It’s over, Mr Johnston, you let your club die


Former chairman of Oldco Rangers, now director of Newco, Alastair Johnston, took aim in the media at Celtic supporters yesterday, saying “I always wondered about the mentality of certain Celtic supporters, not by any means most of them, who basically said our club died in February, 2012.”

Why do they do this to themselves?  If it is an attempt to convince people that liquidation did not happen, it will fail.  All that will be achieved is the re-telling of the facts.  Rangers entered administration on 14 February 2012.  It failed to come out of administration and a liquidator was appointed to dispose of the remaining assets.

Secvo Scotland Ltd bought a “bundle of assets”, including the stadium.  The administrators, Duff and Phelps, changed Rangers name to RFC 2012 Ltd and gave permission to Sevco Scotland to use the word “Rangers” in their name.  Without this permission, Newco would have gone through a similar naming process as Clydebank – Airdrie United – Airdrieonians, who were only permitted to use the word “Airdrieonians” 11 years after the liquidation of oldco Airdrieonians.

If I’m honest, if we were in those circumstances, I would tell myself every day that the Celtic I grew up with was the same as Newco Celtic.  I would have no incentive to do otherwise, so Johnston and anyone else who cares, can think what they want about Newco.

He is welcome to his thoughts, if it helps him through the trauma of what he did as chairman of Oldco during the EBT years, and the club’s failure to prepare over many years for HMRC’s legal challenge. Johnston’s board made no provision to retain enough money to trade through HMRC’s challenge, despite that legal challenge being underway years before it got to the crunch.

What he tells himself does not change the facts.  Oldco is in liquidation.  All player contracts ceased.  Assets were sold off, a deal to use the name had to be agreed.  Sevco Scotland became an associate member of the SFA while Oldco was still a member.  Oldco voted on whether to admit Sevco Scotland to the SPL.  Sevco changes its name and were granted entry to the SFL Third Division.

Johnston played a role in the demise of Rangers.  He was chairman and had a responsibility to direct the club away from dangers.  He failed and now presents an alternative reality, which is easier on the mind.

He also said, “it will be 120 years or so before you can tie with us.”  For each of those 120 years, Celtic fans and others will say, “But Rangers died in 2012”.  Just as Rangers fans are content to believe their club continues, belligerent denial is not going to change how others regard liquidation.  It’s over, Mr Johnston, you let your club die.

There was other guff about “thriving” not “surviving”.  They think they are going to win the league and that their circa £11m annual deficit is an indication of thriving.  Again, I disagree.

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  1. weebobbycollins on

    Alastair Johnston looks like a Madame Tussauds wax figure, though a little less life-like…

  2. Johnston, like Trump and BJ,tell lies openly and frequently, as they are never taken to task,they get away it.Did anyone ask Johnston why Newco were banned from European football for 3 years,as they are a new Klub?

  3. weebobbycollins on

    And I think he likes to hang around sports people. Maybe he just likes the smell of sweat…

  4. South Of Tunis on

    July 2012 .



    Friendly V Kelty Hearts cancelled



    Friendly v Le Havre cancelled .



    Wonder why ?

  5. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    Sevco died when sloth from the Goonies walked off at CP threatening / encouraging throat slitting.

  6. Scots tourists ‘should leave Dubai immediately after killing of Iran general’



    Team trip must be in doubt….

  7. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Agree with all that.



    Except the bit about Sevco winning the league. I think it’s a toss up now. They’’ll beat everyone else, we have more away games and looked terrified of them in both December matches.



    If Lenny proves incapable of developing a winning strategy against them their epic cheating will be rewarded once again and it will be reasonable to ask – did Celtic do everything in their power to stop it?

  8. weebobbycollins on

    Btw…was out at 7.30 this morning with the dogs…the stadium was completely lit up, floodlights full on…


    Perhaps Peter and the other tories…sorry, directors, were having a kickabout…

  9. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Flight to Dubai


    Should I stay or should I go, todays dilemma, there’s always something innit

  10. TURKEYBHOY – from last article.



    It is (very) early days in the window, however, like you; I don’t believe that there is urgency where it matters.




    We are in roughly the same position as last year at this stage apart from the game in hand being with them and not us – so why is there such agitation among the Celtic support?




    I can indentify three important, maybe blindingly obvious, things, different from last year that are eating away at us.




    1. The realisation that this is an efficient and well- balanced ‘Rangers’ team, who have the measure of us and who we don’t see dropping points to any others in Scotland.




    2. The fixture list has been turned on its head from last year with Celtic having many more away matches till the split. We’ve lost five points away from home to date, that figure may double in the coming months bearing in mind our visit to Ibrox – say three draws & defeat at Ibrox. That would surely finish us.




    3. Last year we had Brendan Rodgers, this, we have Neil Lennon.




    Overall, even including the Livingston surrender, points-wise, up to the 29th, we have been better than last year. A win at CP on the 29th and we’d be in a different place at the moment




    It is a fact that the Ibrox team is much better than last year. Is there anything we could have done to stymie their improvement? Obviously not.




    It all comes down to one game on the 29th at Celtic Park. Can, should, one defeat in a 38 game programme have the effect that this one has had?




    Seems we have all bought in to the belief that ‘Rangers’ are now a winning-machine that can’t be stopped.




    I have mentioned the “Rangers team” a couple of times, not the squad – simply because they have no real depth of quality – however I am sure that they will put every penny that they can get their hands on, into the squad this month.




    That brings us back to your last paragraph where you sense ‘no urgency’ on our behalf.




    Will Celtic put all they’ve got into the squad this month with the sole aim of winning every single domestic game till the end of the season? I, like you, am afraid that previous ‘form’ points to the negative.




