It’s Easter, forgive


I was away from home when Brendan Rodgers left, so absorbed the news in isolation.  I didn’t feel any of the betrayal that others seemed to.  Maybe things would have been different if I was in the middle of things.  Maybe feelings of betrayal are contagious?

For me, feelings towards Celtic heroes leaving goes back to two players: Kenny Dalglish and Charlie Nicholas.  I was 10 when Kenny left and 11 when he came back with Liverpool, and the European Cup, for Jock Stein’s testimonial.  He was booed by some in the home support, which I found incredible.  He was our everything for so long and still a hero to me.

By the time Nicholas left in ’83 I felt differently.  I’d bought a “Charlie Nicholas” scarf and told myself that’s the last time I hold up a player’s name.  Even now when I walk past the vendors outside the ground I think back to that scarf.  It was sore.  Kenny went for the European Cup, Charlie when for the parties and the Tories, and cannot bring himself to speak generously of Celtic.  He is forgiven for leaving but his scarcely disguised resentment toward Celtic means I am finished with him.

As for Brendan, would you or I leave Celtic for a three year contract worth over £15m?  Of course not.  It is fair to say some have rejected fabulous offers to stay at Celtic Park, so maybe we really wouldn’t, but most go, even fans like you and me.

It was clear Brendan was working his ticket since he decided to create disruption in August.  He could have waited until the end of the season, but working with a disruptive influence, who refuses to cooperate in planning decisions, but will not admit why, it not an ideal scenario either.  I was not unhappy to see a clean break.

But for me, he is in the same column as Kenny Dalglish, not that nyaff Nicholas.  He won us an incredible invincible treble, then another treble and another League Cup.  Europe aside, he was magnificent.  There are no comparable candidates because few have his sheer presence.

He is part of our history, and when we hopefully look back on 10-in-a-row, you will want to remember all of it with a smile.  It’s Easter, forgive.

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  1. Good to see Stevie Clarke treating the Laptop Loyal with contempt at his presser, quoting the ole ‘lazy journalism ‘ line……

  2. Paul 67,



    I agree re BR. He is part of our incredible history now and it’s impossible now to give credit to him. He has also set the standards on and off the park that we must emulate.



    King Kenny and his family have been wonderful ambassadors for Celtic and Glasgow. Off the park they have excelled themselves and it’s no wonder the city of Liverpool adore them. I have soooooo much admiration for such a humble family.



    As for Charlie, from cannonball kid to Champagne Charlie. Possibly the most unfulfilled potential of any player who passed ( twice ) through the Parkhead gates.


    He states he will always be a Celtic fan and that’s what I prefer to focus on. We cannot dwell on the truthful fact that he’s not the most eloquent of media presenters and that his advisors advised him incorrectly.



    HH to all.

  3. Hi Paul67,



    Very good post…



    Like you I was heartbroken when Kenny left Celtic, my upset was aussuaged slightly by the fact, living in England I could see more of my hero.



    Of course he’d done everything at Celtic short of a European Title – remember Bob Paisley at the time said he’d sold one of the best players in Europe (Kevin Keegan to Hamburg) and bought the best.



    Personnel going out of our Club forms different and mixed emotions… from; did he leave? Ciao, heartache, anger…



    Mark Viduka’s 70% comment left me raging…



    Yet it’s good to see some well needed Brendan Rodgers perspective.



    Much of the legacy was what Celtic have been aiming at for many Seasons, to throw the baby out with the bath water in a fit of pique would be wrong.



    We must build from the positives…



    And forgiveness is good for the soul.



    Hail Hail

  4. succulentlambstinks on

    Wit aboot that columbian cockroaches media post with the pic standing over Ralston.



    Surely to god he cannot get away with that ?


    Can’t the club speak out about it or report it to the sfa blazers.



    wrong on every level. filthy little thug. i pray someone does the same to him, only worse.



    enrages me that wee bastard, and that he gets away with reveling in it.

  5. !!BADA BING!! on 19TH APRIL 2019 11:42 AM




    With respect BADA, I have to disagree with You, as Clarke is quoted as saying ” Its nothing to do with rangers, its about Kilmarnock and our Fans. this is TYPICAL SCOTLAND”.



    For me, it would have been far more ACCURATE and to the point if he hadn’t generalised his comment by saying ” This is TYPICAL SCOTLAND”….and actually said ” This is TYPICAL Rangers” ?





    I see that Mcinnes has been Cited by the SFA over his “Gesture”. I think this is a deliberate attempt by The SFA to TRY and justify them Citing Scott Brown…Trying ( but failing), to “Balance the Books”, and make themselves appear Fair ?








