It’s hard times in the news industry but enough, already


Is there a bookies offering money on STV News achieving four-in-a-row tonight?  Can they set a new record of show footage of fans at Celtic Park on Sunday four consecutive days?  Don’t bet against it.

You would not be reading this if you thought a banned Daily Record journo got a line from those who banned him on Dermot Desmond’s musings.  It just didn’t happen.  The tabs are also keen to squeeze every drop from Sunday’s incident.  It is an open goal they are going to batter at for as long as possible.

I get that we are vulnerable and these are hard times in the news business, but enough, already.

Normally the hours before Celtic play at the San Siro would be a tense time but the team will probably be glad of the chance to go out and play without consequence.  There is nothing for us to gain tonight beyond a self-respecting performance.  I would be delighted with that but would settle for no injuries.

Celtic: Fifty Flags Plus One, an anthology of how Celtic won each of their league titles, is available now.  Starting with our first title in 1893, it details how Willie Maley brought consistent glory, then the sparse successes over four decades before Jock Stein arrived in 1965 and the more contemporary wins since.

It will rekindle memories you had forgotten and give insight into how the leagues were won.

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  1. I think Neil will be retained to be given the chance to get the quadruple treble. What is worrying is the failed moneyball strategy of Lawell continuing with mpre “projects” (sub standard players) coming in in January. He will need a compliant manager for that.


    And he has one.


    As for tonight? We have already been prepared a defeat as it has been stressed this is an inconvenient dead rubber so doesnt matter.

  2. I will watch the game today. I would put my house on Neil changing very little in his team selection. He really has no choice because of the mess we are in. I’m sure he’s been told he has X weeks to get this figured out and if I was him I would stick with the players he knows can turn things around. He’s not going to experiment.



    Watched the Leeds Utd docu last night. Always had a bit of a soft spot for them going back to their great side of the 70’s. They spent 16 yrs in the wilderness of the Championship before returning to the EPL this season. It was emotional watching the impact on their fans. It also put our situation into perspective. We are complaining because after 10 years of total domination, we are in a form slump and many can’t handle it. We need to stay together and work this out. It’s sport, we love our team, but we can’t always be winners and there are much more important things in life.



    Back to tonight, first name on the teamsheet should be Eddy. He needs to continue his return to full fitness. Brown should not play – he needs a rest and the team need a rest from him. He can’t lift this group on the park at the moment. Set the team up to defend and hit on the break. 4-5-1. Work on shape and organization and fight for 90 mins. And come home healthy.

  3. After the Ross County shocker and Neil Lennons emergency meeting with the War Office things return to normal or should i say abnormal tonight in San Siro. Abnormal in the sense that Celtic go into tonight’s match as complete flops with nought to play for except pride. it has been an almighty comedown for a pot one team achieved following the great Euro performances of last season.



    The team were unlucky with a crap draw when you see some of the other groups but it’s still disappointing when you see teams like Berne Young Boys, Molde, Maccabi and Antwerp, Rangers and others doing well in the competition. Interesting to see the team makeup for San Siro but all we can do is hope the players pick up the tempo and morale in readiness for matches that lie ahead.

  4. Of course I want to win the next two games and the 22222222 games beyond them. If that happened, Neil would deserve to stay in place.



    However, just winning the next two games, whilst great, should not be a deciding factor in management continuity or change.



    It’s a moot point anyway, as we are 9/1 against for a win and over 5/1 to get away with a draw.



    We usually lose to Italian teams in Italy so it would not be a shock.



    Still, I hope for a decent performance and a close result, that might kick us on to the more important fixture vs the Perth team.

  5. AN TEARMANN on 3RD DECEMBER 2020 3:54 PM












    Great to see you post.Snow and frost through





    here today.Stay safe ma m












    I got out off my bed on Tueday morning arounf 5.00pm and collapstand knocked myself out, when I woke up I pressed my Mecs machine which looks like a wrist watch you strap it on your arm and if you fall it notify the mecs office and they come to my house around about 5.30AM they were in my house for about an hour


    and then an ambulance arrived about a half an hour later,I was kept in Hospital till around 7,00,,PM,they wanted to keep me in over night but I argued with tHem to get me back home,I managed to talk them into letting me go home ,Only good thing about Tuesday was I got tested for Covid 19 but still waiting for the result of the covid test.



    Hope to meet up in the Blane Valley when it opens up again..

