It’s all about the money


There is no point bleating that tonight’s Europa League final is the weakest imaginable, Newco are there because they are good enough to eliminate two German sides and a few weaker opponents.  If they win, fair play to them, they deserve their day in the sun.  I expect them to lose.

Either way, the outcome will determine relative financial strength in Scottish football.  This season Newco will return an operating profit for the first time in their history.  Sales of Patterson to Everton and the management team to Aston Villa, already ensured a bumper year.  The run to a European final could make them the highest earners in Scotland, eclipsing Celtic in this regard for the first time.  It will bestow no more than a stay of execution to a side with gaping structural deficiencies.

The importance of Celtic winning the league this season cannot be overstated.  Irrespective of what happens across the city, access to Champions League income ensures our place at the top of the income chart is virtually assured next season.  If we are there alone from Scotland, the benefits Newco gain from this season will seem no more than a dead cat bounce.  If two clubs are there, we compete on equal terms, against a team spending from income, not debt.

It’s all about the money, nothing else determines long-term outcomes.

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  1. I think they’ll win tonight so I’m going to the cinema, I’ll check the score tomorrow morning 😂

  2. Posted 22 hours ago


    As I said elsewhere if they start they get battered simple.



    This constant need every day for a reminder remember now behave yourself.



    We don’t have a history of running wild away in Europe ffs.



    Get a grip Rangers




    A belter from Bears Den.

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  4. Geraint Thomas, Froome and Wiggins all winners of the Tour de France.



    All suffer from asthma.



    Go figure.

  5. Majestic Hartson on

    ERNIE LYNCH on 18TH MAY 2022 10:53 AM


    MAJESTIC HARTSON on 18TH MAY 2022 10:21 AM




    A final is a terrible way to end a competition. I think they should hold it before the semi final – that way the game can be played without any pressure.














    Playing out 120 minutes of football to a goalless draw knowing the outcome will be decided by the lottery of a penalty shoot out.












    Playing out 120 minutes of football to a goalless draw knowing you will lose the tie because you lost out in the pre match penalties.








    Which of those two scenarios involves more pressure?






    Which offers a more exciting and interesting game









    Thanks for the (less condescending) reply.



    UEFA got rid of the away goal rule because it was making the team with the advantage defend more in the second game.



    Would that not suggest the same thing would happen here – win the penalties and you are less likely to want to lose the game, but be happy with a draw?



    I also like the excitement and tension of a penalty shoot – the whole point of the game, to score more than the opponent, condensed into an intense moment.



    That being said, I’m sure the money men in the game would like your idea if it gives them more of a chance to show adverts.

  6. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Frankfurt will win 2-0 in extra time to make this season a financial aberration.

  7. Majestic Hartson on

    ERNIE LYNCH on 18TH MAY 2022 11:00 AM


    Can we scale back the reports from Seville for the time being?






    It all seems a bit petty and pathetic.






    If it kicks off properly, fine, we’ll get to claim the moral high ground though the locals will have to suffer it.






    If it doesn’t then then the pre match build up makes us look stupid.







  8. Read bit in the guardian last night, their German football guy says Frankfurt struggle against teams that sit in and set plays are their weak spot…




    I was diagnosed with asthma after one doctors appointment about 20 years ago.



    Two inhalers provided, one to be used twice a day, the other if I had breathing difficulties.



    I never had a serious episode, but continued with the daily inhalers for years.



    Some years ago I queried my condition with my doc who set me up with the resident nurse to have a Spirometry Test. No issues evident so asthma was struck from my records and inhalers binned.



    My daughter had an issue some years ago and was prescribed inhalers. They ended up in the bin as well.



    My point is that I believe asthma may be diagnosed as a quick solution, when in fact it does not exist.



    I know a number of people who were put on inhalers who no longer use them and have no breathing issues.



    I also know people who do suffer from asthma and if you’ve got it, it can be horrible.



    Athletes at the top of their game on steroids are cheats.



    Full stop!



    (Hope you are good Big Mhan!)

  10. Spirometry (spy-ROM-uh-tree) is a common office test used to assess how well your lungs work by measuring how much air you inhale, how much you exhale and how quickly you exhale.