    Can it be that we, financially successful and secure, face our first real challenge in eight years and will be found wanting by a club who have been in total turmoil and living on scraps and debt most of that time?

  11. This article, and every single reply that focuses on 2012, misses the essential point. Religion and football are alike in requiring Faith and an adherence to an established common doctrine.



    In the eyes of the huns, they did not die. In the eyes and mouths of the media, they did not die. And among the majority of the ‘non Glasgow derby affiliated’ public, they did not die.



    Having notably declined to enter the fray from 2012 to redress the PR bullshit, it’s now too late for CFC the company or timdom to win this battle. (Even if the former actually wanted to do so. The employment of Gerry McCulloch from Snyde and Res12 speak cowardly volumes on that front)



    We sound like scared, bitter losers who crumbled in the face of our first real and sustained challenge from Her Majesty’s 11.



    The only answer that can now be given is on the field. The only riposte that cannot be spun or undermined is Scott Brown lifting that league trophy at the end of this season.



    Consequently, ever thought, intent and action from our Club should be to bolster accordingly. In player recruitment and tactics.



    Recruit as though your lives depend upon it. Cos commercially they do. Win the battles, win the midfield, win the games, win the league. Destroy the Hun in its last throw of the dice.



    All else is a distraction. That’s why it’s been so carefully floated at this time.



    HH jg

  12. If you look at what passes as comments from our board then they could easily have been co-author to the article – and if they win the league no-one will challenge the 55.


    The board need to grow a pair.

  13. As SOT said


    Vs kelty cancelled,no licence


    Vs Le Havre cancelled,no licence





    Club12 friendly organised by jim bannatyne,Airdrie director/mason


    Vs Linfield


    Fund raiser on behalf of club12 and the belfast “community organisations.



    Also “accepted into our league” on the same night as the Olympic opening ceremony.



    Also 5wa is really the 2rangers agreement.


    AJ’s facepainter club-DEAD and the club green





    Her majesty does not like them.she shut them as Sir Skank of eternity tried to fiddle.not very loyal or staunch.




  14. jamesgang



    getting that word Rangers back in their business name baffled me


    You will understand better than me

  15. WDH



    I think you understand as well, or better, than me old pal. In this, in food, in so many things.



    HH jg

  16. JAMESGANG on 3RD JANUARY 2020 1:20 PM



    “Having notably declined to enter the fray from 2012 to redress the PR bullshit, it’s now too late for CFC the company or timdom to win this battle”





    You are correct – the above renders Paul’s article to that of a squirrel – a squirrel long past its sell-by date.



    The ‘die has been cast’ and used for the last eight years to manufacture and distribute the survival guff without a cheep from Celtic.



    it is too late to float it with any purpose now – it will be seen only a sour grapes.



    All we are waiting for now is the headline that says “Rangers – The Sleeping Giant Has Awoken”. The Celtic board will be seen to have been complicit.

  17. Not been near the blog because of the pain of the game on Sunday so just catching up. Could not believe what I was reading on yesterdays blog……” why we cant ever submit ” Paul are you having a laugh , seriously Paul ? We have been submitting since 2012 . We are now reaping what we have sown . If it was dealt with at the start, nipped in the bud we would not be in this position now. DD and PL lied to every one of us regarding Res 12 . I will stop at accusing you of same as I do believe that you thought Celtic would deal with it ( keeping our powder dry and all that shit ) but for the life of me I cannot understand why you have back tracked , suddenly changed your mind over it all , too cozy with Pl me thinks . We are a joke , we are cowards , they ( Sevco , SFA , SMSM etc ) can say and do anything they want because they know we will just bend over and take it . Making statements are useless . They are waging a war against us , you cant fight a war with sticks when the enemy is using tanks and guns . Utter Utter shambles of a club when it comes to standing up for itself . Peter Lawell gets a hard time on here and most blogs and rightly so but the real culprit is the ansentee landlord . He appears only interested in his dividend and the share price . If and its a BIG if we win title number 9 what the hell is it gonna be like next year ffs. Celtic need to draw a line right here and start defending itself , hire the brightest nastiest PR guys, the best lawyers , QCs etc god we have the money , wake up and smell the coffee Celtic ….sorry for rabbiting on but Im beeling at reading that limp article from yesterday , it sums up everything you and the people that you dare not criticise Paul. . As for todays article Paul , we all know they died you are preaching to the converted , you should send it to your friends on the board . THEY are the problem . Also while Im at it , Sevco now realise they have a realistic chance of winning the title and with that a chance to qualify for champs league with the riches they crave to take them out of their financial armageddon. They are just about bust but they will find dirty money from somewhere ( FFP anyone ) and bring in more players this window . How could the so called clever guys on the board not see this coming ………Paul I am sorry if you think I have over stepped the mark, it is your blog but it is so hard to say nothing when we as a club are continually treated like a piece of shit on some ones shoe by the usual culprits and still Celtic FC PLC do SFA about it

  18. I don’t know why this badly written article is being given any credence on this blog or anywhere else in the Timternet, it is a deflection from the Morelos and Kent issues and possibly what or may not have gone on in the tunnel after the game. A chimpanzee with a typewriter would be more intelligible than the hun with a crayon who wrote WATP Johnston’s article.


    We all know they died but there are more important issues to be tackled than the rantings of some geriatric fool with selective memory issues, such Resolution 12, strengthening the squad and taking steps to tackle the racism claim by sevco 5088 and their obnoxious support.

  19. From @Tim_Poster



    @CQN If only Peter Lawwell would agree with you instead of endorsing and supporting the continuity of Sevco rancid racist bigotry and cheating. He has all the evidence to put an end to this but deliberately refuses to do so as it’s not good for business. Unforgivable

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