It’s all about Ajax


Two honourable defeats, away to Milan and at home to Barcelona, confirm that Celtic can compete at this level, but the two points which only just eluded us could prove crucial in determining qualification for the knock out stage.  Barcelona and Milan are in the driving seat.

Two home wins, against Ajax and Milan, could change all this.  If Celtic can achieve this, Ajax could still be on four points after playing (and beating) Celtic in Amsterdam, but will be odds against to reach six points with a visit to Milan and a home game against Barcelona to come.  Milan bloodied Barcelona’s nose last season, but are not certain to take anything against the Catalans this time, although the outrageous decision which gifted them a draw last night suggests we cannot take anything for granted.

It’s possible that Milan could finish with seven points, which is not an unsurmountable target for Celtic.  For now, we can ignore all the ‘what ifs’, the only thing that matters is facing Ajax at Celtic Park in three weeks.  This is our cup final.

It has been said repeatedly since last night, but deserves repetition, Georgios Samaras’ performance was nothing short of incredible and stands comparison with any individual Celtic performance in Europe over the last 20 years.

Efe Ambrose and Virgil van Dijk looked more every bit as secure as Efe and Kelvin a year ago.  Efe can be particularly pleased with the way he recovered his form after shading last season.

Some months ago I heard a numpty on Radio 5 Live describe Fraser Forster as a ‘Match of the Day goalkeeper’, the implication being that he was more show than substance.  Yet again Fraser demonstrated that he is by far the best goalkeeper in Britain.  I couldn’t care less who in England is aware of this fact.  I hear he released Neymar from his pocket late last night.

Adam Matthews and Mikal Lustig are a terrific right-side partnership but from the opening seconds they were taxed to the limit last night.  The more they play at this level the better they’ll get.

Despite deserving more from Milan last night Ajax are in a state of flux at the moment.  They will not travel to Glasgow with anything approaching confidence but it will still require out best performance of the season to overcome them.

Bring it on.
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  1. ROW Z - Let Celtic Flourish By The Cleansing Of The 'Den! on

    Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar


    11:54 on


    3 October, 2013


    I have a window that requires licking.






    You in the ‘dam already?




  2. Not many things in life are certain, death and taxes aside, but next week I’ll be getting on a flight to Glasgow.


    Now, as I’ve said above, that is not a certainty in itself as there are numerous things that could prevent it happening and life is full of “ifs an buts”



    IF.. I don’t drop dead before then


    IF.. my flight is not cancelled.


    BUT.. I can always get another.


    IF.. the ‘plane does not drop out of the sky and crash somewhere causing loss of life, which ties in with the first IF above.



    I could go on ad nauseam here BUT I’m sure you get my drift…



    Now IF I am successful in making it to next week and getting onto the ‘plane there is another certainty (circumstances, batteries and telco services to name but a few permitting) and that is, my mobile is going to ring with the tone of ”Zadok”: courtesy of ACGR.


    By the time I get the phone out of my pocket, after a few rings, it’ll be too late and the caller will have hung up. However, I am certain it will happen several times and Zadok will get a few more “airings” as the caller is persistent, if nothing else.


    This should hopefully wind up whatever bears are within earshot (nothing like starting a holiday on the front foot) but I must make sure to power off both mobiles prior to take off!!



    All said and done, hopefully I arrive in Glasgow BUT this brings me to the main purpose of this post and why I “chose” this particular period to return home. I have to attend a business meeting in Europe on October 25 (travelling the day before), which presents me with the opportunity of attending the Ajax game on October 22.



    Now, and this is the big IF,/b>, it will only be possible IF I can get 2 tickets. This might be possible if someone, who has tickets, is unfortunate enough to be requested to be elsewhere at the time, or someone actually has spare tickets.


    I know it is almost 3 weeks till the game and my post could be considered “early” but I don’t want to miss the boat. I am likely to repost this later, unless lucky first time.


    IF anyone can help, please answer this post or mail me at desertbhoy1888@gmail.com



    If I get tickets I will CERTAINLY be there; “ifs an buts” permitting…..