    I was just about to Post about this “All Action hero” ( Huns description…NOT Mine), but You beat me to it.


    Surely this falls under that “NEW Rule”….” Not acting in the best interests of Association Football”….If not….Why Not ?



  7. I think Morleos has just “grassed” Himself to the SFA surely ?


    By using that particular “Incident” , or assault on Tony Ralston as some kind of “Look at Me Bears Fans, Stamping on a Tim etc”, then that image/Pic being used in THAT Manner, completely contradicts Morelos on the day, who pleaded his innocence, and to that other OB Ref Beaton who claimed he saw it, but there was nothing wrong….If it was an “accident”…why use that image for that purpose of describing yourself as an “All action Hero” ?


    Why didn’t Morelos use a image/Pic of him scoring against Celtic…..OOH Wait ?


    Using THAT image and the reason behind it, is far worse than what McInnes did. IMHO.



  8. Re Kenny- i met Tommy Smith ex Liverpool captain, who passed away last week,on holiday in Fuengerola many years ago. He was a lovely guy, we had a few lunchtime sessions at the pool bar.i asked him who was the best player who he played with and against, he said Dalglish to both of them, his closing line was ‘ Platini wasn’t bad……’

  9. GREENPINATA on 19TH APRIL 2019 11:57 AM




    I was around 21 when Kenny Dalglish left…I was NOT angry with him, and I am still not angry with him…I was just Broken Hearted.


    As for Nicholas…thats another story.



  10. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    What is it about former Celtic players that bad mouth the club?They got a decent pay packet,had an popular image with the fans and dare I say worshipped by a support who know their football.When Pat Crerand left I was dejected.So to Nicholas I couldn’t give a hoot about him.

  11. That Apprentice walk that was re routed withing Glasgow for Easter Sunday, has now been cancelled by that Mob.


    so its no safe to assume that they have cancelled their own “Walk” due to being re routed away from Catholic Churches, what does that say about them ?



    Orange Bassa’s.



  12. succulentlambstinks on

    Exactly big jimmy.


    I agree that he’s bringing the game into disrepute and stoking the fire at bigotdome.


    Wonder if the cops would act on that it’s inciting a threat the very least.


    Horrible horrible wee vermin of a being.

  13. I,too, have friends who haven’t forgiven King Kenny, but I basked in his reflected glory as he took Liverpool to new heights on the field, surpassing anything Keegan did, and then he reached godlike status post Hillsborough. I also accept he wasn’t the most approachable off field – CRC can vouch for that – but I never got close enough to find that out for himself. Still a hero to me.


    Again, Thanks for all of your messages of support and encouragement. Fred Colon- Hi John, Looking forward to catching up with you again. Big Jimmy- we’re based just outside a wee village called Dunscore in Dumfries & Galloway, about 11 miles outside Dumfries.


    Away out now to pass on all your thanks to the donx- they love this sunshine after such a wet winter.

  14. glendalystonsils on

    I was on holiday when Kenny left and it totally ruined my holiday, the devastation I felt . It was more like anger and resentment with Rodgers. It won’t be so much forgiveness in Rodgers case , more like just not caring as time passes. I will always think that what Rodgers did was wrong though in the manner and timing. I doubt if Leicester would have grudged him another day or two to say goodbye properly to the players and to address the fans.

  15. Good article,Paul.


    I’ve never forgiven Paddy Crerand going, he was one of my heroes. Still, a great player though.



    Happy Easter Egg to all




  16. Not seen MORE or LEss picture this morning but he posted it night of game.



    If we only had some obscure rule or law that



    ” blah blah blah intrest of scottish football blah blah”



    Or similar



    Oh wait a minute

  17. Brendan Rodgers will probably be forgiven by most after a period of time….which is said to the great healer.


    However….. his forgiveness is tied to a number of outcomes.



    If we win the treble treble he will be credited with 77.7% of the achievement.


    If we win 10 in a Row, he will acknowledged for his part in securing 20%



    If ,however, after his departure we had lost to The Cousins , this could have caused team confidence to falter and resulted in a collapse.


    I can’t see any passage of time that would bring me to forgiveness had that occurred.


    We were fortunate that NFL was available to hit the ground running.


    He will always be held in high esteem for his willingness to answer the call.



    Brendan Rodgers didn’t have our interests at heart when he made his decision.



    I accept that such individuals make decisions that we will never have to face. We can say that we would never behave in such a way safe in the knowledge that our resolve will never be tested.


    Every man has his price….except the incorruptible man…and he has the highest price of all.



    I think it is right that we do move on.



    The recent discussion on Ryan Christie’s injury brings back memories of Feb 2003 when “The Golden Child” had his jaw broken in a game against Livingston.