  11. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    “It’s all about the money, nothing else determines long-term outcomes.”




    Well of course HAVING the money is one thing. How you spend it is what really matters.


    Four years ago £100m turnover – great opportunity to invest for progress in Europe. Not taken.


    £9m compensation for Brendan Rodgers to spend on an equivalent replacement. Not taken.


    Forget what is happening at other clubs. Make your own club the BEST it can be.

  12. Asthma; I’ve had in various levels of severity most of my life.



    I used to just have the blue Ventolin (Salbutamol) for reactive relief and this stuff is the one that has been abused in the past,



    It relaxes muscles in the lungs and increases capacity – raises heart rate too.



    My daughter was diagnosed with a ‘touch’ of asthma (her mother doesn’t believe she has it) but it gave me the excuse to get her to have 2 puffs before Camogie matches. Good for her health but also a wee bit sneaky on the perf enhancing. I always took mine before football whether ill or not.



    Steroids: I’ve tried a few over the years and they were ineffectual. Every cold became a chest infection (for decades). I was finally sent to a specialist (at the sports clinic!!) in Dublin and they put me on Symbicort preventative.



    This has a steroid and a relaxant (like above) and it builds up the strength of your lungs to stop infections (strong lungs can cough it out early doors; once it get deep, you get sick)



    It has been a godsend the last 3 years and I rarely get infections now (even before and after lockdown)



    GP says that people using it regularly are less likely to develop pulmonary fibrosis (possibly COPD but not sure on that; tends to be smoking or workplace contamination)



    In summary –


    using Salbutamol is you don’t have asthma is definitely perf enhancing in my book but not massively so


    I can’t see how the therapeutic aspects of the steroid can help a non sufferer – they are not anabolic



    This authoritative review is fact checked by absolutely no-one and may be all Lillian Gish😎

  13. P67 — as always you put out some nuggets without realising their importance.



    If financial resources were the key then why did we implode last season?


    It is one thing to have the cash — the bigger issue at all levels is what you do with it.



    Spaffing cash on a second rate property bean counter’s grossly inflated wages and bonuses did nothing to bring better football on the pitch.



    Spaffing cash — £10mill — on two poorly scouted players in Jul/Aug 2020 did nothing for the club but made two agents very happy.



    TFOD2.1 went all in regarding the cups this season because they had to — if they didn’t win then they went hungry.



    If their T/O is higher than ours this season then what does that say about our board and their efforts to take us forward?



    And what about next season — if they make the CL group stages then where does that leave us?


    Another year of coming second in the T/O race — if that is the case then who should take the blame?



    We are living off the legacy of Wee FMcC — 25 years after the event.


    How lazy is that?



    PL lifted £20mill plus from us over his second time at P/head.


    You might want to comment on that little fact when you discuss the gap between the two clubs.



    AP saved us this season.


    He might or might not be as good a coach as EH but his energy brought us the league title.



    He as on the pitch celebrating when DD was out wasting a good walk somewhere trying to impress some professional golfer with all his football chat.



    This disconnect is why we are now one bad coach away from disaster.


    Until the board become active and drive us forward then we are just a rich man’s plaything.



    If not now then when should we rebuild the Main Stand?


    DD doesn’t want to answer that question because he just want’s money in the bank.


    If he was with us for the long term then he would have the architects on speed dial.

  14. McPhail Bhoy on




    I just checked it for you and it sounds good to me.




  15. Money and how it is used is key to success within a footbal club.


    Villareal won the Europa League last season and got to the semi final of the Champions League this year and if they had a competent goalkeeper in the home game could be in the final.They come from a small town in Spain,will not have a global support have a small stadium but punch well above their weight. Celtic plc has wasted fortunes on poor players managers/head coaches who arent suitable to develop the playing side of the club, if the plc put football devlopment both domestically and on the european stage as the number one priority then Celtic can be a regular player on those stages, the conservative outlook is to win here with Europe as something to tell the story as if anyone listens. I have high hopes for Ange in these respects, I hope he is not frustrated in what he needs to do.

  16. Interesting stuff about asthma — brings back some memories.



    As with everything bad in my extended family — the “Fitzsimmon’s gene” gets the blame.


