

  14. AlbertKiddCSC on




    Likely you will only have limited view of the bottom right corner flag area due to the barriers on the stairs as you exit the concourse.



    You’ll also probably be able to move slightly as it won’t be a sell out.




  15. NOTTACLUE1 on 6TH JULY 2022 12:11 PM


    Repost from last thread. :)



    bought three tickets for Blackburn game, to go with my two daughters. In 409 row bb, , limited view.



    Can anyone tell me how bad a view it will be. BTW only tickets we could buy together.




    Saw them on sale…. I would need an oxygen mask for up there. Last time I was that high was with McGuin & McGiure just acatching fire, in LA you know where that’s at. Copyright Mamas & Papas.


    Actually, it was vs Livingstone a couple of years ago. My grandson’s first competitive game as a spectator. View wasn’t great, neither was the game but grandson loved it.

  16. ALBERTKIDDCSC, thanks for the answer, was beginning to think I should have put something political :)

  17. 79CAPS on 6TH JULY 2022 12:45 PM


    Bordeaux have been relegated in France and then liquidated and forced to drop into an amateur league. Their player are all free to leave. Might be someone there worth signing.




    Watch the huns scramble for them!

  18. Aribo will be portrayed as 10m in the media if there are add ons



    I 100% disagree on the ‘only fitness’ angle in pre-season. in summer 2020 we were miles behind Rangers and the French clubs in fitness, energy and cohesion. I got tinnitus from the alarm bells and the bells were right

  19. MADMITCH on 6TH JULY 2022 12:44 PM


    Hamstrings — I hope they hold out fWhat happens if last season repeats itself — do we hire a doctor?



    A hamstring doctor? Like a physio? Or the sort of dr yiu go to when you’ve got piles?

  20. Anonymous blog Troll



    Celtic have a doctor.



    Another stupid post from the anonymous blog troll.




  21. CFC and doctors — Do we have a full time doctor / part time doctor / do we just shout to the crowd and look for volunteers?



    Heard snippets from years past that we had downgraded the position.


    Not sure from what to what?



    Asking for a friend.

  22. SFTB



    Seem to recall Maja was being quoted with mid league team in England. Think they also saw the opportunity in disaster.


    Can’t remember which team. Sorry.

  23. Super computer predicts SPFL winner…



    Scottish journalists love the super computer…



    What does this super computer do in its day job when it’s not predicting whether Hibs will finish above Aberdeen ?

  24. !!Bada Bing!! on

    JIMDOM- a few clubs do a buyback scheme for ST Holders, inc Oldco…….if you notified the Club on the Tuesday the club would re-sell your seat,and you would get a £10 credit towards next season’s ST…..

  25. Bordeaux



    I think we flirted with Ismail Sow at one point too….A RB……



    But we have the 2 best RBs in the country now, so not an issue.




  26. Can you explain your comment that there are hundreds of Djokavic’s in cemeteries ? Or similar made last night ?

  27. bigrailroadblues on

    Gerrintaethum Celtic!!!! Bring back the Grumpmeister aka Philbhoy. 😂

  28. Tom McLaughlin on

    It would be a sad day if Celtic were ever again in the position of having to sniff around the carcass of a liquidated club for scraps to fill our squad.

  29. We seem to be in the market for this, reporting to McElhone, our UEFA Coached trained head of, and in light of Ange’s gruelling team ethic. Think the world has moved beyond Doctors, stethoscopes and stretcher bearers.








    An exciting opportunity has arisen for a Sports Scientist to join the Club. Reporting to the Head of Sports Science and working very closely with Medical Department, the role is expected to create and contribute to a high-performance environment to help develop elite level end stage reconditioning and working in the sports science department delivering and supporting training on a daily basis.



    Less Hammy’s hopefully




  30. Djokovic has some questionable views.



    “I know some people that, through energetical transformation, through the power of prayer, through the power of gratitude, they managed to turn the most toxic food, or maybe most polluted water into the most healing water, because water reacts. Scientists have proven that in experiment, that molecules in the water react to our emotions to what has been said,” Djokovic said.



    As someone commented, tell that to the poor kids in Flint Michigan.

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