    From my seat in FS1 I was probably 100 yards from the incident. I knew then it was serious and also that it had been no accident.


    There was ( as with Ryan Christie) clear separation from the moment Henrik headed the ball, then the sickening assault by Gustave Bahoken.


    Afterwards we read all the usual platitudes about how Gustave “Is not like that”, it was an unfortunate accident etc, etc.


    He knew, we knew, he was an opportunist taking advantage of a chance that presented itself. He took the shot.



    A few weeks later, Henrik, in an interview had the chance to gloss over the incident….he didn’t… he called it out for what it was.


    “Not an act ,it was Deliberate” sic.



    As you can see I still carry these grudges with me…… . Im not ready to forgive Dom Ball, I’m not ready to forgive Gustave Bahoken, I will never forgive Judas,


    Perhaps in 3-4 years I will forgive Brendan…





    The Onlooker.

  18. SCANIEL on 19TH APRIL 2019 12:32 PM




    Cheers Mate for your info etc, I am not a good traveller these days and sadly Dumfries is a bit far for me, but I am just going out to Toast You and your team …and the Blessed little donkeys with at least 15 Pints of Beer right now !


    Hope I dont make an ASS of myself ?



  19. Yes Kenny Dalglish was ( is ) a very shy person at heart.


    It makes his conduct after Hillsborough all the more distinguished.




  20. RE Brendan Rodgers,I’d have given him praise if he said he was leaving at the end of the season, but in the way he left I’ll never forgive him, it was the secretive way that he did leave was what hurt me, Never ever will I forgive him for that.



    If he had left at the end of the Season, I would have praised him for what he had won in his time at Celtic,but no chance now.



    I actually cheer when his beloved Leicester City get gubbed.

  21. glendalystonsils on



    The day will come th eday will pass when…….



    ……….we kick that shower into the long grass

  22. eddieinkirkmichael on

    I will remember BR as a good coach of Celtic that did what any good coach should be able to do in Scotland given the resources available to our club.


    I really don’t care what anyone thinks, the game has now changed dramatically from the game we all grew up watching. Bowman, sponsorship and TV money have changed the dynamics of the game in such a way as to make it almost impossible for smaller less well financed clubs to become successful.


    Winning a treble should be our aim at the start of every season, not to achieve it won’t be considered failure merely disappointing but on no account over the course of a season should any club in the near future win the league ahead of us.


    Our finances are such that we should always be able to secure more talented players than any of our opponents can afford. So as long as we continue to employ coaches of a good standard we will continue to be successful.


    BR was a good coach, he only did what any other good coach would have done with the disparity of resources available to him. He was no genius and he most definitely is not the messiah that some have made him out to be.

  23. Neustadt-Braw on

    I am with Oldtim67……regarding our x trainer



    the snake that St Patrick left behind in Antrim…..what it in the end showed was that the man had no class ….and most definitely not Celtic class….



    no smiley snake things for me thing




  24. BR’s place in History is tarnished because of the way he rejected the club, players and fans so clinically.



    He treated Celtic with contempt, to me, thats unforgivable




    It has always been my understanding that Pat Crerand was pushed out the door by Bob Kelly after he threatened to have a square go with Sean Fallon



    that’s my memory tae.he was still half pissed from night before celebrating new year.HEATHEN.JIMMY MCGRORY in his book said CRERAND burst out crying after he signed for MAN UTD.



    MY abiding memory of CRERAND is after the NON PENALTY for MAN UTD against CELTIC he said “i know R GIGGS he is a very honest person he would not cheat ”




  26. !!Bada Bing!! on

    The point of BR wanting to take ALL our coaching staff,and leave us with nothing, shouldn’t be forgotten, on the park he gave me some of the best Celtic moments of my life.

  27. Eddieinkirkmichael.



    I’m on board with much of what you wrote there. We evidently have greater resource than the rest of Scottish football. We should start every season as the favourite for the domestic competitions.



    However one word of caution, this season just past 2018/19, I’m almost certain Stevie G, has spent more than we have. And this could be a trend that may continue in to next season. The laws of average’s suggest that for every season, they outspend us, they will gradually improve. The argument of where they are funding the slippy revolution is an argument for another day.



    The flip-side to your post, is that for all those fans currently insisting that N.L get’s announced now as our leader to 10 i.a.r, then I would question why, when he managed Celtic during a period where Sevco, Hearts, and Hibs were all missing for a period from the top league. If N.L is considered a good coach, then why with our superior resources back then, and severe lack of competition. Why did N.L or Ronny Deila not wipe the floor on a domestic level, in the way Brendan Rodgers did ??

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