    Whether I’m there or not we can still make the next stage!!



    KTF and HH.



    Ps… even willing to sit where that baw was lodged a couple of weeks back; well, mibbes naw.

  3. Morrissey the 23rd on

    After the Barca game, I went to Dalmarnock train station to get the last train to Wishaw. There was a queue to get into the station. When I made it to the platform, a Scotrail employee put me on a train to Wishaw and I ended up in a place I had never heard of before: Whifflet.

  4. Garngad to Croy


    13:00 on


    3 October, 2013





    ‘Charles Green….. left the presidency of the Scottish club Glasgow Rangers to pursue his passion for horses .’








    I suppose it’s a step up from goats (literally).



    And Ronnie & Reggie will know who to go to if they ever need any horses heids.

  5. NatKnow – Supporting Wee Oscar


    13:07 on


    3 October, 2013





    I know that Scott Brown has been done to death over the last few days.


    However, if he came on the market, would anyone pay serious money for him?

  6. BOBBY MURDOCH'S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS forza Oscar and Mackenzie on




    Magic time. Thanks to everyone-a mail will be following in the next few days to that effect to the participants.



    The fleg will be proudly displayed on my living-room wall for about six months beside my LISBON LIONS mural,then returned to the care of its owner for further public display!



    Guilt trip regarding yer bro,but not as difficult to handle as the one I’m on the now. Dragging me 400 miles away from where I would rather be.



    C’est la vie,gives you all a chance to sober up…..

  7. NatKnow - Supporting Wee Oscar on




    13:15 on 3 October, 2013


    NatKnow – Supporting Wee Oscar


    13:07 on


    3 October, 2013





    I know that Scott Brown has been done to death over the last few days.


    However, if he came on the market, would anyone pay serious money for him?



    Yes. Next!




  8. ernie lynch


    13:15 on


    3 October, 2013





    he was hopefully flogging a died wan.

  9. BOBBY MURDOCH'S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS forza Oscar and Mackenzie on




    Just read an article which explains yer Silk Road comment.



    A tad pejorative,perhaps,but difficult to argue with,tbh.



    Especially on a Thursday into Friday.



    Which may well be me tonight,unless I hit the £1.25 a pint on a Thursday only pub…..

  10. I'm Neil Lennon (tamrabam) on



    if someone offered decent money for SB he would be offski


    after all its apparently the clubs policy and the “way ahead” to sell if the price is right



    i dont know what is the right price for SB – i suspect the support would be split on that question.



    For me im still hoping for that much awaited marquee performance that P67 mentioned a few weeks ago. to name but a few


    He certainly isnt as good as:


    The maestro




    John Collins

  11. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    quonno- I don’t know.



    It’s a funny ole game; I’m in no hurry to see the back of him.



    I think his best position is on the right side, where he played at Hibs. He is not a natural central midfielder



    Of the current XI I think the likeliest to leave are the goalie, and possibly Virgil, if he plays at a high level in the ECL.



    Again I’m in no hurry to see them go, our player turnover is too high.

  12. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Delaney’s- the year the Maestro had to retire is the year Henrik arrived.



    A slight improvement on ole Wayne Biggins.

  13. Apologies for my language. Bang out of order.



    What annoys me about the Brown thing is, he obviously hadn’t learned from the Milan or Shakter game. Maybe because he avoided getting sent off there, he felt he would get away with it again.



    I am excited about this future partnership between Virgil and Ambrose. Two proper footballers at the back. I have been saying for ages how good it is to have CB’s who can play.



    Remember big Dan and Rogne?

  14. We may feel hard done by when Scott got the line – deserved in my opinion – but after seeing the highlights of the Ajax game last night that was an astonishing decision to award a penalty kick to AC Milan which in affect robbed Ajax of the three points.



    Pundit Mark Lawrenson commenting on Fraser Foster’s brilliant saves when Celtic were down to ten summed up his performance succinctly “he’s next for the off”