  6. Terence








    Replying to




    Hope it is one of those grounds. I love the fact our home strip would’ve been perfectly wearable but decided to don the, ‘Political Jersey’, just to get it right up any anti-Irish bigots there. Cos as we know, they always turn up for the Celtic games. Up The Shamrock Raised fist☘ Flag of Ireland




  7. I read a few comments that today’s game is meaningless. Not for A. C. Milan, it’s not. Sparta could still overtake them, so Milan will be seeking maximum points.

  8. I saw a cooment that a Billy McNeill signed “Shamrock shirt” was sold for 12k recently at auction. It also mentioned it being know as the Political shirt. And then that comment pops up again linked to another picture.



    I had never heard it called the olitical shirt ever, is that true ? anyone.

  9. Today’s starting line up v Milan ……



    Barkas Frimpong ElHamed Bitton Ajer Laxalt Brown McGregor Christie Rogic Edouard



    Subs:Bain Hazard Jullien Taylor Soro Ajeti Klimala Ntcham Henderson Welsh




    Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Celtic Board Forever.



    *Oh aye, how did we accumulate 51 Championships, runners up 31 times, SC winners 39 times runners up again 18, League Cup winners 19 times and beaten finalists 15, 1 Big Cup winner and 1 beaten finalists, runners up in the Lavvy Cup as well as the Intercontinental Cup and IMHO cheated in both then, especially in a country where we are despised.

  11. EMBRAMIKE on 3RD DECEMBER 2020 4:38 PM



    Very disappointed with that team, it needed change.




  12. Ray Singh-Carr on

    If I were picking the team tonight, I’d go with :-





    Elhamed Duffy Welsh Laxalt



    Soro Bitton



    Frimpong Ntcham Christie






    I’d also give a bit of game time to Griff, Turnbull, and Taylor



    This would allow us to rest Brown, Calmac, Eddy, Rogic, and Ajer for the match against St J, which has npw taken on far more importance than this dead rubber.


    It would also remind some of our underachieving primadonnas that they are NOT guaranteed a pick.


    Damage limitation exercise, but that is where we are at the moment sadly.



  13. CLIFTONCELT on 3RD DECEMBER 2020 4:14 PM



    Yeah…a bit like when a cricket team is looking to declare but they allow their batsman to bat on to get his century – even if it isn’t to the benefit of the team.



    Letting Lennon stay on to win the Cup final would be a better and more deserving way to go out for someone who has been a great Celt.



    However, the head is telling the heart that the cup final isn’t a given and if we lose that, the protests last week will look like a picnic in comparison.

  14. POR CIERTO on 3RD DECEMBER 2020 4:36 PM


    The Guardian “Singing and Dancing to their deaths” Football’s forgotten tragedy.



    *I was actually at both games and when the sirens sounded we thought there was the usual violence associated when they got either a later equaliser or winner.



    BTW does anyone recall the moderator of the general assembly at their annual meeting shortly after questioning how colin stein felt knowing his goal had killed all those fans.

  15. Brown is aging and McGregor is burnt out. Our manager and Scott Brown himself say he needs to be used sparingly.



    So what do we do? Play him in the league cup and play him in a dead rubber.



    It’s almost as if Neil Lennon is daring the board to sack him.

  16. Oldtim @ 4.24pm – ffs am I reading that right?



    Did you collapse and ended up in hospital?



    If so I hope you are ok and get to the bottom of it, may I ask how old you are? If I have offended you asking that I apologise and will respect your response.



    God Bless



    D :)

  17. Oh and Free Jimmy, Rocky and unleash Melbourne Mick.



    I gave text Big Jimmy to let him know to check his emails.



    Cheers Mod and Ernie.



    D :)

  18. TONTINE TIM on 3RD DECEMBER 2020 4:49 PM


    Looking at that side I personally feel that the Griff is for the off.



    him and a few others

  19. Is Turnbull still self isolation,if not we’re is he ,or is he another one that’s not up to it to play for Celtic,I was going to comment on the game tonight,but to be honest,like Sunday I couldn’t care less ,that’s what watching Celtic has done to me up till now ,Hopefully this Board and Coaches sit down together and realise that this predicament needs to end soon.

  20. I wonder what Turnbull and Soro must think…



    Dreadful against Sparta – same team gets picked for Ross Co.



    Dreadful against Ross Co – same team against Milan.



    Doesn’t matter how poor you are, whether Lennon thinks you’re lazy or better if you leave. Those same players will still get picked even for dead-rubbers when it’s a great opportunity to give minutes to others.

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