    During my egg chasing days I seemed to have an issue with “exercise induced asthma” and the doctor put me on an inhaler — basic version but can’t remember the name.



    Used it on and off for a couple of years but eventually gave it up.


    Does “exercise induced asthma” actually exist?



    One thing is that in elite sport people are playing games with asthma.


    Plus the TUE route is being worked to the max in certain sporting organisations.



    Given that they have tried everything else — would TFOD2.1 want to go down that road?

  17. Hrvatski Jim on

    “It’s all about the money”



    Certainly money is very important to facilitate future budgets and likely success.



    Before we won the league, there was a lot of talk on here about the Champions League money. Today, the talk is only about the money for Rangers in the biggest game in their history and one which would match their predecessor’s history



    But, what about the glory?



    Completing our trebles with the Scottish Cup did not earn us much money but what memories they gave us.



    What about the wonderful day we had on Saturday seeing us winning a league and enjoying our style of play? Yes, behind it all we knew that we had Champions League Group stage football and money to look forward to but the joy on the day was in the occasion.



    My abiding memory from Saturday was a very young boy, 2-3, being danced in his dad’s arms, patting his Celtic crest on his chest and just smiling.



    What about the life-lasting memories from Milan 1970, Seville in 2003 and other occasions where we did not win or get the money? Maybe we made friends or have family tails to tell – someone’s fist or last match. Such memories cement our lifetime relationship with the club – win, lose or draw.



    Win, lose or draw Rangers fans will take their memories from tonight and not just about the immediate money (which I hope they never see).

  18. the long wait is over on

    “It’s all about the money”



    but, don’t you know, spending money – even other peoples money when you cant afford to – on better players does not confer a sporting advantage…

  19. the long wait is over on

    HRVATSKI JIM on 18TH MAY 2022 1:12 PM



    I agree.



    Our record in Europe , particularly when measured against our almost total domestic domination , is truly appalling.



    Since Seville we’ve really only , IIRC, one major scalp in beating Barcelona in 2012.



    That they have gotten , luckily or otherwise , win or lose, to 2 European finals since our last trip in 2003 should be a source of , let’s put it at its kindest, significant self reflection on the part of our board.

  20. Paul67



    All the more a remarkable achievement was Celtic and Ange Postecoglu, picking off the Champions League direct entry money, (and a cup ) which we were told was a mere formality for favourites Sevco.



    Comparisons with them in our paupers league, given their 500,000,000 fan base is unpalatable but sadly inevitable but as relevant as ‘the 55.’ Prudent spending in our vastly superior financially viable structure by someone that really can pick a player in January, sealed Sevco’s fate, imagine they were already Champions?



    Instead we’re able to chill whilst they’re in Seville CSC

  21. Every party leader in Westminster- Johnson, Starmer, Blackford and Davey offered their best wishes to “Rangers” (sic) today in Parliament.



    Only Davey adopted a tongue-in-cheek approach when he mentioned he would like to “join all the other new found fans of Rangers in offering his best wishes.”

  22. It may well all be about money, Paul, but it is clearly not just about the ownership of it. It is also about where you get it from, what you do with it, how it, or even the lack of it, affects your operating practices, and what it does for your performance on the field of play.



    If *Rangers lose tonight it will, inter-alia, highlight the fact that in the last eighteen years we have not won a single post-group knock-out European tie in eighteen years, during which time *Rangers have reached two European finals and a substantial number of knock-out ties to get there.



    We have had seven different managers, one appointed twice, a multitude of players; have held the domestic whip-hand and a clear cumulative financial advantage over all other Scottish clubs during those eighteen years.



    *Rangers, on the other hand, has been in chronic debt for most of the time, rarely, if ever, broken even, has been through the administration & liquidation process, floated as a new club, been run by an assortment of crooks & spivs, been out of the Scottish top-tier for four years and unable to qualify for Europe and has had to have £100m+ of directors loans and “confetti’ share transactions injected & inacted, to continue as a going concern.



    All in all, that is a sobering collection of facts, circumstances & outcomes to behold.



    …..On the other hand, should the Ibrox club win tonight, well, that could trigger an extraordinary set of events that most of us, even in the midst of our horrible failure only twelve months ago, could not have contemplated.



