Let’s all laugh at Rangers, let’s all laugh at Sevco…the story of the two Ibrox clubs told brilliantly by CQN poster Mea Culpa and illustrated by Cartuja. This is a fantasy story book for grown-ups and is the funniest thing you will read all year!
Once Upon a Time in the Kingdom of Govania is an Escape Goat Production for Celtic Quick News and Internet Bampots.
Available to order now exclusively from www.cqnbookstore.com – copies arrive today! If you’re going on holiday soon take this to read on the beach…Govania2Twitter
ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE KINGDOM OF GOVANIA is the new fantasy story book, set in medieval times and written by Australian based respected CQN poster Mea Culpa. It is illustrated in full colour throughout by graphic artist Cartuja, of Unrepentant Internet Bampots fame.


Once Upon a Time in the Kingdom of Govania there lived a famous knight, Sir David the Lamb Giver.

For many years the poor people of Govania had suffered terribly after Jockstein the Great, who ruled the neighbouring kingdom of Celta, had won a magnificent victory for the people of Celta. Their warriors were heralded as the mightiest champions of all Europia. But not in Govania.

..and so began the monumental battle between good and evil. This is a tale of corruption, hubris and escaped goats!

This is a fantasy. A work of fiction. It wouldn’t do for anyone to go thinking that these events actually happened now would it?

Here Mea Culpa answered questions about his new book which is published today. Once Upon a Time in the Kingdom of Govania is now exclusively available from CQNBookstore.com  – get your copy, of this hilarious, limited edition story book for only £9.99 plus P&P…


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