    It’s a funny old game this soccer!!!

  23. Drug abuse in the SPL — does the SFA / SPFL test for drugs in Scottish football?


    Tin foil hat speculation set out below — any thoughts?



    Historical note — TFOD1.0 and the Gullane Sands training programme.


    Regular mentions in the papers regarding JW and his aggressive training regime.


    It might be my memory letting me down but it is the only training programme that has ever made it to the mainstream media in Scotland — nothing has ever come close.



    Taken as read in the mid 70’s that they were the fittest team in Scotland.



    And then you have all the moons in the story — did they ever align?



    1972 ECWC final — USSR team stages a fightback late in the second half.


    USSR Sport and their pharma research capacity are very closely aligned.


    Pharma research is also closely aligned to US Uni sport in certain cities.



    Scottish athlete trains in the US with close ties to pharma research.


    Brings their training methods to Scotland and things start to happen.


    He is a bit of a duffer but he still makes a name for himself.



    TFOD1.0 and their coaching staff have clear memories of the ECWC Final.


    JW with his jungle warfare background works the squad hard on the sand dunes.


    They become a very fit unit or so the papers are happy to tell us.



    Ex TFOD1.0 player runs into issues at the 78 WC.


    Tests positive for some banned substance.


    FIFA has a testing programme — does/ did the SPL?



    I think there is a story in all this from 50 years ago.


    I think there is a story in asthma at L/pool and the use of TUEs.


    I think there is a story in the lack of an SPL drugs testing programme.


    I think there is a story in the way ET turned out in the SC SF.



    I think that there is another story in the fact that AMcG looks as if he swims in caffeine before certain games.



    Football and the second wave of drugs started in the late 60’s.


    It was rife all across Europe by the late 70’s.


    TFOD1.0 had to stop us winning the league.


    Pure as the driven snow — me neither

  24. SPL and drugs testing — was their not a bit of a kerfuffle in the early 90’s?


    Around about the time of the St P’s Day Massacre with BMcN as the manager.



    Something about sending them out with a drop of whisky.


    BMcN said he wasn’t sure what was legal so sent them out with some Low Flyer.



    From his comments their had been some discussion over “stimulants” coming into the SPL — not sure if this was all off the back of the SPL starting to do drugs testing in a serious way.



    Could be 90/91’ish.

  25. Once you have discussed drugs in modern day football another topic worthy of discussion is RM and their ability to do well in the CL even when they have been struggling in the league.

  26. bigrailroadblues on

    Good afternoon all from the Victoria Bar. Another fine day in my sunny Republic.

  27. Tom McLaughlin on




    On Friday 13th you claimed that penalty shoot-outs were a lottery and a terrible way to decide a football match.



    You were roundly ridiculed and ever since then your comment has been parodied on a daily basis.



    Most people when embarrassed in such a way would say no more about it and wait till it goes away, but not you. Your bloated ego digs a deeper hole by feebly trying to justify your initial folly. Each new day sees your attempts at justifying your ridiculous assertion becoming more and more risible.



    The National Lottery is a lottery. Tossing a coin is a lottery. Bingo is a lottery. A raffle is a lottery.



    A penalty shoot-out is NOT a lottery. It is a test of skill between the kicker and the goalkeeper. It allows a protracted deadlock to be resolved using football skill and ability.



    Get it?



    Probably not.

  28. Tom McLaughlin on




    Once you have discussed drugs in modern day football another topic worthy of discussion is RM and their ability to do well in the CL even when they have been struggling in the league.



    What an utterly ridiculous comment. So if a club does well in the Champions League but fails to make an impression in their domestic league, it’s time for an investigation? Even worse than your regular claim that no team should be allowed to beat a team that has a bigger budget.



    People like you would get football stopped.

  29. !!Bada Bing!! on

    From earlier- social media and platforms like this are vital, in this age of lies in the SMSM, lake a look at the fluff from them online, absolute nonsense, keep posting videos of what these animals are like- NO OF

  30. JHB on 18TH MAY 2022 1:30 PM



    Funny how you’ve pretty much you’ve done an 180 degree pívot on their financial position in the space of a year.



    And on today of all days!

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